The Château de Chenonceau, Chenonceaux, France, by Ellen McClure  

Dear Faculty, Lecturers and TAs,

Use video in your class?  Want students to create videos and upload them to Blackboard? We'll show you how to use Sharestream and post clips to Bb, capture clips from youtube, and add them to your Blackboard site.  Workshops are Wednesday 11-12PM and Thursday 11-12PM, both in Grant Hall 304. (or email for information).

LCLC Workshops

Week of January 20th - January 23rd

Using video on Bb

Wednesday 1/21

GH 304

Using video on Bb

Thursday 1/22

GH 304

If you have any questions regarding how to enhance your teaching with technology tools, our RAs will be ansewring your questions during Drop-in hours on Wednesdays 2 -3PM in UH 1750 and Fridays 10-11AM in UH 1501. Email us at for more information.

Due to high demand we are introducing an additional Japanese conversation hour event which will take place on Tuesdays 4-5PM starting January 20. See the events list below and the LCLC calendar for dates and times of our other weekly events.

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We also encourage you and your students to participate in our weekly events in 308 Grant Hall, listed on the right and on our calendar: To request 308 for your cultural event, click here.

Please forward the Film and Conversation Club information to your students. Most gatherings have free coffee and tea, provided by the School.

Scroll down to see our featured Cultural Events in the Chicago area, and if you know of an event you think would fit, please send it to us by 9 am on Friday mornings and we'll include it in our Monday newsletter.

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International Films

ALL FILMS ARE SCREENED IN 308 GRANT HALL.  All films are sub-titled in English.

All UIC students, staff, and faculty are welcome to attend all films! Here's the complete calendar for films and conversation clubs.

If you'd like to host an event, please use these forms. Note the different links at that page for different types of events.

This Week's Films

French flag iconWEDNESDAY, January 21st, 3:00-5:00PM

Café de Flore (2011)

A love story between a man and woman. And between a mother and her son. A mystical and fantastical odyssey on love.

Polish flag iconTHURSDAY, January 22nd, 1:00-3:00PM


Russian flag iconFRIDAY, January 23rd, 3:00-5:00PM

The Diamond Arm (1969)

Semyon Gorbunkov, a friendly and naïve husband and a father of two goes on a world cruise. Arriving in Istanbul, Gorbunkov takes a stroll and accidentally slips and breaks his arm. Uttering a blasphemous phrase (which turns out to be a secret code intended for Gennady, a contrabandist), he is taken to a nearby "clinic", where an arm cast, being a decoy for jewellery and diamonds inside is put on his arm. Back in the USSR, Gorbunkov informs the police about his mishap...

Next Week's Films

French flag iconWEDNESDAY, January 28th, 3:00-5:00PM

Capital (2013)

The newly appointed CEO of a giant European investment bank works to hold on to his power when an American hedge fund company tries to buy out his company.

Polish flag iconTHURSDAY, January 29th, 1:00-3:00PM


German flag image, icon sizeTHURSDAY, January 29th, 3:00-5:00PM


Russian flag iconFRIDAY, January 30th, 3:00-5:00PM

The Island (2006)

Somewhere in Northern Russia in a small Russian Orthodox monastery lives an unusual man whose bizarre conduct confuses his fellow monks, while others who visit the island believe that the man has the power to heal, exorcise demons and foretell the future.

Cultural Events in the City

French flag iconWEDNESDAY, January 21st, 6:30PM

Micmacs à tire-larigot / Micmacs by Jean-Pierre Jeunet La rétrospective LOL! French Contemporary Comedy

A man and his friends, including a contortionist, come up with an intricate and original plan to destroy two big weapons manufacturers. Dany Boon, also called France’s Mister Funny, taps into his inner Charlie Chaplin for his performance in MicMacs under the direction of Jean Pierre Jeunet, the zany and whimsical director of Amelie and Delicatessen.
Location: 54 W. Chicago Avenue, Chicago
Fee: $8
For more information, click here.

ñSUNDAY, January 25th, 3:00PM

Tango Buenas Aires

Led by Artistic Director Rosario Bauzá and Musical Director Fernando Marzán, the company brings its sensual passion to the Auditorium stage with “Song of Eva Perón,” a Tango dance and music performance inspired by the most important female figure in Argentinian history.
Location: Auditorium Theatre, 50 E Congress, Chicago,
Fee: $25 – $65
For more information, click here.

Next Week's Culture Events in the City

ñWEDNESDAY, January 28th, 8:30PM

World Music Wednesdays: Josefina Rozenwasser & Matías Albamonte Dúo

Josefina Rozenwasser (voice and bandoneon) and Matías Albamonte (guitar) present a repertoire of traditional Latin American folklore and Tango as well as contemporary expressions of the genre. Without denying roots and influences, nor the essence of this iconic music, Josefina and Matias bring a fresh interpretive and compositional approach with their personal style, renewed aesthetics and sensibility on this show full of nuances.
Location: Old Town School of Folk Music, 4544 N. Lincoln Ave. Chicago,
Fee: Free
For more information, click here.

German flag image, icon sizeTUESDAY, January 27th, 6:00PM

Art and Power - 1937: Commemorating the 70th Anniversary of the Liberation of the Death Camp in Auschwitz

The central subject of this film is the exhibition "Degenerate Art" which contains works condemned by the National Socialists on account of their modern trends. At the same time another exhibition is on show, "Official Art", which contains works idealizing and thus promoting the regime. This film was motivated by a reconstruction of the exhibition and then shown in the County Museum of Art in Los Angeles and in Berlin in 1991.
Location: Goethe-Institut, 150 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago
Fee: Free
For more information, click here.





All UIC students, staff, and faculty are welcome to attend and practice their language skills!

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Wed, 12 - 1 PM

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