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Club Spotlight: Ashkum Go-Getters
April is community service month!


Iroquois County’s Ashkum Go-Getters 4-H Club often refers to themselves as a community service club. Struggling to find a way to connect with their senior friends under quarantine at their local nursing home, a Go-Getters’ leader decided the only option was to think electronically. And so, The Quarantine Times, a fun one page paper was created.

The Quarantine Times features everything positive. You will not find the words coronovirus, COVID-19 or even pandemic on the page. What you will find are jokes, cartoons, trivia facts, patriotic quotes, a fun activity, weather references such as “Cloudy outside...sunshine in our hearts”, many references to the cheerfulness of Spring and Easter and personal notes and drawings from 4-Hers.

The process was quite simple. When asked about possibly distributing this fun little paper, the administrator of the nearest local nursing home was definitely on board stating that the residents will LOVE it, especially knowing it was done by the kids! So that was the motivation to move forward. High schooler and Go-Getters’s secretary, Christa Hickman, volunteered to do the computer work and 4-H families were asked to research and send their fun finds to Christa…all from the comforts and safety of their own quarantined homes. It was decided to have issues of the paper available for sharing every other day during the month of April with reevaluating at the end of the month.

To date seven issues so far have been electronically sent by email to approximately 50 locations including nursing homes, assisted and independent living resident homes, a developmental disabilities home and 15 cilas. Community members are sharing with others and printing them off for their own parents.  Especially exciting was when the director of a large group of homes wanted to share it with 20 plus homes across the Midwest.

Thanks to Sharlene Finegan, club leader of the Ashkum Go-Getters, for this story.


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Updates and events
4honline: you can do all sorts of things with reports!

Please take a moment and log into 4honline.com to make sure your contact information is up to date! As a reminder, leaders must re-enroll each year, just like our youth.

Leaders can access reports through 4honline. These include:

  • Enrollment
  • Project selection
  • T-Shirt sizes
  • Publications that have been ordered by youth

Use this helpful guide to get started! Check out page 4 for how to use reports.

If you are trying to find a specific set of data and need help, please ask Extension staff and we can find the right report or create additional customized reports.

4-H Leader Lunch Breaks

We will host a weekly leader lunch from 12:30-1 on Thursdays for leaders to come together and share how different clubs do things. Each week, we will have a topic picked out - there will be a suggested activity/video for you to watch or try ahead of time, and then we can work through problems or talk about new ideas that it sparked as a group.

Currently, we are planning the following topics and would like to hear from you what else would be helpful!

Thursday, April 16: How are clubs using zoom/holding remote club meetings (Check out this webinar from Extension on how to use zoom in advance)

Thursday, April 23: 4honline - how are you using it? Troubleshooting, using reports. (Make sure you have gone through the steps in the 4honline instructional PDF in advance).

Thursday, April 30: Zingbooks - Katie Duitsman from the State 4-H office will be joining us to answer any questions you might have about this new platform that we are a pilot area for! (Please have created a Zingbooks account in advance).

Thursday, May 6: Reaching new members - we will brainstorm ideas and share what has worked!

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Where to Find Updated Event Information

We are working to make our Unit 4-H website a central place for you to find information about the current status of events.

From the State 4-H office:

Club Meetings can continue virtually. Some recommendations are to hold these as you normally would including the following:

  • 4-H Pledge
  • club minutes
  • attendance and key decisions should be recorded in written record
  • Regular club activities can take place as best as possible

It is also important that no member is penalized who is unable to join due to not having adequate internet or technology available. These meetings can count just as a normal in person meeting would. Flexibility and understanding at this time is encouraged!

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