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International Films

ALL FILMS ARE SCREENED IN 308 GRANT HALL.  All films are sub-titled in English.

All UIC students, staff, and faculty are welcome to attend all films! Here's the complete calendar for films and conversation clubs.

If you'd like to host an event, please use these forms. Note the different links at that page for different types of events.

This Week's Films

French flag iconTUESDAY, September 9th, 2:00-4:00PM

FRENCH FILM CLUB: On the Other Side of the Tracks (2013)

On the Other Side of the Tracks is the story of two very different police officers who team up after a business mogul's wife is murdered.

Polish flag iconFRIDAY, September 12th, 1:00-3:00PM

POLISH FILM SERIES: Yiddle and His Fiddle (1936)

The film follows the story of an impoverished man, Arye (Simche Fostel), and his daughter Itke (Molly Picon), who decide to become traveling klezmorim. Because her father is concerned about the misfortunes that can befall a young woman, Itke disguises herself as a man and calls herself Yidl.

Russian flag iconFRIDAY, September 12th, 3:00-5:00PM

RUSSIAN FILM CLUB: Night Watch (*Ночной дозор*) (2006)

A fantasy-thriller set in present-day Moscow where the respective forces that control daytime and nighttime do battle. Directed by Timur Bekmabetov

Next Week's Films

German flag image, icon sizeMONDAY, September 15th, 3:00-5:00PM


French flag iconTUESDAY, September 16th, 2:00-4:00PM

FRENCH FILM CLUB: Thérèse (2012)

Thérèse Desqueyroux is a 2012 French drama film directed by Claude Miller. It is an adaption of the François Mauriac novel of the same name, first published in 1927. The last work of Claude Miller, who died in April 2012, this film closed the 2012 Cannes Film Festival, where it was screened in competition for the Palme d'Or.

Polish flag iconFRIDAY, September 19th, 1:00-3:00PM


Eroica (released in some territories as Heroism) is a 1958 film by Andrzej Munk. It is composed of two separate stories, each featuring the Polish concept of heroism and a role of a hero. A third segment, Con Bravura, utilizing Polish romantic legend and different in spirit from the first two segments, was meant as the final part of the original film but although completed, was ultimately cut by Munk from the final version. It premiered on Polish Television in 1972 and depicts wartime couriers crossing the Tatra Mountains.

Russian flag iconFRIDAY, September 19th, 3:00-5:00PM


Cultural Events in the City

japanese_flag_smallMONDAY, September 8th, 6:00PM

PATEMA INVERTED (SAKASAMA NO PATEMA) 2013, Yusuhiro Yoshiura, Japan, 98 min.

With the release of this often-airborne tale in which a scientific accident reverses gravity, filmmaker Yoshiura (TIME OF EVE) has been heralded as an artistic heir to Miyazaki. Following a long-ago disaster, a colony of “inverts” survive in a secret upside-down domain of vast underground caverns and tunnels. Teenage Patema finds her way out, only to be in danger of floating away feet-first into the sky until rescued by an unassuming young hero. The upright world and the inverted world head for a cataclysmic clash, but love has a shot at turning things right. In English on Sunday and Thursday, and in Japanese with English subtitles on Monday.
Location: Gene Siskel Film Center
Fee: Free
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German flag image, icon sizeTUESDAY, September 9th, 6:00PM

"Berlin Now - The City after the Wall", Reading and Discussion with ACG President William M. Drozdiak

Berlin Now is a longtime Berliner’s bright, bold, and digressive exploration of the heterogeneous allure of this vibrant city. Delving beneath the obvious answers—Berlin’s club scene, bolstered by the lack of a mandatory closing time; the artistic communities that thrive due to the relatively low (for now) cost of living—Schneider takes us on an insider’s tour of this rapidly metamorphosing metropolis, where high-class soirees are held at construction sites and enterprising individuals often accomplish more without public funding—assembling a makeshift club on the banks of the Spree River—than Berlin’s officials do. Schneider’s perceptive, witty investigations on everything from the insidious legacy of suspicion instilled by the East German secret police to the clashing attitudes toward work, food, and love held by former East and West Berliners have been sharply translated by Sophie Schlondorff. The result is a book so lively that readers will want to jump on a plane—just as soon as they’ve finished their adventures on the page.
Location: Goethe-Institut Chicago, 150 N. Michigan Ave, Suite 200, Chicago, IL 60601
Fee: Free
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Italian flag image, icon sizeWEDNESDAY, September 10th, 6:00PM

Eighth blackbird

Commedia dell'arte star Isabella Andreini of Padua dazzled audiences at festivities for the wedding of Ferdinand de' Medici to Christine of Lorraine when she performed in her own play, which called on Isabella to feign madness and adopt her celebrated hermaphroditic persona to play all the parts, male and female.  The musicians of eighth blackbird and composer/librettist Amy Beth Kirsten echo her spirit in Colombine’s Paradise Theatre, their fantasy concert played in character using masks and costumes, with direction and design by Mark DeChiazza. They talk about their imaginative update of the grand story of love, mischief and illusion with Robert L. Kendrick, Professor of Music at the University of Chicago, illustrating today’s vital connection with the early modern music and culture scene which cultivated Isabella’s celebrated commedia dell'arte.
Location: Italian Cultural Institute of Chicago, 500 N Michigan Avenue, Suite 1450
Fee: For tickets please visit
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ñTHURSDAY, September 11th, 7:00PM

Farruquito: Improvisao with special guests Maya, Mehran & Old Town School Flamenco Students

Juan Manuel Fernández Montoya, Farruquito, is the son of Flamenco singer Juan Fernández Flores, El Moreno, and Flamenco dancer Rosario Montoya Manzano, La Farruca. The inheritor of a unique school, founded by his grandfather Farruco, has lived his whole life immersed in the most pure Flamenco art.His latest production is called Improvisao. In Improvisao, Farruquito reflects the truth and the roots of flamenco at its highest level. Improvisao, in the artist's own words, “It is a return to my roots and a sample of what I've learned in this profession. Singing, guitar and dance fused with total freedom to create a different show every day.” A show that transports us to a traditional and magical universe, an art of celebration of life, in which the dancer and his musicians are the center of the artistic creation, without any artifice, with improvisation as a leitmotiv.
Location: Old Town School of Folk Music, 4544 N. Lincoln avenue, Chicago
Fee: $55 General Public, $53 Members
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Chinese flag image, icon sizeFRIDAY, September 12, 6:30PM

Autumn Moon Festival Gala

In honor of the Autumn Moon Festival and to celebrate the Chinese Fine Arts Society’s 30 years as ambassadors between diverse communities, please join us for the Autumn Moon Festival Gala on September 12, 2014 at 6:30 PM.
Feast upon a 10-course banquet prepared by celebrity chef and “mayor of Chinatown” Tony Hu while watching the legend of Chang’e as it is brought to life through exquisite performances by Chinese Fine Arts Society dancers and martial artists. Spend an evening among the museum-quality furniture, decor, and art pieces on display at Pagoda Red, bid for silent auction items from the best art, entertainment, and sports venues across Chicago, and take a spin on our dance floor to commemorate the night! Suggested: cocktail attire.
Location: Pagoda Red (1714 N Damen, Chicago, IL 60647).
Fee: Tickets starting at $200
Click here for more information

Polish flag iconSATURDAY, September 13th, 6:30PM


Aga Zaryan, singer, songwriter and producer. Born Agnieszka Skrzypek in Warsaw on January 17th, 1976. One of the most internationally recognised jazz vocalists of her generation in Poland. She is known for her distinctive style, elegance and intimate approach to singing, characterised by a lightness of phrasing and warm, slightly matt-toned voice She was named Jazz Vocalist of The Year in the European Jazz Forum Magazine’s yearly Jazz Top readers’ poll in 2007, 2008 and 2009. Beauty is Dying, recorded in the summer of 2007, is Aga Zaryan’s first album on which she sings in Polish. On it she is backed by a jazz piano trio, enhanced by a 17-piece string section with harp and oboe. The album contains nine works by Polish poets, depicting scenes of Warsaw at the time of the ’44 Uprising in commemoration of the 63rd Anniversary of the Uprising. All songs on the album were selected and sung by Aga herself to original music composed and arranged by pianist Michał Tokaj. Her personal connection to the project stemmed from her family history – her grandmother was a liaison officer and her grandfather had fought in the Kryśka group. The album has been described as lyrical and pulsing with emotion, the delicate string section and laid-back jazz trio melding perfectly with Zaryan’s singing.
Concert will feature also polish choirs: COLLEGIUM CANTORUM POLONIA and CHICAGO NIGHTINGALES -children’s choir who will perform major songs from the period of Warsaw Uprising 44′ that will include Michl’s Palace, the war-time anthem of the “Parasol” Battalion, and Hey, Boys, Fix Bayonets! accompanied by THE CHICAGO INTERNATIONAL ORCHESTRA directed by Arek Gorecki.
Location: Copernicus Center, 5216 W Lawrence Ave, Chicago, IL 60630
Fee: $30 – $35
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Next Week's Culture Events in the City

japanese_flag_smallMONDAY, September 15th, 8:00PM

WELCOME TO THE SPACE SHOW (UCHU SHO E YOKOSO) 2010, Koji Masunari and Masaaki Yuasa, Japan, 136 min.

A touch of steampunk, a huge helping of sensory overload, and a witty space alien in the guise of a talking dog make this extravaganza a one-of-a-kind anime experience. Five kids at camp mistake a visitor from another planet for an injured pet and get whisked away to the Moon, where unimaginable delights, fantastical creatures, bizarre customs, and a unique intergalactic reality show await. This first feature by Japan’s Studio A-1 pulls out all the stops in terms of eye-filling spectacle and family-friendly story. In English on Sunday (HDCAM video), and in Japanese with English subtitles on Monday and Wednesday.
Location: Gene Siskel Film Center
Fee: Free
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ñTUESDAY, September 16th, 7:00PM

World Music Festival

A mambo big-band like you’ve never experienced, bandleader Sergio Mendoza helms one of the most exciting latin music bands operating today. He and his orchestra – which can stretch to 19 pieces – bring a fevered energy and vital approach to classic mambo and cumbia sounds.
Informed by influences like Perez Prado and Chico Che y La Crisis, the band is also directly influenced by Mendoza’s experience playing in Calexico, Devotchka, and Mexican Institute of Sound. The native of Nogales, Sonora has made a mark as a multi-instrumentalist with those celebrated groups and what he has brought back to his own band is an otherworldly- but urgent – synthesis of time and regions.
The orchestra features vocalist Salvador Duran, who dueted with Willie Nelson on “Senor” in the Bob Dylan biopic I’m Not There, and who has performed alongside Neko Case, Iron and Wine, and Glen Hansard.
Location: Mayne Stage, 1328 W. Morse Ave., Chicago
Fee: Free
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German flag image, icon sizeWEDNESDAY, September 17th through Saturday, September 20th, 7:30 pm

Birgit Ulher - Traces

A site-specific sound installation celebrating the 20th anniversary of the sister cities Chicago and Hamburg
Traces (for trumpet, radio, speaker, objects and tape feeds) takes its origin from environmental measurements of the Chicago and Elbe rivers.
Traces transforms the same information Luftwerk uses for the light installation. Data is derived from the rivers’ oxygen, nitrate, phosphate and e.coli contents, each of which is assigned a medium.
The lengths of the sounds and rests are a direct re-presentation of the measurements.
Birgit Ulher, born 1961 in Nuremberg, she studied the visual arts, which still have an important influence on her music. Since moving to Hamburg in 1982 she has been involved in free improvisation and experimental music. Since then she has “established a distinguished grammar of sounds beyond the open trumpet” (
She works mainly on extending the sounding possiblities of the trumpet by using splitting sounds, multiphonics and granular sounds and has developed her own extended techniques and preparations for producing these sounds. Besides this material research she is especially interested in the relation between sound and silence.
Location:171 N. Dearborn in Couch Alley Place, Chicago
Fee: Free
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French flag iconTHURSDAY, September 18th,5:40PM

The British Invasion, the Birth and Rebirth of French Haute Couture with Nena Ivon

In the first week of this three-part series presented by Nena Ivon of Columbia College Chicago. She explains the role of Charles Frederick Worth, the Father of French Haute Couture.
Venez nombreux !
Nena has taught the history of fashion designers of the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries as adjunct faculty at Columbia College Chicago for the past 25 years. In addition, she lectures on many fashion topics and produced thousands of fashion shows and special events as fashion director for Saks Fifth Avenue Chicago a position she held for 50+ years. She is currently President of the Costume Council of the Chicago History Museum.
Location:54 W. Chicago Avenue
Fee: $150 Lecture Series Ticket • $55 Lecture Single Ticket
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Polish flag iconSATURDAY, September 20th, 7:00PM

MozArt Group & Krosny

All four gentlemen of the MozART group are well educated instrumentalists who graduated from prestigious Academies of Music in Warsaw and Łódz, but they decided to play classical music in a humorous way. The MozART group created a worldwide unique musical cabaret, where the music, not the words are the source of joy and laugh.
Take a classical composition as canvas, analyze its structure and theme, surround it with musical associations, brilliant, outstanding ideas and while listening to the final product the listener is constantly surprised, amazed, laughing and moved to tears.
The musicians of the MozART group have been playing together since 1995. At the beginning, they presented short musical jokes on Canal Plus Television and gave their first debut in 1997 at the PAKA competition of young Polish cabarets in Krakow. In the same year, they presented their first cabaret program entitled “Mozart’s still alive” and since then, they have given concerts in all of Europe, Canada, the U.S.A and Asia. The quartet also performances with colleagues around the world including shows with the mime Irek Krosny or the multitalent Bobby McFerrin.
Location: Copernicus Center, 5216 W Lawrence Ave, Chicago, IL
Fee: $60, $55, $50, $45
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