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Weekly Grad Newsletter

image of the flyer for the event. 
Welcome to your weekly UIC English grad student news digest.
Vicki Bolf, Grad Studies Program Coordinator

Please note:

PhD student Mary Kate Coleman has planned a support group for those who have lost a loved one to COVID-19 in honor of her beloved sister Annalisa. It will take place on Tuesday, March 2, at 11 am, and last about an hour. Jenna Bauer from the UIC Counseling Center will briefly discuss mental and emotional health resources for students & faculty and lead a mindfulness activity. Please feel free to share. (Flyer.)

Zoom Meeting link.
Meeting ID: 811 0056 5588
Passcode: 1d909s16

Share Your News


Mar 1: The First-Year Writing Program is now seeking current lecturers and graduate teaching assistants to serve as readers for writing placement essays during Summer 2021. Readers must have taught ENGL 160 and ENGL 161. All placement reading activities will be conducted remotely. Readers will be asked to attend a Zoom meeting to learn about the essay prompt and scoring rubric, and then score batches of essays during six weeks (up to four hours per week) between April 12-July 30. The compensation for the meeting and scoring is $873. If you are not available to read during specific weeks during that time, we ask that you let us know before April. Email Sarah Primeau and Mark Bennett with questions.
Mar 1: UIC Grants and Contracts Associate (Proposal Development Specialist) - SPH Research Services (Job ID #141477) 
ASAP: Sr. Instructional Design Project Leader, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
Mar 2: TT Asst or Assoc Professor of English (American literature) at New Mexico Highlands University
Mar 7: Lecturer in Literature and Cultures of the Black Atlantic at King’s College, London
Mar 18: UIC Academic Advising and Program Specialist - African American Academic Network (Job ID #142305) 

Events & Deadlines

Feb 19: Postdoc Bridge to the Faculty in English Education job talk: Autumn Griffin, a postdoctoral research fellow in the Graduate School of Education at the University of Pennsylvania. Her talk is titled “Dear Brown Girl: Black Adolescent Girls’ Twenty-First Century Self-Love Literacies.” 3 pm, Check email for Zoom details.
Feb 20: Illinois Authors Publication Panel (1:30-3 pm) and Illinois Authors Reading (5 pm) featuring Cris Mazza and Christina Pugh. Events part of the Year of Creative Writers at Illinois.
Feb 22: Black History Makers Awards Ceremony, honoring UIC English Sr. Lecturer Margena Christian.
Feb 23: Postdoc Bridge to the Faculty in English Education job talk: Lauren Johnson, Ph.D. candidate in the College of Education at Michigan State University. Her talk is titled “A Sense of Place: Exploring Black New Orleans Youth's Readings of Home.” 3 pm, link to be distributed via email.
Feb 25: Lunchtime Office Hour with Vicki theme: turning a CV into a resume. 12-1 pm; check email for link.
Feb. 26: Deadline to turn in your Committee Recommendation Form for Spring Prelims.
Feb 27: Newberry Library Scholarly Seminar: "Deafness and Sensibility," Jason Farr, Marquette University
Mar. 5: Second-Year Speaker Series: Jordy Rosenberg. 3 pm via Zoom.
Mar 10: Institute for the Humanities 2020-2021 Faculty Fellow Lecture: Beate Geissler, Department of Art, 4-6 PM, via ZOOM: "Hopium Economy."
Mar 12: PhD Candidates Dissertation Presentations, 3 pm via Zoom.
Mar 16: Institute for the Humanities Resident Graduate Seminar Dissertation Workshop: Ionit Behar, (Art History), 2-4 PM, via ZOOM: "Secrets: Intimate Space and the Public Sphere in Margarita Paksa, Argentina 1968-1978."
Mar 19: Dissertations (NOT MA Projects) due to the Graduate College for Spring graduation.
Mar 19: Preliminary Exams begin (written portion).


Various deadlines: Nowehere travel writing and photography magazine: Emerging Travel Writers' Prize ($500), Spring & Fall Travel Writing Prizes ($1000 each), Open Call for Words & Photos (publication only).

Funding & Grants

Coming soon: Institute for the Humanities Resident Graduate Scholar program (currently held by our own Corbin Hiday)! We anticipate returning to in-person activities in the academic year, and the Institute will offer Resident Graduate Scholar opportunities for advanced graduate students in the humanities. Resident Graduate Scholars will be provided office space and administrative support in the Institute for the Humanities. As Resident Scholars they will be invited to participate fully in the fellows’ lunch seminars and social events. Institute for the Humanities Resident Graduate Scholar status is intended for students in the writing stage of the dissertation process.  Applicants must be full-time humanities graduate students in good academic standing. Preference will be given to students who have not previously been Resident Graduate Scholars.
Mar 19: GC award: Award for Graduate Research 
Mar 19: GC award: Provost's Graduate Internship Award - Graduate College has greatly enhanced its career and professional development offerings to help graduate students consider new career options and to build translatable skills. The PGIA incentivizes graduate students to independently identify short (3-month) internship opportunities that might lead to employment following graduation. This internship program is limited to full-time students, in good academic standing, who are in a PhD or a terminal master’s program that does NOT require an internship.
Apr 14: National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowships. NEH Fellowships are competitive awards granted to individual scholars pursuing projects that embody exceptional research, rigorous analysis, and clear writing.  Applications must clearly articulate a project’s value to humanities scholars, general audiences, or both. Fellowships provide recipients time to conduct research or to produce books, monographs, peer-reviewed articles, e-books, digital materials, translations with annotations or a critical apparatus, or critical editions resulting from previous research.  Projects may be at any stage of development. NEH invites research applications from scholars in all disciplines, and it encourages submissions from independent scholars and junior scholars. [While applicants need not have advanced degrees, individuals currently enrolled in a degreegranting program are ineligible to apply. Applicants who have satisfied all the requirements for a degree and are awaiting its conferral are eligible for NEH Fellowships; but such applicants must include a letter from the dean of the conferring school or their department chair] 


Take the UIC Library's survey for students! "The survey was developed by the UIC Library to assess how well the library meets your needs and how your library use has an impact on your academic success.  Survey data will be collected through a secure survey tool, Qualtrics. Completing the survey should take no more than 15 minutes of your time.  Once you submit the survey, you will be automatically enrolled in a lottery to win one of six items valued at $100-$200."

DGS Office Contact Info & Office Hours

Vicki: Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm.; open office hour Thursdays at 12 pm.
Office Hours with the DGS by appointment.
Email: vicbolf@uic.edu, coviello@uic.edu
Phone: (312) 413-2239


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