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Dear AHS faculty and staff:

Hello, everyone. Spring has made its appearance known again this week.  Even though I hate losing the hour of sleep, the extra daylight gives me a sense of renewal.  That renewal is especially important at this time.  As we begin to emerge from a year of trauma, we are once again faced with hearing about acts of violence. When combined with all the angry, violent, and divisive rhetoric and incidents we’ve endured, it’s just one more example of a larger, discouraging pattern. We can combat these forces of hate by speaking out, and when possible, advocating and voting for policies and people that renounce the hate. However, I believe we can work against the hate and fear on a daily basis by caring for and supporting each other, even those who are strangers to us. Try to give and take joy in even the smallest interpersonal interactions.  Make it hard to hate by showing care and kindness, while continuing to stand strong.

In the face of all we have endured, I want to convey a sense of hope to you.  Spring really is here, vaccines are available and increasing numbers are receiving them, and we are beginning to see a return to more normal functioning.  More and more people are speaking out for what is right.  As individuals and as a collective, we are a strong and values-grounded college that is committed to one another and to improving lives around the world.  Take hope and inspiration from all we do and aspire to do!

Cheryl Hanley-Maxwell
Dean, College of Applied Health Sciences


More than a dozen AHS students earned Winter Academic All-Big Ten honors. To be eligible for academic all-conference selection, student-athletes must be in at least their second academic year at their institution and carry a cumulative grade-point average of 3.0 or higher.

The latest Beyond the Gym Floor podcast features Jamie O'Connor speaking with Deanna Gilane, a physical education teacher at Bloomer Middle School in Bloomer, Wisconsin.

RST student Jerry Ji was named Big Ten golfer of the week following his first-career collegiate victory at the Louisiana Classics.


Due to the exceptional circumstances under the pandemic, the Graduate College, with the support of the Chancellor and the Office of the Provost, has approved an emergency modification to the existing Summer Automatic Waiver Policy for 2021. This modification will extend the fee waivers under this policy to include partial coverage of the Health Insurance Fee and full coverage of the Health Service Fee.  See the note from the Graduate College here.


The College of Applied Health Sciences Board of Visitors has welcomed eight new members to its board: Jayne DeLuce (B.S., ’87; M.S., ’88), President & CEO, Visit Champaign County; Ryan Gower (B.S., ’97; M.S., ’99; Ph.D, ’08), Chancellor, Illinois Eastern Community Colleges; Sue Grey (B.S., ’84), President & CEO, United Way of Champaign County; Laura Kann (B.S., ’82; M.S., ’83), Consultant, World Health Organization; Peter Korst (B.S., ’76; M.S., ’78), Director, IBM Corporation; Megan Malone (B.S., ’11), Corporate Partnerships Manager, Chicago Bears; Michael Vitoux (B.A., ’68; M.A. ’72), Founder, The Fencing Point Club; Paul Meginnis, (B.S., ’63; M.A., ’64) Former accountant. The Board of Visitors supports AHS' strategic plan, assists in securing financial resources to achieve its long-range goals, and actively advocates for the College of Applied Health Sciences among alumni, friends, and other key constituent groups to advance its teaching, research, and service missions.


KCH Assistant Professor Susan Aguinaga and Kinesiology Ph.D candidate Jacqueline Guzman co-authored a paper titled "The effects of the BAILAMOS Dance Program on hippocampal volume in older Latinos: a randomized controlled pilot study" in the journal Translational Behavioral Medicine. The researchers found that the BAILAMOS dance program did not decrease hippocampal atrophy; however, it increased self-reported physical activity.

Many clinics that serve linguistically diverse populations have a need for a nonlinguistic test for estimating speech scores for patients using hearing aids or cochlear implants.  SHS Associate Professor Justin Aronoff, along with students and colleagues from UIC, has just published a new paper to address this need. This study investigated the use of one such test, the Spectral-temporally Modulated Ripple Test Lite for computeRless Measurement (SLRM), with a mixed hearing aid and cochlear implant population.  SLRM scores significantly correlated with speech scores, indicating that SLRM may be a useful nonlinguistic test for clinics. Congratulations, Justin!


SHS Professor Fatima T. Husain and her colleagues in the Department of Mathematics/ECE have been awarded a patent on “Automated, Objective Method of Assessing Tinnitus Condition." The patent describes systems and methods for determining or quantifying tinnitus conditions within a patient, including determining if a patient has some form of tinnitus as well as categorizing or determining the severity of a tinnitus condition, if present. The described systems and methods are also useful in evaluating the efficacy a tinnitus treatment by measuring the degree of reduction of tinnitus symptoms in a patient. The described systems and methods also provide a personalized profile for each specific patient, allowing for more effective treatment options as various forms or causes of tinnitus become apparent. Congratulations, Fatima!


Kinesiology major Britney Origel has been selected as a winner of the UIUC Rhetoric Program Student Essay Contest for Fall 2020 for her essay titled "My Guardian Angel." Congratulations, Britney!


The UIAA’s Awards Committee is seeking nominations for alumni awards. The nomination forms for these campus awards are available at the UIAA website, and they will accept nominations through April 30. If you have questions about the nomination process, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Alumni Association.


Dr. Travis Gayles, a 2010 Community Health PhD graduate and current chief public health officer for Montgomery, MD, will present the 2021 AHS Distinguished Lecturer talk at noon on April 7. His virtual presentation is titled “Disparities in Covid-19 Rates and Vaccinations: A View from the Frontline of the Battle Against the Pandemic." In separate meetings during the day, Dr. Gayles will talk with students who are members of the James Scholar Program and AHS Student Council and with KCH faculty and members of the AHS Executive Committee.  You can register for the presentation here.


All students and faculty are welcome to attend the Spring 2021 Health Technology Speaker Series. All talks are held on Zoom—please pre-register for the events. The next speaker is Elizabeth Mynatt of Georgia Tech on March 26 with her talk titled "Designing Ubiquitous Computing Technologies for Care Networks to Support Aging in Place." 


The Department of Kinesiology and Community Health is hosting a seminar series this spring.  You can the find the schedule and all the Zoom links to the seminars here. The next seminar is April 16, with Dr. Cheryl Cooky, Associate Professor, American Studies and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Purdue University.


The Department of Recreation, Sport and Tourism is hosting a one-credit hour professional development symposium this Spring. The theme is “Profiles in Leadership” and features high-profile alumni and executives from across RST industries. The majority of live Zoom seminars will be scheduled on Thursdays at 6 p.m. The full schedule is on this web page. Next up on April 1 is Andy Szabo, Director, Partnership Development for MLB's Oakland Athletics.


The Chez Veterans Center is excited to announce the following research and educational development opportunity for students: the Chez Veterans Center & Illini Veterans Student Research Award. The purposes of the Student Research Award are to both encourage student-veterans to participate in research and to highlight research activities centered on veterans and military-affiliated communities being conducted by UIUC students. Two awards of $1,000 each will be awarded this spring. Deadline for applications is April 11. Read the call and instructions for applications here.


The Chez Veterans Center is looking for assistance in developing a new Veteran Community Health Education Program. This position is a part-time, hourly graduate student position designed to help CVC staff develop and pilot this new program. The position is for one year, with a start date of May, 2021. Read the job announcement and application instructions here.


Speaking of news, you can find more of our great content on faculty, staff, students, and alumni on the News & Feature tab on our website. Find our podcasts, AHS E-News, Moving Forward magazine, and more!


In response to the COVID-19 public health crisis and this ongoing, uncertain, and stressful time, the Center for Social and Behavioral Science is launching the Spring 2021 Mental Health and COVID-19 Research Study. Their goal is to monitor the well-being of Illinois students, faculty, and staff. They plan to use this information to better address the impact of COVID-19 on mental health for individuals on campus and in the broader C-U community. If you are interested in participating, please click “Sign Up”  to read more details and start the consent process.

KCH is recruiting for a study to evaluate older adults’ motivations and preferences in medication reminder apps. To be eligible to participate you must be: 60 years or older, take medication for a chronic condition/disease, use a medication reminder app for at least one month, and be willing to use Zoom. The study will last two hours, and participants will receive a $25 Amazon gift card for their time and effort. If interested, please contact Olivia Kupiec or call 773-615-1259.

KCH is investigating the link among foods, eye health, and thinking ability. Participation involves 1-2 in-person visits to our lab (2.5 hours a day) and 1-2 online sessions (One hour each). Children will be asked to complete eye tests & perform computer-based cognitive tasks. Participants may also qualify to receive daily snacks for four weeks. Families will earn $100 to $300 for their participation. Contact Ginger Reeser in KCH for more information.

RST Associate Professor Liza Berdychevsky is seeking participants for a study investigating the impacts of COVID-19 and related prevention measures on sex life across the life span, including potential changes in quality, quantity, diversity, and meanings associated with sex. Adults of all ages (18+) are welcome to participate in this 10-minutes survey. To participate, please visit here.

KCH Assistant Professor Sandraluz Lara-Cinisomo is seeking participants to learn about the needs and experiences of caregivers of veterans with TBI. Participants will be compensated for completing a virtual small group interview. Click here if you are interested in participating. You can also contact (217) 244-9363 or for more information.


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