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A message for the Class of 2020 from Interim Director Li
Xiuling Li
Holonyak Lab 
Allie Arp, CSL

Three HMNTL faculty members have received NSF Rapid Response Research (RAPID) program grants, all of which aim to shorten the amount of time it takes to process a COVID-19 test. Read more

Can Bayram 
Ryann Monahan, ECE

A Holonayk Lab research team is putting compound semiconductor research in the fast lane, setting the stage for significant strides in the industry that has wide-reaching impact on modern technologies. Read more

A photo of the first PathTracker clip-on box. 

Holonyak Lab researchers have demonstrated an inexpensive yet sensitive smartphone-based testing device for viral and bacterial pathogens that takes about 30 minutes to complete. Read more

Shaloo Rakheja 
Jenny Applequist, CSL

Holonyak Lab faculty member Shaloo Rakheja is pursuing a rich portfolio of efforts to model the physics and functionality of nanoscale devices that leverage new materials. Read more

Honors and accolades

Xiuling Li's group receives two patents

  • U.S. Patent Application Serial No. 16/034,774, Title:  Optoelectronic device having an antireflective surface, Inventors: Xiuling Li, Jeongdong Kim, Munho Kim, 
  • US Patent Application:  16/361,514, Title: “Catalyst-Assisted Chemical Etching with a Vapor-Phase Etchant, Inventors: Xiuling Li, Jeongdong Kim, Lukas Janavicius, Dane Sievers

Li’s group now holds a total of ten patents on the metal-assisted chemical etching (MacEtch) technology, with a few more pending.

Brian Cunningahm receives biosensor microscopy patent

  • U.S. Patent 10,605,735, Title: Photonic resonator outcoupler microscopy (PROM). Inventors: Brian Cunningham, Brendan Harley, Yue Zhuo, Sunny Choi, Thibeau Marin

Read more about the patent in a recent story.

New grants and gifts

Can Bayram
, NSF has awarded $16,000 in REU Supplement funding on Dr. Bayram’s CAREER award, AE872 / ECCS-1652871

Wenjuan Zhu,  NSF has released $8,000 in REU funding for AE807 / ECCS-1653241

Shaloo Rakheja, MERL, $6,000

Can Bayram, DiamondFoundry, $15,000, Semiconductor Devices

Can Bayram, Crosslight, $2,000, ECE 443 LEDs and Solar Cells Crosslight Best Project Award Fund

Can Bayram, MicroLink Devices, $1,000, ECE 443 LEDs and Solar Cells MicroLink Devices Best Project Award Fund

Around Holonyak Lab

Holonyak Lab faculty receive promotions
Congratulations to Can Bayram and Wenjuan Zhu for their promotion to Associate Professor with tenure in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department!

Introducing new Holonyak Lab faculty and world record holder in photonics
Simeon Bogdanov was drawn to Illinois because of the university’s reputation in the areas of optoelectronics and quantum physics. Read more about Holonyak Lab's newest faculty member.

Rohit Bhargava: My path to Illinois
Holonyak Lab Professor Rohit Bhargava grew up thinking he would be a soccer star or an architect, he is now a leading cancer researcher and the director of the cancer center at Illinois. Read more about Bhargava's path to Illinois.

Stay up-to-date on the latest happenings around Holonyak Lab
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Equipment update and processing tips

HMNTL has an ongoing webinar series that goes live every Tuesday at noon. The goal of the series is to help share knowledge about the cleanroom equipment and processing technology with users. In case you missed one, the first four webinars have been uploaded to the website, and the others will be added shortly.

The upcoming webinar will be "Introduction to magnetron sputtering" and will include an overview of sputtering using DC, pulsed DC, RF and HiPIMs power supplies and will contrast sputtering with evaporation. The information will be presented by JR Gaines, Technical Director of Education for the Kurt J. Lesker Company, Tuesday, May 19 at noon. Register here.

 Bruker Dektak XT DXT-A stylus profiler

HMNTL has recently installed a new Bruker Dektak XT DXT-A stylus profiler. The system has a 2um radius stylus and can measure step height from 10nm to 1mm. In addition to all of the functionality needed to collect accurate step height and surface roughness measurements, the DXT-A extends stylus profiling beyond two dimensions (2D) into three-dimensional (3D) analysis with 3D mapping functionality.

Please contact Karthick Jeganathan or Edmond Chow if you would like to be trained to use this new tool or if you need a sample measured.

External opportunities

EPiQS Flexible Funding: Call for Ideas 2020
The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation announces a call for ideas for flexible funding grants, as part of the Emergent Phenomena in Quantum Systems Initiative (EPiQS). Click here for more information about the foundation and the available funding.

James Dyson Award
The James Dyson Award is open for entries. The award will go to game-changing inventors, designers and engineers worldwide. This year there will be two winners as James Dyson will also choose a sustainability winner who will win $35,000. Entries are due July 16, get more information here.

Naval Research Laboratory seeks postdoc/student employee
The Optical Sciences Division of the Naval Research Laboratory is seeking a post-doctoral research associate or student employee to work on theoretial modeling of infrared lasers, frequency combs, and nanophotonic processes There are two potential positions open; a National Research Council (NRC) or American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) post-doctoral Research Associateship; or a graduate or undergraduate student for part-time or full-time employment. Contact John Dallesasse for more information.

Upcoming events

University of Illinois Virtual Commencement Celebration
Saturday, May 16 12pm, go.illinois.edu/celebration

Introduction to magnetron sputtering
Tuesday, May 19 12pm, register now

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