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March 30, 2015


Illinois' breakthrough technology could lead to safer air travel

Thanks to a breakthrough in aircraft flight control technology from researchers at the University of Illinois, the safety of commercial air travel could see significant improvements.

A University of Illinois Mechanical Science and Engineering professor, University Scholar, and Schaller Faculty Scholar, Dr. Naira Hovakimyan and her research team (postdoc Enric Xargay and PhD students Kasey Ackerman and Ronald Choe) in the Advanced Controls Research Laboratory have developed a predictable, reliable, repeatable, and safe flight control system that was successfully tested for the first time on a manned aircraft—representing an important step toward the introduction of the technology into commercial aviation.

USA TODAY: Groundbreaking engineering-based college of medicine to be created at U. Illinois

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  • CSL Faculty and Staff - Don't forget about the Information Talk this Thursday, April 2 at 12:00 p.m. in CSL 301. Bring your brown bag lunch and join us to learn more about the new business policies and procedures affecting CSL.
  • Call for Lightning Talk Proposals at the TCIPG Summer School: Lightning Talks offer select TCIPG Summer School participants a 5-minute opportunity to present bold, new ideas for research activities, products, or outreach efforts. Each 5-minute slot begins with a title slide, then features 7 slides that auto-advance every 20 seconds. At the end of the talk, the screen will go black and the floor will be open for questions for the remainder of the 5-minute slot.

  • Register now for HOTSOS 2015, a research event centered on the Science of Security, which aims to address the fundamental problems of security in a principled manner. It'll be held April 21-22 at Illinois.

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