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A seven day time lapse of microscopy.

New method uses artificial intelligence to study live cells

Researchers in the Popescu Group have developed a new technique that combines label-free imaging with artificial intelligence to visualize unlabeled live cells over a prolonged time. This technique has potential applications in studying cell viability and pathology.

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 The #1 HMNTL story for 2020.

HMNTL's top stories for 2020

We wrapped up 2020 by counting down the top stories from HMNTL in the last year.

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 Bill King

King discusses Illinois RapidVent

HMNTL faculty member Bill King was featured guest on the "Rising to the Challenge" podcast on WILL. He talks about the lightning-fast development of the Illinois RapidVent and potential new courses that may result like "engineering in an emergency."

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 Ali Johar

Holonyak Lab postdoc published for work in novel GaN growth

Postdoc Ali Johar has been published in Advanced Energy Materials for his recent work in novel GaN growth. His approach utilizes monolayer graphene as a single crystal substrate on low melting temperature metal.

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Honors and accolades
Xiuling LI 

Li and Cheng elected NAI Fellows

Faculty members Xiuling Li and Jianjun Cheng are two of the 175 academic innovators elected to the 2020 class of the National Academy of Inventors (NAI) Fellows.

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Jean-Pierre Leburton 

Leburton wins legacy award in nanotechnology

For the IEEE Nanotechnology Council (NTC), the Pioneer Award is equivalent to a lifetime achievement award. It is given annually to an engineer who has distinguished themselves in a long technical and prolific career by initiating new areas of research and development in nanotechnology with a significant impact on the field. The winner of the 2021 NTC Pioneer Award in Nanotechnology is HMNTL’s Jean-Pierre Leburton.

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Faculty that received a DURIP grant. 

HMNTL's Bayram, Feng among six Grainger faculty earning DURIP grants

HMNTL’s Can Bayram (top right) and Milton Feng (bottom left) were two of six Grainger College of Engineering's faculty members to receive Defense University Research Instrumentation Program grants.

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HMNTL alumni feature
Kelson Chabak 

We spoke with Holonyak Lab alum Kelson Chabak about his time at Illinois and his current work with the Air Force Research Laboratory. Read more about our catch-up with him here.


No new grants to report.

Around Holonyak Lab

University COVID-19 updates
Visit the testing page to stay up-to-date on locations and hours. Reminder that graduate students, faculty, and staff are now required to test twice a week if they plan on being on campus for any period of time.

This is a reminder that Holonyak Lab has instituted a handshake agreement for COVID verification.  Before working closely with somebody else, if any meeting participant wishes to do a COVID “handshake” verification, each meeting participant should show their Safer Illinois smartphone application COVID status.

There have been many updates at the campus level regarding COVID-19. You can find the latest updates, and all previous Massmails at https://covid19.illinois.edu. The site also has an FAQ section and links to the most current precautions advised by public health officials. There is also an email, covid-19@illinois.edu, for general questions.

Mental health reminders
As we begin a new semester, this is your reminder that you matter and your efforts are appreciated. If you are feeling run-down, overwhelmed, or anything else, the University of Illinois Counseling Center remains open to help. There are virtual appointments available from 8-5 on weekdays, and immediate appointments available for emergencies. Call 217-333-3704 or visit their website to schedule an appointment and get the support you deserve.

Valera and Bashir's paper publicized by ECUSA
A paper written by HMNTL's Enrique Valera and Rashid Bashir is being publicized by the Spanish Scientists in the USA (ECUSA). The paper, "Test de detección de coronavirus portable," talks about the duo's innovative research of COVID-19 testing. While the paper is in Spanish, you can read more about their research in these HMNTL articles, "Holonyak Lab's Rashid Bashir developing innovative COVID-19 testing technology" and "Study: Portable, point-of-care COVID-19 test could bypass the lab."

HMNTL student receives Student Poster Competition Honorable Mention
Yi-Chia Tsai, student of Can Bayram, received an Honorable Mention at the DOE-IES Lighting R&D Workshop Student Poster Competition for the topic "Next-generation green light-emitting diodes by novel cubic III-nitrides." Tsai will present at the virtual poster session on Tuesday, February 2 as part of the conference February 1-4.

Equipment update and processing tips
 Elionix e-beam machine system.

We are installing the new 150kV Elionix e-beam system. We are excited to have this new tool available soon. This will allow much faster exposures and turn around. It will allow smaller structures to be fabricated as well. Questions can be directed to Edmond Chow.

Facility information

On December 14th, 2020, the Grainger College of Engineering conducted an annual review of Holonyak Lab including several key elements of building infrastructure required to operate the cleanrooms, bionano laboratory, and general purpose labs. Systems such as effluent gas treatment, deionized water system, and process chilled water systems are all well past end of service life and will be upgraded as required to effectively support Holonyak Lab research.  If you have any specific concerns you wish to discusss, please email mntl-facilities@illinois.edu.

BioNano Lab update

No updates for this month.

External opportunities

No updates this month.

Upcoming events

Future directions in nanomaterial synthesis: From rational design to data-driven manufacturing
Begins January 19th at 4pm, wraps up January 20th at 7pm

Spring 2021 Grainger Engineering Retreat morning session
Friday, January 22nd, 9-11:15am

Graduate College at Illinois "Image of Your Research" competition
Closes Friday, January 22nd

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