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January 2021
UIF Advancement Insider
An inside update on services provided by the University of Illinois Foundation
New policy for inactive users of TED and OnBase Enforcement begins Jan 2021

As stated in previous editions of the UIF Advancement Insider, the Executive Operations Team (EOT) has approved a new policy for inactive users of TED and OnBase. This policy is being enforced this month, January 2021.  On January 19, users who have not logged into UIF systems in accordance with the inactive user policy (see previous versions of Advancement Insider) will receive an email asking them to login to TED or OnBase within 14 days.  Users who fail to login will have their accounts disabled on February 2nd.  After that, users accounts will be automatically disabled in accordance with the policy.  Users whose accounts are permanently disabled will be required to re-submit an access request form if access is still needed.

New Resource for Mass Communications

Beginning with FY22, the UIF Mass Communications team will be utilizing a new resource, Smartsheet, to plan, track, and schedule mass communications.   Gone will be the days of multiple email threads and trying to determine who to contact!  Smartsheet will combine your communications plan into one source with the added benefit of report and dashboard functionality.   Automated workflows will save you time and help us to process your requests in a seamless, timely manner.   

The initial introduction to Smartsheet will take place during the FY22 mass communication planning meetings occurring between February 1-April 9.  Watch your inbox for details on how to schedule your planning meeting.  All units with a mass communication plan will be required to schedule a planning meeting.  The deadline to schedule meetings will be the close of business on January 29.

Additional training sessions for Smartsheet will be scheduled for March 31 and May 12.  Please direct any questions to UIF Mass Communications.  We look forward to working with you!

UIF Mass Communications

System Updates

The Foundation is dedicated to making sure you have the best resources available for your advancement needs.  For this reason, we regularly update TED, UIF Online, OnBase, and BBIS.  The next scheduled updates are:  

Saturday, February 20th, 2021
Saturday, March 27th, 2021
Saturday, May 15th, 2021

During these updates the systems may not be available, but there will be a notification letting you know which systems will be affected and the timeframe.

Monthly Faculty Staff Data

January Faculty Staff data has been loaded into the University Appointments area under the Relationships tab in TED.  Monthly Faculty Staff data is pulled from Banner on the 10th and loaded into TED on the 3rd weekend of each month.

Graduate and Student Loads

Graduate and Student Loads

The 2020 Fall  Graduate data load will start the week of February 1st and will be completed by February 10th

The 2021 Spring Student load will start the week of February 15th and will be completed by February 25th

Please watch the News and Updates on the TED homepage for the completion of both loads.

UIF Fund and Accounting Search updates coming soon…

The current Fund DB and Account Search pages accessible through TEDs UI Reporting and Business Manager tabs are being updated for generating the information from within TED.

The new search interfaces and reports on UI Reporting and Business Managers tab will be replacing:


Fund Search – Located under the Designation (Fund) group on UI Reporting and Business Managers Tabs.


The new Fund Search interface will provide similar search fields organized across four tabs as well as more options for downloading the results in different file formats; sorting the results from the output and ability to click on a link and display the Fund Synopsis report.


Accounting Search – Located under the Accounting group on UI Reporting and Business Managers Tabs. 


The new Accounting search interface will surface as three separate report links:
Fund Details Search
Transaction Search
Balance Search

All three search interfaces will have a similar look and feel as the Fund Search interface. The search options are organized across four tabs and allow similar downloading and sorting options as well. The Fund Details Search will allow users to click on a Fund Number and view the Synopsis report.


Stay tuned for additional communication about training and access to these new Fund and Accounting searches.

UPDATED!! Portfolio Health Dashboard

An updated version of the Portfolio Health Dashboard is now available under UI Reporting in TED. The Phase 2 changes that have been made are:

  • Stewardship Plans – There’s now a filter on “Scorecard(Home)” as well as “Portfolio Health Information Details” that will allow you to see All, Non-Stewardship, or Stewardship plans only based on your selection.
  • Stalled Plans – You can now click either Yes or No or the corresponding counts under Stalled Plans on “Portfolio Health Information Details” and the rest of the visualizations will filter accordingly.
  • Asked/Visited/Contacted (Last 365 days) – You can now click either Yes or No or the corresponding counts under Asked/Visited/Contacted (Last 365 days) on “Portfolio Health Information Details” and the rest of the visualizations will filter accordingly.
  • Plans with Asks – New visualization with a statistic show count of plans in the selected portfolio with asks made. You can also now click on the count under Plans with Asks on “Portfolio Health Information Details” and the rest of the visualizations will filter accordingly.
  • Plan Age Years – This filter on “Portfolio Health Information Details” allows you to filter out older but still active plans in your portfolio that are blowing up the axis on the Time in Stage/Throughput visualization. When using this filter the axis on the timeline will adjust automatically to fit the plans that are being displayed.
The Consolidated Appropriations Act: Essentials You Should Know

 The Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021 (the “CAA”) signed into law in late December provides $900 billion in COVID relief and $1.4 trillion to continue to fund the government. The CAA impacts philanthropy in the following ways:

1.   It extends the CARES Act’s 100% cash gift AGI deduction.

  • Details: The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (the “TJIA”) allowed a taxpayer to deduct the full amount of his/her charitable cash gifts as long as the deduction did not exceed 60% of his/her adjusted gross income (“AGI”). The CARES Act temporarily changed those rules in 2020 to allow a taxpayer to elect a 100% AGI deduction limitation for cash gifts, with this limit reduced dollar-for-dollar by other itemized charitable deductions. The CAA extends this election option through 2021. As in 2020, a donor who elects the 100% AGI deduction can carry forward unused, qualified cash gift deductions up to five years, but that carryforward (like cash deductions carried forward from past years) will be subject to the TJIA’s 60% AGI limit. Under the CAA, 2021 cash gifts to a donor advised fund (“DAF”) are still not eligible for this special election.
  • What this means for your work: If a donor elects to use all of his/her available qualified deduction this year, he/she will pay no federal income tax for 2021. While studies have shown tax benefits aren’t the primary drivers of charitable giving behavior, the raised cash-gift AGI deduction election option should continue to give major donors additional incentive to give more or perhaps fulfill a previously-booked pledge ahead of schedule this year. (As noted last year, the 100% election may not be the tax-wise choice for all donors; donors should be encouraged to consult with their respective advisors regarding their election decision.)

2.  It modifies and expands the CARES Act’s additional opportunity for taxpayers electing the standard deduction.

  • Details: The CARES Act created an “above-the-line” $300 adjustment for each non-itemizing “filing unit.” The CAA expands and modifies that adjustment – to $300 for individual filers or $600 for joint filers. It is still available only for cash gifts to public charities (like UIF) and not available for gifts to DAFs nor for cash deductions carried forward from previous years.
  • What this means for your work: This expansion of the CARES Act’s deduction opportunity should continue to encourage the 90% of taxpayers who do not itemize their returns to make new or increased cash gifts in 2021. It will also allow the opportunity to ask for $300/$600 more from a donor/donor couples filing jointly during annual giving appeals.

3.  It does not extend the CARES Act’s moratorium on required minimum distributions (“RMD”s).

  • Details: The CAA does not extend the CARES Act’s 2020 moratorium on RMDs from IRAs, 401(k)s, 403(b)s and most other defined-contribution plans maintained by an employer for individuals. Retirement plan owners aged 72 or older will be required to take a RMD from their respective plans in 2021.
  • What this means for your work: The return of RMDs will again provide an incentive for retirement plan owners who have reached age 70½ to tap tax-free IRA Charitable Rollover gifts to UIF in support of a donor’s preferred designation within the University.

4.  It maintains the CARES Act’s increased deduction limit on corporate cash and food inventory contributions.

  • Details: The CAA maintains the taxable-income limit applying to cash and food inventory charitable contributions by corporations at 25% through 2021. (The usual 10% limit still applies to non-cash corporate charitable contributions, and those contributions reduce the 25% limit dollar-for-dollar.) Qualified cash contributions in excess of the 25% limit can be carried forward for up to 5 years under the usual limits.
  • What this means for your work: This provision should continue to encourage more corporate giving than would have otherwise occurred this year.

Questions? Please contact your gift planning liaison or UIF's Office of Gift Planning and Trust Services (217.244.0473 or gpinfo@uif.ullinois.edu) for more information.

TED Homepage

Check the TED Homepage every day!  It is constantly being updated with important dates and announcements.

TED Calendar - This shows you upcoming scheduled maintenance and important data updates that have occurred. 

News & Updates - This contains important announcements about TED, including any current issues, and other UIF system updates and information.  Be sure to subscribe to this to receive an email whenever something is posted.  To subscribe, click one of the posts and choose 'Subscribe' at the bottom.

Research & Portfolio Management (RPM)
NEW – Research Request Revamp – Including Revenue Association!

Research and Portfolio Management is pleased to announce new services that can be requested through the Research Request area of TED.

In addition to new types of requests for things like revenue association and bulk plan loading, the Research Request Revamp also includes new types of prospect research requests. In the past, three levels of prospect research could be requested. Now, up to six different levels of prospect research can be requested. These new types will allow fundraisers to be more specific about what information they need and why, which in turn will let RPM be more efficient in fulfilling requests.

New Prospect Research Request Types:

  • R1: Contact Information Research validates existing contact information and looks for new phone numbers, email addresses, mailing addresses, or LinkedIn profiles.
  • R2: Wealth Estimate obtains preliminary estimates for giving capacity calculated by third-party vendors. This is a quick way for fundraisers to get a sense of what possible giving capacity may be appropriate for a prospect. These can be turned around more quickly than a more involved “Capacity Verification” (see R4, below).
  • R3: Employment and Community Involvement Research updates current employment data and relationships that are used to store involvement in non-UI activities, such as volunteering and board service for community organizations.
  • R4: Capacity Verification validates public assets and manually calculates Estimated Giving Capacity (EGC) for a prospect. If you just need a quick sense of giving capacity because you are in earlier stages of prospect management, then please request a R2: Wealth Estimate instead.
  • R5: Extensive Research validates all existing prospect data (contact information, employment and community involvement, wealth and capacity ratings) and looks for historical and supplemental information, including employment and education history, and relevant familial relationships, honors awarded, employment and education history, membership in professional societies of note, and board service.
  • R6: Due Diligence Research involves extreme vetting of prospects reserved for naming opportunities and other high-value purposes requested by the UIF Executive Operations Team.

Research request types R1 through R6 in the service catalog are cumulative. For example: if a fundraiser requests research type R4: Capacity Verification, their request will automatically include the work and features of the preceding types (R1–R3) of requests. Fundraisers should request the highest level of research that is appropriate for their needs, keeping in mind the requirements for each request type. Each level of research will also include specific requirements (for example, “the prospect is managed in a fundraiser's portfolio”) designed to help users determine the most appropriate level of research for their situation. 



Reminder: The Research Request area of TED can be accessed a couple of different ways:

1.  From the “Prospects” area of TED:


2.  From the “Prospects and Plans” tab > “Prospect Research History” subtab on any constituent record inTED:


Additional documentation detailing these changes to the Research Request area of TED will be made available in the TED User Guide and is always available directly from your Prospect Development Analyst!

New & Updated Courses Available

New Information Security and Privacy Course

All existing UIF System users have received an iLearn course assignment called Information Security and Privacy. This required, annual course provides information about the most recent laws and ways to keep our data safe.

TED: Beyond the Basics

Join other users in this training covering common topics and questions about TED. Bring your questions, the AIMS User Experience team will be on hand to answer them.

Enroll in a January session here

Tuesday 01/26/21            11:00 – 11:45am

Thursday 01/28/21              3:30 – 4:15pm


 Enrollment for March sessions now available

(TED topics covered each month will vary) 

Tuesday 03/09/21            11:00 – 11:45am

Thursday 03/11/21              3:30 – 4:15pm 


Send any topic you’d like to see covered to ilearn@uif.uillinois.edu. We’d love to hear from you!

More than 40 TED Tutorials Now Available in iLearn

View the complete inventory of tutorials available in iLearn here.

Upcoming Live-Training Sessions


In partnership with the U of I Universities, UIF staff will lead a panel discussion around various Prospect Management concepts.

We recommend all fundraisers and their staff take this course after completing the “Updating Prospect & Plan Records in TED” or “Reading Prospect Records in TED” curriculum. In order to enroll in this ILC you must enroll in one of those curricula. We recommend the first to fundraisers, and the second to those who will be using prospect records less often.

Instructor: Shannon Sweeney, Training Specialist              

Dates offered:  

  • January 20, 9:30–11:30 - Online Webinar
  • February 18, 1:30-3:30 – Online Webinar
We Want Your Feedback!

If you have comments about any of the courses that you have taken, suggestions for things that we can train on in the future, or topics that you wish had more content available please let us know! We would love to hear any feedback that you have at learn@uif.uillinois.edu.


Please feel free to email aims@uif.uillinois.edu for any feedback or content that you would like to see in future editions!

Future Dates for the Advancement Insider (on or around):

  • February 15, 2021
  • March 15, 2021
  • April 19, 2021