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September 21 ♦  Fall 2020 ♦  View Past Newsletters

Upcoming WGGP Events
Silvia Beltrametti 

Join us on Thursday, September 24th at 5:30pm to hear from Silvia Beltrametti on "Intellectual Property Issues in New Media Art". 

To attend this virtual Zoom webinar, please register in advance at



This event is co-sponsored by the School of Art & Design and the College of Law.

photo of Oct 1 event with CNS 

The international community faces no shortage of challenges when it comes to preventing the spread of nuclear weapons. The crisis in US-Russia relations, the slow pace of nuclear disarmament, the future of North Korea’s nuclear weapons program, and the emergence of new technologies with military applications–these are just a few of the issues that nuclear policy professionals are working to address today. Each of these problems will require creative ideas and novel methodologies to surmount. 

In this talk, Sarah Bidgood and Dave Schmerler (UIUC 2012) will highlight different opportunities and approaches to contribute to this process.  They will focus in particular on the need for greater diversity, including gender diversity, among experts and practitioners in this field. All students, regardless of their prior knowledge of nonproliferation, disarmament, or arms control, are welcome to attend.

This event takes place online on October 1 at 5pm central, registration is required at:

Professor Arjun Appadurai, New York University 
Professor Arjun Appadurai, New York University 

The Global and Its Worlds Lecture: Arjun Appadurai (New York University), "The Volatile Market for Globalization" 

Oct. 2nd at 
11:00 AM CST 

Zoom Registration: https://illinois.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_xmnqv6B_RCOYbohevgT1Eg 

Professor Arjun Appadurai of New York University will present a talk titled "The Volatile Market for Globalization." He will address recent debates about the rebirth of the nation-state in the era of pandemic disease, and about whether globalization is about to be rolled back or marginalized.  

Sponsors: Humanities Research Institute and the Illinois Global Institute 

WGGP Co-sponsored Events
photo of rebecca nagle 
Rebecca Nagle 

YMCA Friday Forum (9/25) Rebecca Nagle, award-winning advocate, writer, and citizen of Cherokee Nation

      Friday, September 25 @ 12:00 PM

About the speaker: Rebecca Nagle is an award-winning advocate, writer, and citizen of Cherokee Nation. As the host of the chart-topping podcast “This Land”, Nagle told the story of one Supreme Court case about tribal land in Oklahoma, the small town murder that started it, and the surprising connection to her own family history. Nagle has been covering the Murphy case since May of 2018. Her writing about Native representation and tribal sovereignty has been featured in the Washington Post, the Guardian, USA Today, Teen Vogue, the Huffington Post, and more.

Recently Nagle received The American Mosaic Journalism Prize, the largest cash prize for journalism in the United States. In 2016, Nagle was named one of the National Center American Indian Enterprise Development’s Native American 40 Under 40 for her work to support survivors and advocate for policy change to address the crisis of violence against Native women. She has also been named to the 100 Most Creative People by Fast Company, YBCA 100 List, and Best Editorial by the Native American Journalist Association. Nagle is from Joplin, MO and currently lives in Tahlequah, OK where she works for her tribe on language revitalization.

Register here: https://universityymca.org/friday-forum/


The University of Illinois Archives is hosting a monthly Women in Science Lecture Series that will feature speakers from across the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign’s diverse and multidisciplinary scientific enterprise. The lecture series seeks to highlight the important innovations and contributions of women in the sciences at the University of Illinois, and center the importance of documenting women scientists and engineers to create a diverse and inclusive archival record. This lecture series will take place over Zoom on the second Tuesday of every month from 12:00-1:00 pm. Please view our schedule and registration links below:

October 13, 2020

Speaker: Dr. Carla Desi-Ann Hunter
Associate Professor of Psychology
*Registration link coming soon!*

Series information available at https://distributedmuseum.illinois.edu/about/women-in-science-lecture-series/

Series co-sponsored by WGGP along with the partners and sponsors below:

Partners and Sponsors:

Humanities Research Institute; Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology; Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Institute; National Center for Supercomputing Applications; Prairie Research Institute;
School of Integrative Biology; Women in Engineering; Cindy Ingold, Gender Studies and Multicultural Services Librarian

Upcoming Campus Events

A  Calabash, Cash, and a Community: Women's Saving Associations in Urban Senegal


September 23rd, 12 noon CST

Register in advance: https://illinois.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJUkcuCoqjwvGdPSjDWztHWYTYTN3kGCSz2X%C2%A0



CAS The Arts 


"The Arts in COVID"

Wednesday, September 23 - Monday, October 19

This free event is open to the public. Registration is required.

Please visit the CAS website to register for respective events. 

Website Link: http://cas.illinois.edu/upcoming-events?field_event_type_target_id_selective=4



phot of Archie Boniovannie 
Archie Bongiovanni 

An Evening with Archie Bongiovanni
September 24, 2020, 7:30 p.m. Central Time
Registration is required; all are welcome
Register Here
(registration closes Tuesday, September 22)
This event is part of the Becoming A Trans Inclusive Library project

Archie Bongiovanni is a cartoonist and illustrator living in Minneapolis. Their graphic novel, A Quick And Easy Guide To They/Them Pronouns was published with Limerence Press/Oni Press and has been praised by School Library Journal (starred review), was a Publishers Weekly Favorite Reads of 2018, a 2018 Chicago Public Library Best Book Of The Year for Teen Nonfiction and one of YALSA's Great Graphic Novels For Teens. Their newest graphic novel, Grease Bats was released by BOOM! Studios in fall 2019.
Funding for this event comes from a Strategic Programs Initiative Fund grant from the Executive Committee of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign University Library. We are grateful for their support.

Hong Kong Identity and Migration Past, Present, and Future 

CEAPS/IL-IN Consortium Speaker - Gordon Mathews "Hong Kong Identity and Migration Past, Present, and Future" 


September 25th, 10:00-11:30 AM

Registration: https://illinois.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_l-d8SmgWSjumpOgu_yA7uA


Crisis in Belarus 


"The Crisis in Belarus: A Discussion with Natalya Chernyshova"


September 25, 10:00 AM CST

Hosted on Zoom: Register at https://illinois.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJUoc--spz4oHt0xD0JnPjXuzIhbRpQatYKv


photo of Susan Lindquist 

Happy #WomeninHistoryWednesday!

This #WomenInHistoryWednesday we are honoring Susan Lindquist, one of the most respected molecular biologists in the world. She received the National Medal of Science award in 2010, among many other awards. 

To learn more about Susan and her various achievements, go to https://gec150.web.illinois.edu/1970s/susan-lindquist/

This series is displayed every Wednesday on our website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

New People at WGGP
photo of Mau Mwachande 


Mau Mwachande joined WGGP this past Spring semester as a communication specialist and has returned to continue her role. She is a junior majoring in Global Studies and minoring in Informatics. In her free time, she loves to collect vinyls and watch old school films. Mau is excited to continue interning with the WGGP and acquire new skills. 

New Faculty Affiliate
Catalina Herrera 

Dr. Catalina Herrera studies issues at the intersection of demographic economics, gender, health, and education in developing countries. Her research examines i) whether fertility decisions affect women’s human capital and economic outcomes, ii) what type of policy interventions can decrease women’s barriers to health care access, iii) how childhood conditions can affect later economic outcomes in adulthood, and iv) whether public policies can mitigate the long-run effects of adverse shocks, such as natural disasters, on human capital.

To learn more about becoming a WGGP Faculty Affiliate, please contact
WGGP Assistant Director, Anita Kaiser, at arkaiser@illinois.edu or (217) 333-6221.

GRID Students
Ananya Tiwari 


Responding To COVID: Using IVRS To Make Education Accessible For Girls

Article: https://www.youthkiawaaz.com/2020/09/responding-to-covid-using-ivrs-to-make-education-accessible-for-girls/

Fundraising: https://fundraisers.giveindia.org/campaigns/covid19-education-resilience-fund-for-900-adolescent-girls-from-rural-haryana



Ananya Tiwari

PhD Student, Educational Psychology - Developmental Sciences 



The impact of COVID-19 is evident in nearly every aspect of our lives. People often feel overwhelmed by the uncertainty of the new disease and the accompanying behavior changes, such as social distancing. Recognizing and understanding the impact of the pandemic over time can help us to better manage the mental and behavioral health needs of our community.

In response to this ongoing, uncertain, and stressful time, the Center for Social and Behavioral Science is launching the Mental Health and COVID-19 research study. Our goal is to monitor the well-being of Illinois students, Illinois faculty and staff, and Champaign-Urbana community members over the course of the Fall 2020 semester as we navigate the new normal. We plan to use this information to better address the impact of COVID-19 on mental health for individuals on campus and in the broader C-U community.

The research study entails two main parts and an optional third component: 

  1. Onboarding survey. You will be asked to complete background questions such as demographic information, personality information, and experiences with COVID-19.
  2. Brief surveys every two weeks. Over the course of a 16-week semester, participants will be contacted every two weeks (a total of eight times) following the onboarding survey to complete online surveys. The surveys will assess a variety of factors, mostly focused on mental well-being.
  3. Optional: App downloads and use. Participants may choose to download and use two apps:
    • The Safer Illinois App to track the user's COVID-19 status and exposure to COVID-19, and
    • The EARS App to securely and passively “vacuum” data from the user's phone that reflects their psychological health.

After completing the 16-week study, participants will receive a $30 Amazon gift card and a chance to win one of three Apple iPads. Note: There is limited capacity for 600 participants, including 200 students, 200 faculty/staff, and 200 Champaign-Urbana community members.

Learn more about participating in the Mental Health and COVID-19 research study

WGGP Programs

WGGP Gender Relations in International

Development Graduate Minor

WGGP offers a graduate minor in Gender Relations in International Development (GRID). The GRID interdisciplinary minor is designed to give students the analytical and empirical skills needed to address and critically evaluate human development issues in research and policy analysis, as well as in daily life. As of 2019, GRID Alumni have come from 35 departments across campus and 50 different countries.

To learn more about the GRID minor, please contact Anita Kaiser at arkaiser@illinois.edu or by phone at 333-6221.


Undergraduate Certificate

in Global Health

Joint with WGGP and LAS Global Studies

Certificate Description

LAS Global Studies, in conjunction with Women and Gender in Global Perspectives (WGGP), is offering a Certificate in Global Health. This certificate is open to all undergraduate majors at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

More information about the Global Health Certificate and upcoming information sessions is available here


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