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September 2, 2014


Illinois partners with NTU to develop new generation of Asian academic leaders

In medicine and other fields, the growing use of evidence-based practices has saved money and improved performance by using data to inform decision-making. But in academic institutions leaders have been slower to adapt to data-driven decision making.

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is partnering with Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore to develop higher education’s next crop of leaders into more ethical and evidence-based decision-makers. With a $2.7 million grant, Illinois is collaborating with NTU to conduct research, develop curricula, provide guidance and create tools to train current and future executives of major research universities as part of a new NTU academy focusing on leadership, expected to launch next year.

Around CSL

  • As the semester kicks off, please remember that CSL supports preparation of proposals and funding agency reports both through the Business Office’s assistance with budgets and financial statements, and through assistance with the development, assembly, and proofreading of technical and administrative content. (Writing and editorial support for other projects, such as user documentation, curriculum materials, and special publications, may also be available.) Please contact Jenny Applequist (japplequ@illinois.edu) to inquire about those services.

New Gifts/Grants

  • Sibin Mohan, "Small Behavior Based Zero Day Intrusion Detection for Real Time Cyber Physical Systems," 3 years, $500,000, NSF (ITI).
  • Deming Chen, "A New Modular and Global High-Level Synthesis Engine for Rapid Post-Silicon Validation of Customized Hardware and Accelerators," 3 years, $165,000, SRC.
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