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March 16, 2015


U. of I., Carle moving forward with the first engineering-based college of medicine

Partners in a first-of-its-kind medical college on the University of Illinois’s Urbana-Champaign campus are advancing to the next phase of development, having completed a key administrative step today.

The University of Illinois Board of Trustees voted unanimously last Thursday to establish the nation’s first college of medicine focused, from the beginning, on the intersection of engineering and medicine. This will be the first new college created at Urbana in 60 years.

Alleyne wins Excellence in Graduate Student Mentoring Award

MechSE professor, CSL professor and Associate Head of Undergraduate Programs Andrew Alleyne has won the Excellence in Graduate Student Mentoring Award, an honor that recognizes faculty members with graduate instructional programs that have demonstrated excellence, innovation, and impact through graduate student mentoring.

Researchers develop intelligent eyewear for the blind

ADSC researchers are in the process of developing an intelligent eyewear, InSIGHT, which is designed to help the blind or visually impaired detect obstacles above waist level and identify people in their vicinity, where a walking cane cannot help.

Ten faculty chosen as Willett Scholars

The College of Engineering has announced that ten faculty members have been named Donald Biggar Willett Scholars for 2015, including PCI's Daniel Bodony (AE) and CSL and ADSC's Deming Chen (ECE). Others include Yann Chemla (Physics), Sascha Hilgenfeldt (MechSE), Harrison Kim (ISE), Xiuling Li (ECE), Yanfeng Ouyang (CEE), Saurabh Sinha (CS), Dallas Trinkle (MatSE), and Tao Xie (CS). The recognition is targeted for faculty members who, at a relatively early stage in their careers, are excelling in their contributions to the University of Illinois.

New computer engineering curriculum includes emphasis on computing systems

A new computer engineering curriculum for ECE ILLINOIS undergraduates is designed to start students thinking about engineering systems, rather than components of systems, from the moment they begin their undergraduate careers. The new curriculum is in effect for this year’s freshmen, and several hundred petitioned in, as well.

Engineering at Illinois launches program to "fundamentally redefine the role of faculty in innovation."

States have looked to their colleges for economic development for decades. External funding for professors’ research goes back centuries. And the sabbatical? It’s discussed in the Old Testament.

“What do we think of engineers doing? The impossible. Seeing challenges and overcoming them—aggressively and quickly,” says Andreas Cangellaris, dean of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign’s College of Engineering. “But universities’ concepts of faculty innovation and entrepreneurship are stuck in the past. We’re going to change that.”

Around CSL

  • Let us know about your "WOW" worthy accomplishments! We think you're great and we want everyone else to know too. Whether it's a new research grant, awards, accolades, novel research or education experiences, send us the highlights at wow@csl.illinois.edu.

  • The Trustworthy Cyber Infrastructure for the Power Grid (TCIPG) research project is excited to offer our fourth summer school, to be held June 15-19, 2015. To register or to learn more about sponsorship or scholarship opportunities, visit: http://tcipg.org//2015-summer-school.

  • Register now for HOTSOS 2015, a research event centered on the Science of Security, which aims to address the fundamental problems of security in a principled manner. It'll be held April 21-22 at Illinois.

New Gifts/Grants

  • Venu Veeravalli, "WiFiUS: Message and CSI Sharing for Cellular Interference Management with Backhaul Constraints," 2 years, $270,000, NSF.

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