Festival of St. Maria Bruna, Matera, Italy, photo by Elizabeth Weber                                                                      


Dear Faculty, Lecturers and TAs,

Google Sites and Weebly are both ways to easily build (or have your students build) a free website--no technical expertise needed! Join us this Wednesday from 11-1pm and Friday from 12-1pm. You will learn how to create a website and we will help you figure out which is better for the needs of your class/your students, Weebly or Google. We'll also show you how to embed files, blogs, maps and many other features by just dragging and dropping to your web site. More about Google sites/Weebly here.

We are happy to welcome a new conversation club, German Club Meeting, Mondays at 1PM. Coming soon: Advanced Spanish Conversation! (Date and time TBA).

Scroll down to see a selection of language and culture-related activities taking place in the Chicago area at the beginning of March, including the Chicago Flamenco Festival, the concert of iMusicalia - an award winning troupe of traditional italian music, an evening dedicated to the bicentenary of the birthday of Adolphe Sax, inventor of the saxophone, and many more.

Please forward the Film and Conversation Club information to your students and colleagues. Most gatherings have free coffee, tea, and snacks, and are open to UIC students, faculty, and staff.

If you'd like to host a language or culture event in GH 308, please use these forms. Note the different links at that page for different types of events.

To set up an individual appointment or suggest a workshop topic, contact us at lclc@uic.edu.

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LCLC Workshops

Week of March 3rd - 6th  Weebly / Google Sites  

Wednesday 3/5

UH 1750

Weebly / Google Sites 

Friday 3/7

GH 304 


International Films

ALL FILMS ARE SCREENED IN 308 GRANT HALL. All films are sub-titled in English.

All UIC students, staff, and faculty are welcome to attend all films! Here's the complete calendar for films and conversation clubs.

If you'd like to host an event, please use these forms. Note the different links at that page for different types of events.

French flag iconMONDAY, March 3rd, 2:00-4:00PM 

FRENCH FILM CLUB: Bluebeard (Catherine Breillat, 2009) 

An adaptation of the classic tale of a wealthy aristocrat with a blue beard.

FRIDAY, March 7th, 10:00AM-12:00PM

 REEL ARAB FILM SERIES: The Battle of Algiers (Gillo Pontecorvo, 1966)

The Battle of Algiers is a 1966 war film without a plot line based on occurrences during the Algerian War (1954–62) against The French Government in North Africa, the most prominent being the titular Battle of Algiers. An Italo-Algerian production, it was directed by Gillo Pontecorvo and shot on location. The film, which was shot in a Rosselini-inspired newsreel style - in black and white with documentary-type editing - is often associated with italian neorealism cinema.

Russian flag iconFRIDAY, March 7th, 3:00-5:00PM 

RUSSIAN FILM CLUB: Silent Souls (Aleksey Fedorchenko, 2010)

Present days. A man and his companion go on a journey to cremate the dead body of the former beloved wife, on a riverbank in the area where they spent their honeymoon.

Next Week's Films

French flag iconMONDAY, March 10th, 2:00-4:00PM

FRENCH FILM CLUB: The Triplets of Belleville (Sylvain Chomet, 2003)  

When her grandson is kidnapped during the Tour de France, Madame Souza and her beloved pooch Bruno team up with the Belleville Sisters - an aged song-and-dance team from the days of Fred Astaire - to rescue him.

German flag image, icon sizeTUESDAY, March 11st, 3:00-5:30PM

GERMAN FILM CLUB: Yella (Christian Petzold, 2007)

Yella is estranged from her possessive and violent husband; but he can't quite bring himself to give her up. When their fraught interaction finally comes to dramatic conclusion, Yella's life takes an odd shift.

FRIDAYMarch 14th, 10:00AM-12:00PM

REEL ARAB FILM SERIES: Cairo Station (Youssef Chahine, 1958)

Kinawi, a physically challenged peddler who makes his living selling newspapers in the central Cairo train station, is obsessed by Hannouma, an attractive young woman who sells drinks. While she treats Kinawi in a sympathetic way and jokes with him about a possible relationship, She is actually in love with Abu Sri', a strong and respected porter at the station who is struggling to unionize his fellow workers to combat their boss' exploitative and abusive treatment.

Polish flag iconFRIDAY, March 14th, 1:00-3:00PM

POLISH FILM CLUB: Camera Buff (Krzysztof Kieslowski, 1979)

Filip buys an 8mm movie camera when his first child is born. Because it's the first camera in town, he's named official photographer by the local Party boss. His horizons widen when he is sent to regional film festivals with his first works but his focus on movie making also leads to domestic strife and philosophical dilemmas.

Culture Events in the City

ñ MONDAY, March 3rd, 6:00PM

Chicago Flamenco Festival 2014

Film screening: La sombra de las Cuerdas (Annabelle Ameline, Benoít Bodlet and Chechu García Berlanga, 2010)

This documentary narrates the life, music, and thoughts of El Niño Miguel, a living legend, a forgotten myth, who with only two albums, revolutionized the face of flamenco, and left a body of work that is both timeless and essential to the art form.
Location: Instituto Cervantes, 31 W Ohio, Chicago, IL
Fee: Free and open to the public, $5 suggested donation
Click here for more information 

German flag image, icon sizeTUESDAY, March 4th, 6:00PM 

Literaturlenz: Reading with Authors from Germany, Switzerland, and Austria 
in German and English, discussion moderated by Susan Harris

Each year Literaturlenz brings together the Goethe-Institut Chicago, the Consulate General of Switzerland in Chicago and the Consulate General of Austria in Chicago for an evening of readings in German. Each author represents a unique voice in contemporary German-language literature. In 2013 we welcome Olga Grjasnowa from Germany, Richard Weihe from Switzerland, and Maja Haderlap of Austria. The readings will be followed by a discussion in English moderated by Susan Harris, Editorial Director of Words Without Borders.
Location: Goethe-Institut Chicago, 150 N Michigan Ave., Suite 200
Fee: Free
Click here for more information 

French flag iconWEDNESDAY, March 5th, 6:30PM

Soiree Suisse: Film & Fromage / Screening & Cheese

L'enfant d'en haut / Sister (Ursula Meier, 2012, French with English subtitles) 

“I have no parent, only Sister” says twelve-year-old Simon. Set in and around a swanky resort in the Swiss Alps, this portrait of a crafty tweenage boy who steals ski equipment to support himself, as well as his troubled older sis (played by French It girl Lea Seydoux) this new film by award-winning director is Ursula Meier, once again tackling a family on the fringes of modern Western life, is “tough, tender… visionary”. It was awarded Silver Bear at Berlin Film Festival 2012. 
Post-screening talk with film critique Hank Sartin followed by Swiss cheese & wine service. 
Location: Alliance Francaise, 54 W. Chicago Avenue
Fee: Free
Click here for more information

Italian flag image, icon sizeWEDNESDAY, March 5th, 8:00PM

Concert of iMusicalia, with special guest Maria Nezhdanova

iMusicalia is an award winning troupe of traditional musicians and singers from the Campania mountain region of Italy, near Naples. Led by folklorist brothers Amerigo and Marcello Ciervo, the band was formed nearly 30 years ago, has released more than 10 albums and performed all over the world. Taking root in the Italian Renaissance, their music is redolent of Italian folk melodies and even some Middle Eastern sounding elements as well.

Maria Nezhdanova or Masha, as her school friends call her, is a 13 year old girl from Sochi, Russia. She has an incredible voice full of warmth and purity, which helps her perform Russian and Ukrainian Folk songs masterfully. She manages to create a vivid image of every song she performs with her picturesque costumes, her manner of singing and folk dance.
Location: 4544 N Lincoln Ave, Old Town School of Folk Music, Gary and Laura Maurer Concert Hall

Fee: Free, suggested donation $10; click here to reserve tickets
Click here for more information 

Polish flag iconSUNDAY, March 9th, 4:00PM

Film Screening: Czwarta Dzielnica / The Fourth Partition

Join us for a special documentary screening, and participate in a post-screening discussion with the director, producer and project contributors. Enjoy a musical performance by Mirek Miyo Mardosz and Andrzej Krzeptowski-Bohac. Drinks and hors d'oeuvres will be served!
At the Dawn of the 20th century, Chicago was the second largest city in the United States with over 2,000,000 residents. It was also the center of Polish culture and political activism in America. With Poland partitioned between Russia, Austria and Germany, over 4,000,000 Poles immigrated to the United States between 1870 and 1920 in search of a better life. In Chicago, they worked in some of the most dangerous factories and mills in the United States. In their neighborhoods, they built communities, churches, and most of all, aided their beloved Poland in her fight for independence. Their story is known as the "Fourth Partition".
Location: The Polish Museum of America, Sabina P. Logisz Great Hall
Fee: $10 Students, $25 General
Click here for more information 

Chinese flag image, icon size ONGOING EVENT

Exibit: Great Wall to Great Lakes

Part community archive, part rectification of history’s oversights, the Chinese-American Museum of Chicago draws its exhibitions from the Midwest’s Chinese-American population. Community contributions pepper the museum’s exhibit “Great Wall to Great Lakes: Chinese Immigration to the Midwest” which documents the population shift from the construction of the transcontinental railroad through the present day.
Location: 238 West 23rd Street in Chicago
Fee: $3
Click here for more information

Next Week's Culture Events in the City

ñMONDAY, March 10th, 6:00PM

Chicago Flamenco Festival 2014

Film Screening: El Niño Miguel En Concierto (Annabelle Ameline, Benoît Bodlet and Chechu García Berlanga

El Niño Miguel, hailing from Huelva, with only two albums to his credit, is considered by all flamenco artists and lovers as one of the most prolific guitarists of the last century. This screening allows us to witness one of the only concerts in which a guitarist is heard performing without any additional instrumentation or artificial manipulation. There is no vocal accompaniment, dance, or even the rhythm of clapping. It is solely him and his guitar.
Location: Instituto Cervantes, 31 W Ohio
Fee: Free, $5 suggested donation 
Click here for more information 

French flag iconTUESDAY, March 11, 6:30PM

Soirée Belgique: Saxophone & Bière!

For the bicentenary of the birthday of Adolphe Sax, inventor of the Saxophone, you are cordially invited to an evening of tribute featuring a presentation of his life with a live performance by concert saxophonist and Northwestern University professor Timothy McAllister and his students. Followed by Belgian beer tasting.
Location: Alliance Française de Chicago, 54 W. Chicago Avenue
Fee: $5 in advance, $10 at the door (21+); For reservation information call: (312) 337-1070
Click here for more information

German flag image, icon sizeWEDNESDAY, March 12, 6:00PM

Film Screening: The Strange Little Cat (Das merkwürdige Kätzchen)

This film was proclaimed the discovery of last year’s Berlin Film Festival and went on to wow critics at Cannes and Toronto. Taking place in a single afternoon in the apartment of a middle-class Berlin family, it builds a sinister and sardonic comic universe out of such quotidian details as an orange peel, a moth, a toy helicopter, a malfunctioning washing machine, the eponymous feline, and the “magic dancing bottle.” While neighbors and family members, from zany little sister to zonked-out mom, come and go in preparation for a dinner party, the facade of routine buckles under acts of petty spite, surreal non sequiturs, disturbing flashbacks, and a steady hum of quiet desperation, all held together by the extraordinary control and choreography of Zürcher’s style.
Location: Gene Siskel Film Center, 164 N. State Street
Fee: $11, $6 for members
Click here for more information

Japanese flag iconTHURSDAY, March 13th, 6:00-8:15PM

Japan is Back: The Phenomenon of Abenomics

As part of the programming for 絆 Kizuna 3: Unbroken Circle, which commemorates the third anniversary of the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami, we are honored to announce a special seminar, featuring a keynote address by Mr. Ichiro Soné, Chief Executive Officer, JETRO Chicago, Ms. Akiko Nakagawa, Director General of the Trade Fair Dept., JETRO Tokyo, and moderated by Mr. Greg Burns, Chicago Tribune Editorial Board Member.
Location: Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, 230 S. Lasalle St. (Jackson Boulevard entrance)
Fee: Free; RSVP is required - email info@jaschicago.org or call: (312) 263-3049
Click here for more information 

Italian flag image, icon sizeSATURDAY, March 15, 5:15PM

17th Annual European Union Film Festival: A Five Star Life (Mariasole Tognazzi, 2013)
In Italian and English with English subtitles

Both breezy and bittersweet, this graceful dramedy netted Margherita Buy Italy’s Oscar-equivalent Donatello Award for best actress. Her character, Irene Lorenzi, seems to have a dream job: quality inspector for luxury hotels. Her job combines elements of undercover spy and shameless sybarite, but the hypercritical attitude that serves her so well in her professional life also cripples her personal relations. Her funky sister, frisky nieces, and foodie friend (Accorsi) provide Irene with some much-needed companionship, but will she be able to pull herself out of the lap of luxury and into the flow of life?LocationGene Siskel Film Center | 164 N. State Street
Fee: $11, $6 for members
Click here for more information 








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