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October 26, 2013

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Issues of Loss 

  • Food security is a mirage without adequate funding, investments
    A lack of investment in agriculture, infrastructure development, and enabling policies largely contributes to Nigeria's food insufficiency. Experts claim that new policies must be enacted that among other improvements, will increase market access to rural areas and reduce postharvest losses. 

  • Growth rate can be improved through prudent policies: experts
    Losses of various natural resources such as energy, water, and agricultural products in Pakistan inhibit economic growth. Many suggest prudent regulation can curb losses that occur, such as the 7-8% of grain that is lost in storage and transport.

  • AP rice millers threaten to boycott procurement
    6,000 millers in Andhra Pradesh, India, warn that they will stop delivering rice to public distribution centers if the government doesn't respond to demands for reduced taxes and increased handling charges. Bottlenecks in a system with poor storage capacity lead to postharvest losses.  
  • Food security to take a hit from 40% pilferage
    A new look at supply chain corruption by the Commission for Agriculture Costs and Prices of India now finds that 40.5% of grains in the distribution system are pilfered, compared to previous estimations of 20-30%. 

  • High moisture content in paddy has farmers worried
    Bad weather and late sowing of paddy in parts of India have caused higher than normal moisture content in harvests. A lack of consensus in the reaction of procurement agencies leaves some buying paddy for below the minimum support price, and others not buying at all, causing concern for farmer incomes. 

  • Bad rural roads partly responsible for postharvest loss - minister
    The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development of Nigeria, in collaboration with the World Bank, has developed a rural travel and transport policy to address current inadequacies of rural infrastructure, which cause the postharvest loss of approximately 20% of agriculture produce. 

  • Hazaribagh DC issues show-cause notices to eight rice mills
    Rice worth Rs 10 crore was found damaged in a city of Jharkhand for lack of proper storage, leading to government inquiry about alleged negligence.  


  • New effort launched to measure and monitor global food loss and waste
    The World Resources Institute (WRI) announced its first step in designing a global standard for measuring food loss and waste, called 'the Food Loss and Food Waste Protocol', that seeks to enable countries and companies to measure and monitor the food loss and waste that occur within their boundaries and value chains in a credible, practical, and consistent manner.

  • NSPRI calls for involvement in ATA
    The Nigerian Stored Products Research Institute issued a communiqué to the Federal Government asking it be allowed to participate in the Agricultural Transformation Agenda (ATA) as a first step towards building a collaborative platform to prevent postharvest loss within ATA value chains. 

  • States told to build godowns for grains under Food Law
    The central government of India directed states to take immediate steps for constructing intermediary godowns under the employment guarantee scheme, Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA), to ensure additional storage facilities for effective implementation of the National Food Security Law.

  • From Kenya to southern Africa: effective grain storage crosses borders
    Officials from Malawi and Zambia learned about the benefits of effective grain storage for the livelihoods of smallholder farmers during a visit to Kenya as part of a visit organized by CIMMYT to engage policymakers in the two target countries of their storage project. 

  • From farm to table: reducing food waste in the food chain
    As part of an initiative launched on World Food Day to promote food security, the Dow Chemical Company has pledged to bring postharvest packaging and handling solutions to supply chains across the world. 



  • Bonus column: a global call for coordinating food security efforts
    Two members of the Aspen Food Security Strategy Group identified enhancing markets and policymaking as essential components of a 'new framework that coordinates the disparate but vital activities related to agricultural productivity, health, hunger prevention, and environmental sustainability', which they called for on the eve of World Food Day. 

  • Fixing MGNREGA
    One expert writes in the Financial Express of India of his support of the decision to extend MGNREGA to create godowns, saying it will help cut food waste, and is a far better use of resources.

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