Learn from home: June 9 to June 23 Opportunities
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Extension webinars offered June 9 to June 23
University of Illinois Extension helps individuals, families, farmers, businesses, and communities solve local problems to improve lives of Illinois residents. Check out this expanded list of online webinars and trainings. These are offered by Illinois Extension professionals unless otherwise noted. Click on the title to access more information and registration links. 


Businesses and Local Government

  • June 9 | 2 PM: Cyber Threats in the Age of COVID -19
    The emergence of COVID-19 has increased our dependence on the internet and has created opportunities for cyber bad actors to cause disruption to people and businesses. This talk explores what new threats (and new emphases on old threats) have emerged over the last few months and how average citizens can better protect themselves. University of Illinois Gies College of Business 
  • June 18 | Noon: Diversity, Equity, and Green Infrastructure: Local Government Webinar
    This webinar will discuss the connection between green infrastructure and community diversity, equity, and inclusion goals. Speakers will showcase how communities and organizations are incorporating equity into natural resource management and share the results of a recent survey about barriers and opportunities communities in the Midwest are encountering in making green stormwater infrastructure equitable.
  • June 23 | 11 AM: Coronavirus and Insurance Coverage
    The financial impact of COVID-19 has businesses looking at their insurance coverage, and many are discovering that the coverage they purchased may not be what they needed. Understanding what type of insurance coverage you have and what you may need is essential. Unfortunately, it sometimes takes a catastrophe to deliver that understanding. Assess your risks and review the types of commercial insurance products available, including what they cover, what they do not cover, and why. University of Illinois Gies College of Business

Personal Finances

  • June 11 | 6:30 PM: Let's Talk Money: Borrowing: How Much is Too Much
    Deciding when and how much credit to use depends on the financial situation. Discover different scenarios when you might use credit and learn options for borrowing money from creditors. 
  • June 18 | 6:30 PM: Let’s Talk Money: Unequal Access to Credit
    Not all individuals and families have the same access to credit. While consumer laws offers protection from discrimination, this problem still affects many consumers. Explore some of the challenges of obtaining credit as well as unfair lending practices that create barriers to accessing mainstream credit market. 

Food Nutrition and Safety

  • June 10, 1 PM: Freezing Foods at Home: Fill Your Pantry
    Freezing foods at home is simple and requires equipment you likely already have in your kitchen. For the best quality frozen fruits and vegetables, it is not enough to simply add foods to your freezer. In this webinar, learn which foods do freeze well, why blanching improves frozen food quality, the process of freezing at home, and more.
  • June 17 | 1 PM: Fermenting Foods at Home: Fill Your Pantry
    Fermentation is growing in popularity as a way to create foods and drinks with probiotic properties for healthy gut microbes and as a method of home food preservation. In this webinar, learn the fundamentals and benefits of lacto-fermentation, learn how to safely ferment at home, and gain confidence to get started right away! Fermentation is an easy and economical way to preserve your food with added health benefits.
  • June 23 | Noon: Decoding Diets: Keto, Gluten-free, and Fasting
    Have you ever felt overwhlemed by all the different diets you saw on the internet? Have you wondered if you should try the diet that your friend just started? Come learn about the gluten-free diet, ketogenic diet, and intermittent fasting, and gain the tools to decide whether those diets are for you.

Family Health and Safety

  • June 9 | Noon: Knowledge is Power: Evaluating Scientific Claims
    Every day, we are bombarded with information online about our health, but it is not always easy to tell what is correct. In this session we will discuss how to evaluate scientific information in the media. Presented with Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Institute.
  • June 11 | 2 PM: Communication Strategies for Dementia: Discover Brain Health Webinar
    Discuss common communication problems caused by Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia, as well as strategies for better interactions and visits. 
  • June 16 | Noon: Don’t Sleep on Sleep: How Sleeping Impacts Brain Functioning
    Do you know why we sleep? We all have experienced a bad night of sleeping that leaves us sluggish and irritable, but what are the benefits of a good night of sleep? In this session we will discuss what we know about why we sleep and how lack of sleep can impact our daily life. Presented with Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Institute.

Commercial Agriculture

  • June 10 | 3 PM: Commercial Ag Webinar: Hemp Crop Updates
    What did last year teach us about growing hemp? University of Illinois Extension commercial ag educator Phillip Alberti will offer the most recent hemp production research collected from land grant universities across the country. 

Home Gardens

Energy and Environment

  • June 11 | 1 PM: Explaining the Greenhouse Effect: Everyday Environment
    Most people have heard about the Greenhouse Effect, but many would not feel comfortable explaining the science behind it. This webinar discusses in simple terms the basic scientific processes that make the greenhouse effect occur and will explain the natural and enhanced greenhouse effect. It will also cover how atmospheric gas concentrations have changed in the last 150 years.
  • June 12 | 1 PM: Green Infrastructure Webinar Series: Green Roofs
    Green infrastructure is a cost-effective, resilient approach to managing wet weather impacts that provides many community benefits. Horticulture Educator Austin Little will explore the important role green infrastructure systems plays in improving the built environment by managing storm water, reducing energy costs, increasing green space, and many other benefits. He will discuss different green roof systems and how they contribute to a healthy environment as he leads a virtual tour of a local green roof. 
  • June 18 | 1 PM: Home Energy Check-up: Everyday Environment
    Many of us are all too familiar with that feeling of dread when the electric bill comes each month. Just how much electricity did we use? How high is our bill going to be? Now is a great time to take a look around your home to better understand how you use electricity and to make some simple changes to help reduce your bill.  
  • June 19 | 1 PM: Green Infrastructure Webinar Series: Green Walls
    Green walls, also known as living walls, are an exciting and engaging green infrastructure that can be seen in public spaces, schools, businesses, and even homes. During the third installment of the series, learn the benefits of green walls and how they work and will lead a virtual tour of a green wall. 

If you need reasonable accommodation to participate in programming, contact the registration office. Early requests are strongly encouraged to allow sufficient time for meeting your needs.


Extension staff are encouraged to forward this list to local residents. Staff wishing to customize this report before distributing should send a request for access.


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