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Institutional Control

The NCAA requires its member institutions to maintain a system which ensures compliance with NCAA rules and regulations. An effective “institutional control” process must include four key elements: (a) policies which require compliance to NCAA rules; (b) training on these policies; (c) monitoring and enforcement of these policies and (d) a thorough and timely investigation of allegations of rules violations. If, during an investigation of an alleged rule violation, the NCAA determines that a member university has not established an institutional control program with these features, the university may be held responsible for the violations along with the actual violator.

Recognizing that institutional control must be a University-wide obligation, responsibility for compliance is shared over several entities throughout the University, including the Board of Trustees, the Chancellor’s office, DIA, the Athletic Board (a committee of the Faculty/Student Senate), the Office of Student Financial Aid, and the Office of Admissions and Records. Within DIA itself, the Compliance Office oversees and monitors the system of policies and procedures ensuring compliance with the NCAA and Big Ten rules. The Compliance Office also provides rules education to coaches, administrators, student-athletes and other members of the Urbana-Champaign community who must comply with NCAA and Big Ten rules. DIA also conducts internal and external audits of its compliance program to ensure that the policies and procedures in place are sufficient to ensure compliance. Finally, all DIA employees are required to report any allegations of NCAA violations to the Athletic Director or the Associate Athletic Director for Compliance.

Invitation for DIA Employees and their Families to March Promotions

In March, the Marketing Department will be presenting two promotions that all DIA employees and their families are invited to attend:

First, on Saturday, March 8th at 4:00 pm, we have Gym Jam, supporting men’s and women’s gymnastics. The first 1000 fans get free food and the first 500 fans get free Illini sunglasses.

Second, on March 14, we have College MatchDay, supporting our men’s tennis team at the Atkins Tennis Center. A fan experience trailer complete with a WII, green screen, card making station, cotton candy & other food and giveaways for everyone begin at 4:30 and the tennis match against Pepperdine begins at 6:00 pm.

Fighting Illini Promotions

Karl Feak and Stacy Dally, Marketing & Promotions

DIA’s Academic Services staff is dedicated to helping student-athletes achieve academic, athletic and personal success throughout their academic tenure at Illinois through graduation, job placement or graduate school. Academics provides programming to support five basic pillars of success: (a) academic excellence; (b) athletic excellence; (c) personal development; (d) career development; and (e) community service.

In addition to academic counseling, learning specialist and tutoring services, services offered by Academics to support these pillars of success include: the Champs 101: Freshman Success Seminar; Illini life skills workshops and leadership academy; nutrition, career and personal growth workshops; and the Illini Student-Athlete Networking Career Fair. Student-athletes also take an active lead in giving back to the Urbana-Champaign community through services like Hometown Heroes, Reading Illini and their annual Jock Jams fund raiser. Last year, our student-athletes completed more than 7,000 hours through programs directed by Academics.

For more information, check out the Academics Website: http://www.fightingillini.com/academics/

Be on the Lookout for the Stall Seat Journal

Beginning in February, a new publication titled The Stall Seat Journal will begin to appear on doors of bathroom stalls and above urinals throughout the DIA (nothing like a captive audience!). While the primary audience for this nutrition-centered posting will be student-athletes, DIA staff will benefit from the information shared as well. This publication is being put out by Chelsea Burkart, Director of Sports Nutrition, and her undergraduate staff of volunteers. Topics will change for each publication and new postings can be expected every 3-4 weeks.

If you have any questions or suggestions for topics to be covered on upcoming issues, please feel free to contact Chelsea at cburkart@illinois.edu or by calling her office at (217) 300-0405.

Chelsea Z. Burkart, Director of Sports Nutrition - 217-300-0405 | Email

Employee Spotlight

Name: Howard Milton

Where did you grow up: Winfield, Kansas

Years with DIA: 13

Position: Associate Athletics Director - Development

Most rewarding part of your job: Meeting alumni, fans, and Illini supporters from various backgrounds. Many of these people are extremely bright, innovative and passionate about life’s challenges, and rewards. I really love casting a compelling story, one that promotes their generous gifts in support of our student-athletes.

Favorite band or music type: George Clinton, I really like old school R&B and because I’m from a small country town in Kansas, have an appreciation for most country music. (I was raised on Charlie Pride)

Favorite movie/book: Malcolm Gladwell’s “Outliers”.

Favorite local restaurant: Faron’s (Love the Burgers)

Any hidden talents or fun facts co-workers might not know about you? I’m DIA’s best Break Dancer (I dare anyone to disagree)

DIA IT Services Help Desk

The DIA IT Services Help desk is available to assist with many common computer problems. The Help Desk can help solve problems with printing, sharing files, programs crashing and a host of other issues. If you are looking to order new hardware or software, the Help Desk will help determine what needs to be ordered and route to the appropriate people. You can reach the Help Desk at dia-itservices@illinois.edu or 244-9747.

Nick Rogers, Assistant Athletic Director for Information Technology | Email

Fighting Illini Memories

My best DIA memory actually started in Wisconsin in 1993. The summer between my freshman and sophomore year of high school a cross country teammate and myself had our parents drive us 6 hours from Ashland, WI to Madison to attend the “Camp of Champions” cross country camp at UW. This was my first experience being on a Big Ten campus. The memory is still fresh as every time I hear The Proclaimers’ “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” I remember back to that summer as that song was a HIT. During one particular run on a hot day of camp, I convinced our group to run off the pier and jump into Lake Mendota, forgetting that my dorm key was in the pocket of my red & white cut-off Zubaz (MC Hammer pants if you aren’t familiar with the “Zubaz” brand). We jumped in, my pockets inflated, and the dorm key sunk to the bottom never to be retrieved again. When we got back to the dorm I had to find the UW head track coach and ask him to open our dorm room as my roommate relied on me to carry the key.

Eric Vetter

This has nothing to do with Eric's Fighting Illini Memory, but it's a pretty fantastic picture of him.

Now, fast forward 15 years to the 2008 Big Ten Outdoor Track & Field Championships. It’s the end of my first year working at Illinois and I’m the meet director for the championships. It was my turn to address the coaches at the coaches meeting after being introduced by our administrator. Once I got up and started speaking, the moment became surreal for me and I nearly had to hold back emotion. Here I was, a former D3 track runner from northern Wisconsin still bright eyed and naïve working at Illinois, addressing that same coach that had to open my dorm room in 1993 and ALL the track & field coaches of the Big Ten Conference. These are professionals I had looked up to my entire track & field life and I was the one instructing THEM on the many topics discussed at a track & field coaches meeting! This put my position at Illinois into perspective and gave me the appreciation for working at Illinois and in the Big Ten Conference.

March 3, 2014

The mission of the University of Illinois Division of Intercollegiate Athletics is to provide a culture which fosters the development of our student-athletes for excellence academically, competitively and socially with the utmost integrity and adherence to our institutional governing bodies.

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Men's Basketball vs. Michigan
March 4  6 p.m.
State Farm Center

Women's Tennis vs. Northwestern
March 8  Noon
Atkins Tennis Center
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M & W Gymnastics Host Gym Jam
March 8  4 p.m.
Huff Hall

Men's Tennis vs. Purdue
March 9  Noon
Atkins Tennis Center
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Softball vs. North Dakota State
March 14  5 p.m.
Eichelberger Field
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Baseball vs. Indiana State
March 18  3 p.m.
Illinois Field
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Haven Fields
Assoc. Dir. Development, Chicago

Hillary Haen
Assistant Coach,

Eating a variety of healthy foods like vegetables, fruits, and whole grains will get you started. Watching how much sugar, fat, and calories you eat will also help. It’s as simple as that! That’s why the American Cancer Society has developed guidelines to help you make good food choices for yourself and for your family.

1. Maintain a healthy weight throughout life

2. Adopt a physically active lifestyle

3. Eat a healthy diet, with an emphasis on plant sources

4. Limit consumption of alcoholic beverages

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American Cancer Society

The University of Illinois placed 39th overall in the 11th Annual NCSA Athletic Recruiting Collegiate Power Rankings. The study helps prospective student-athletes evaluate strengths of top college institutions throughout the country.

A comprehensive list of the rankings, both overall and by division, is available HERE

Item for DIA Announcements

If there is any information you would like to see in future issues of DIA Announcements, please let us know by contacting Loren Israel or Adam Marantz.