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January 20, 2014


Lumetta's team wins $300,000 NSF grant to turn smartphones into standalone biodetectors

When you go to the doctor to see if you have a sore throat, she’ll usually swab inside your mouth and then send a sample to the lab for analysis. This process generally takes a few days, by which time you’ll probably know whether you’re sick or not, anyway. Imagine that, instead, the doctor just slips out her smartphone, takes a couple of pictures, and lets you know in less than a minute.

CSL professor Steven S. Lumetta, along with ECE professors Brian T. Cunningham and John Michael Dallesasse are leading a team that’s transforming this scenario into reality, and doing so with image-processing equipment and the camera already in smartphones. Their research has been documented in two papers in Analytical Chemistry and Optics Express, and the team has recently won a $300,000 National Science Foundation grant to take their research further.

Liang develops new generations of MRI technology

Zhi-Pei Liang, a co-chair of the Beckman Institute’s Integrative Imaging research theme, Franklin W. Woeltge Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and CSL professor, is a world-class expert in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). After receiving his Ph.D. in biomedical engineering from Case Western Reserve University in 1989, he was recruited to the University of Illinois by the inventor of MRI, the late Nobel Laureate Paul Lauterbur, who was Liang’s mentor, close friend, and colleague for almost 20 years.

Around CSL

  • No-Cost Visualization Services Available at NCSA - David Bock, Visualization Programmer at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications, is seeking opportunities for collaboration with computational researchers in engineering who are interested in developing custom data visualization imagery. There is no cost to researchers, as Bock’s work is supported through the NSF-funded project XSEDE (Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment). Collaboration is awarded through an allocation application process as described here and Bock will assist with the application process. If you are interested in collaborating with David, please feel free to contact him directly at dbock@illinois.edu.
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