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We believe physical activity and exercise are vital to the well-being of every person. Here in Campus Recreation, we are actively working on virtual opportunities which will allow our #ActiveILLINI to access the resources they need to thrive in the classroom and in life. We encourage you to reach out to us if you have thoughts on how to help the Campus Rec community stay connected or ideas for resources we can provide during this time.


Q: What format(s) do you teach?
A: Bodyweight HIIT

Q: How long have you been teaching?
A: I just started in May – so I’ve only taught classes online!

Q: How long have you been teaching at Campus Recreation?
A: I was certified via the in-house group fitness prep course, so I have only been teaching for Campus Rec ☺

Q: Do you have another role at the University? If so, what is it?
A: I also work at Campus Rec as the Programming Assistant for Group Fitness, and I am a graduate student in the Division of Nutritional Sciences.

Q: What motivated you to become a certified group fitness instructor?
A: I joined Campus Rec as a Programming Assistant for Group Fitness having had no experience teaching classes or any type of physical activity! But I love exercise and working with people – being a group fitness instructor would allow me to share my passion with others!

Q: What is your fitness philosophy?
A: I believe that movement and exercise should be used for enjoyment, not punishment. I want to encourage everyone to find a movement, class, or activity that makes them feel good and do it because they like it and for the many benefits that come with exercise, not because they feel like they have to in order to “stay healthy” or “work off those calories.”

Q: When you’re not regularly teaching, what are the other ways you like to stay active?
A: I enjoy weightlifting, running, and Crossfit.

Q: When you’re not teaching your own classes, what type(s) of group fitness class(es) could we find you in?
A: I love love LOVE cycle!

Q: What is your favorite post-workout meal/snack?
A: Anything with peanut butter! I’ll usually pair it with an English muffin, rice cakes, or pancakes (try it and thank me later).

Q: Do you have a favorite source of workouts, fitness blogger, or health-related podcast that you’d recommend?
A: I’ve been following @nattbfit on Instagram since I started my own ~fitness journey~ She emphasizes the importance of mental health while wanting to stay active. She’s helped me develop more wellness awareness and learn new exercises to try in the gym! 

Q: What is your favorite way to practice mindfulness?
A: I really like going for walks throughout the day. Sometimes I’ll walk in silence to collect my thoughts, or I’ll put on a podcast. A few of my fave podcasts are: Tori Dealing With…, Dietitian Table Talks, Crime Junkie, and Business Casual.


Sleep is a critical biological process, and the truth is that it’s always important. When confronting the COVID-19 pandemic, sleep becomes even more essential because of its wide-ranging benefits for physical and mental health. 

  • Sleep empowers an effective immune system.Solid nightly rest strengthens our bodies’ defenses.
  • Sleep heightens brain function.Our mind works better when we get adequate sleep, allowing us to engage in complex thinking, learning and remembering information, and decision-making. 
  • Sleep enhances mood.Lack of sleep can make a person irritable, drag down their energy level, and contribute to preexisting feelings of anxiousness and depression.
  • Sleep improves mental health.Beyond depression, studies have found that a lack of sleeps linked with mental health illnesses like anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder, and Post-traumatic stress disorder

Experts agree that getting consistent, high-quality sleep improves virtually all aspects of health, which is why it is worthy of our attention during the coronavirus pandemic.

Campus Recreation Well-Being Resource: Ask the Doc: Answering Your Questions about Sleep


In order to continue to serve the Campus Recreation community, our group fitness instructors are offering live virtual group fitness classes and meet-ups throughout the week. These virtual workouts will be streamed via Zoom (click here to learn more about using Zoom) and offer a great way to add some exercise, routine, and social interaction to your day!

View this week's virtual class schedule: June 1 - 5


The Mayo Clinic recommends incorporating the following five elements into your regular exercise routine: aerobic activity, strength training, core exercises, balance training, and flexibility/stretching. The workout plan included below incorporates a variety of formats that will allow you to meet these goals. Just pick the combination of workouts that work for you!

View this week’s workout plan


A growing body of evidence suggests that listening to music while exercising can improve the quality of your workout. This week’s yoga playlist is great fuel for your next flow or anytime you want to relax.

 Chill Out Yoga Playlist


Fruit-Infused Water

As temperatures rise, staying hydrated becomes even more important to good health. We don't know about you but we’re always looking for ways to inspire drinking more water and a great way to do that is to spice things up with some fruit. Adding fresh fruits and herbs to your water is a great way to incorporate additional vitamins and minerals, thus increasing the nutritional benefits of your beverage. It also makes for a refreshing, slightly sweet and delicious drink! 

Suggested Combinations

  • The Campus Rec Classic: Cucumber + Lemon + Mint Leaves
  • Sweet Watermelon: Watermelon + Mint Leaves + Basil
  • Strawberry Basil: Strawberry + Orange + Basil
  • Pineapple Mint: Pineapple + Mint Leaves
  • The Orange and Blue: Blueberries + Peaches
  • Raspberry Lime Refresher: Raspberries + Lime + Basil
  • Mellow Mellon: Cantaloupe + Cucumber


  1. Fill pitcher with ice cold water.
  2. Add a handful of fresh fruit and herb (herbs have a very strong flavor so a little goes a long way. Use them sparingly).
  3. Let chill and infuse for at least 30 minutes in refrigerator.
  4. Lasts for up to 2-3 days.
    • Lemons, oranges, limes, and cucumbers will last longer.
    • Berries will start to disintegrate within 1-2 days.
  5. Enjoy ice cold.


Create and submit your own trick shot video for your chance to win our grand prize! Video submissions will be accepted June 1st – 30th. You can submit your video HERE. Campus Rec Professional & Intramural Staff will choose the top 32 videos to be entered into our final bracket. During the month of July, the top videos will go head-to-head in a vote on Illinois Campus Recreation’s Instagram Story. The winner of each match up will advance to the next round for a chance to win! A grand prize winner will be crowned on July 31st!

Creativity is key! Use your imagination… Nothing is off limits? Want to throw a basketball over the house? No problem. Kicking a pencil into a soda can? Yep, that works too. Rolling a grape down a slide into your little brother’s mouth? Definitely counts. Remember, the most votes each round will advance so make a shot for the people!

Be sure to follow the guidelines below when creating your video. Any video submission without the following will be omitted.


  1. All current ARC members (current students and paying faculty/staff) are eligible for this competition.
  2. Be safe! Practice social distancing to protect yourself and others. Here are the CDC Guidelines on how to keep yourself safe from COVID-19.
  3. Before your shot, you must say “Go Illini!” Any submission without the shooter saying this key phrase will not qualify.
  4. Follow Illinois Campus Recreation on Instagram HERE. We’ll tag you when your video is matched up against another!
  5. The video must be less than 30 seconds long and recorded vertically. Please do not record with your phone sideways, horizontal, or “hamburger” style.


If you have any questions, feel free to reach out on our social media or email us at intramurals@illinois.edu.