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News and Highlights for Faculty & Staff on the Urbana-Champaign Campus  |  April 2014

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Town Hall Meeting for Campus Community - Wednesday, April 9

Chancellor Wise and Provost Adesida invite you to attend a campus community Town Hall meeting on Wednesday, April 9, beginning at noon in the Illini Union Ballroom. We will talk about this year’s progress around some of the initiatives outlined in our campus strategic plan, share what we believe are critical goals for the coming year, and discuss our current budget and pension challenges. The event will be streamed live and we hope you will be able to join in the conversation either in person or virtually.

Undergraduate students
Update on the Campus Conversation on Undergraduate Education

Nearly 600 faculty, students and staff took part last fall in conversations about our campus goals for undergraduate education and what should make the Illinois experience distinctive.  This spring, five working groups and a steering committee will draft learning goals and recommend initiatives.
Read the report and see committee memberships here...

500 new faculty hires.
New Support for Campus Units for Dual Career Hires

As we seek to meet our goal of hiring 500 new faculty in the next 5-7 years, our ability to find career opportunities for spouses and partners will be an important component of successful recruiting.  Dual career hires can require significant time, and effort, and expertise to navigate.  Previously, that process has been left largely to each department or college.  As part of our commitment to helping departments attract the best faculty, we have hired a new coordinator for dual career hiring to provide central, campus support to units.  Theodore Long, formerly a Profession Recruiter at Carle Clinic Association, has recently joined Academic Human Resources in this position.  He will help facilitate campus and community employment opportunities for partners.  Please contact him if you need assistance
E-mail Theodore Long here...

Academic Senate Endorses Guidelines for Specialized Faculty

For the past three years, the Provost’s Office has been working to develop a document that would highlight the crucial contributions and needs of academic staff who are not in the tenure system. The Academic Senate recently endorsed the guiding principles of this new Provost Communication No. 25, entitled “Employment Guidelines for Specialized Faculty Holding Non-Tenure System Positions.”  The new Communication provides employment guidelines and policies for specialized faculty related to titles, promotional tracks, hiring procedures, performance evaluations, grievances, unit involvement and professional development.  The Provost’s Office widely engaged the campus during the development of this Communication, including consultation with specialized faculty members, deans, department heads/chairs, human resource officers, and several senate sub-committees. We also surveyed the over 800 specialized faculty members on campus, asking for feedback on the document. 
Read Provost Communication No. 25 here...


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