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Announcing the Food and Family Conference

The Family Resiliency Center and the Christopher Family Foundation are bringing together the nation's foremost experts in human nutrition, obesity research, and child and family health to the Food and Family Conference. During the event, you will

  • learn why it's important to connect food and families in positive ways,
  • understand the challenges and solutions to promoting healthy eating,
  • and appreciate the challenges that come from feeding children in multiple settings.
Mealtimes Can Be a War For Some Kids

Have you ever fought a picky eating battle? It can be a daily struggle for many parents. Researchers like FRC Affiliate Dr. Sharon Donovan are trying to identify why some kids can be such finicky eaters and how effective strategies to overcome picky eating can be developed. Check out this New York Magazine article to learn more about Dr. Donovan's research. 

Student Spotlight: Emily Rohman

This summer, HDFS 494 student Emily Rohman was chosen to be a part of the CDC Undergraduate Public Health Scholars Program/Maternal and Child Health Careers Research Initiatives for Student Enhancement Undergraduate Program (MCHC RISE-UP).

Housed under the CDC's Office of Minority Health and Health Equity, the program provides students with opportunities for enhanced public health training to eliminate health disparities and promote health equity. The program is part of the Kennedy Krieger/Johns Hopkins University cohort, and Emily is currently placed in Sioux Falls, South Dakota in partnership with the University of South Dakota/Sanford School of Medicine Center for Disabilities. The core of the initiative is to develop pediatric primary care clinics in areas lacking access to health care throughout the United States and around the world. 

Emily's project this summer will examine the cultural barriers that may arise when planning an expansion like this, particularly when related to maternal and child health—interests that have been fostered by her work with the FRC. Says Rohman, "My experience with the FRC through HDFS 494, Sprouts, and the Community Outreach and Translation Core has definitely fueled my interests in research and maternal and child health. It has equipped me for this summer, and I look forward to the upcoming school year."
Rohman is currently researching the evolving nature of healthcare in various countries, and her experiences so far have allowed her to better understand the complexities of providing health care in underdeveloped countries and to become familiar with their specific needs. To read more about Emily and the great work she is doing this summer, please click here.
Building STRONG and FIT Kids

To solve complex public health problems, such as childhood obesity, transdisciplinary teams of investigators are needed to develop conceptual models that integrate varied disciplinary perspectives. The University of Illinois is home to two unique research programs that examine the biological and environmental determinants of childhood obesity: Synergistic Theory and Research on Obesity and Nutrition Group (STRONG) Kids Program and FIT Kids. Check out this video featuring Drs. Sharon Donovan, Barbara Fiese, Brent McBride, and Charles Hillman to learn more.