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Come to our Food and Family Conference and learn why it's important to connect food and families in positive ways, understand the challenges and solutions to promoting healthy eating, and appreciate the challenges that come from feeding children in multiple settings.

Announcing the Final I-CAP Workshop

This NCI/NIH funded series of workshops is aimed at identifying innovative ways of measuring physical activity in 3- to 5-year-old children in their natural environments—child care, homes, and parks. The FRC is delighted that three leading scholars in physical activity measurement will join us for this final conversation: Drs. Patty Freedson, David Stodden, and Diane Ward will provide constructive feedback to presentations made by the I-CAP team.  

Parents' Health Literacy Affects Child Weight-Loss Tactics
 Dr. Janet Liechty

Using data from STRONG Kids, a study by investigator Dr. Janet Liechty, professor of social work and medicine, shows that parents who have low health literacy are less likely to choose government-recommended weight-loss strategies to help their children control their weight than parents who are better able to understand basic health-related information.  Co-authors on the study were Dr. Salma Musaad, a Research Biostatistician, and Jaclyn Saltzman, an I-TOPP Scholar and Department of Human and Community Development Graduate Student. To read more...