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August 5, 2014


Beckman team places in top three in Alan Alda Flame Challenge

A Beckman Institute team, comprised of CSL and ECE Associate Professor Paul Scott Carney, as well as Beckman Postdoctoral Fellows Bradley Deutsch and David Mayerich, and Bioengineering Professor Rohit Bhargava (an ECE ILLINOIS affiliate), decided to enter the Flame Challenge, a competition from the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science at Stony Brook University in New York—and were named one of the top three finalists in the visual category, out of hundreds of applicants. Watch their video here.

ECE ILLINOIS remembers more than six decades in Everitt Lab

Outside an unassuming room in Everitt Laboratory, which most recently served as the business office, there’s a small plaque, set in a wood frame. “In this room,” the inscription reads, “during the spring semester of 1952, John Bardeen—the two-time Nobel laureate—taught the first course on semiconductors and transistors ... offered at any university.”

New Gifts/Grants

  • Gul Agha and Darko Marinov, "XPS: FULL: FP: Collaborative Research: Model-based, Event Driven Scalable Programming for the Mobile Cloud," 3 years, $666,665, NSF.

  • Jont Allen, "Two dimensional Materials: Synthesis and Thermodynamic Nanocalorimetry Measurements," 3 years, $345,000, NSF.

  • Michael Bailey, "EPICA: Empowering People to Overcome Information Controls and Attacks," 3 years, $225,000, NSF (ITI).

  • Seth Hutchinson, Soon-Jo Chung, Timothy Bretl and Mani Goloarvar-Fard, "NRI: Collaborative Research: Improving the Safety and Agility of Robotic Flight with Bat-Inspired Flexible-Winged Robots," 3 years $1,500,000, NSF.

  • Olgica Milenkovic, "Coding techniques for Rewriteable DNA-Based Storage," 3 years, $354,203, CIA.

  • Sayan Mitra and Mahesh Viswanathan, "CSR: Small: From Simulations to Proofs for Cyberphysical Systems," 3 years, $500,000, NSF (ITI).

  • Shobha Vasudevan, "CIF: Small: Towards Practical Validation Of Nonlinear Analog and Mixed-Signal Circuits," 3 years, $448,556, NSF.

  • Pramod Viswanath, "CIF: Small: Statistical Data Privacy: Fundamental Limits and Efficient Algorithms," 3 years, $500,000, NSF.

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