College of Education at Illinois | Newsletter | August 2015

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College of Education at Illinois

Dean Mary Kalantzis

A new academic year is upon us

There is nothing more thrilling or inspiring than the start of a new academic year. The summer months were productive ones for the College of Education at Illinois. We have progressed with the leadership of the Illinois Learning Sciences Design Initiative, recently welcomed Professor Chris Dunbar to our faculty, and had study abroad groups visit Malta and Australia. These educational journeys, entrusted to us as educators, make a real difference in the lives of others and the planet that sustains us. Read more…


Classroom research in the field of special education

Study shows classroom curriculum affects children's friendships

Research by the College's special education leader, Dr. Michaelene Ostrosky, and a collaborating Education alumna indicates that placing children with disabilities in the same classroom doesn't guarantee peer acceptance and friendships. Read more…

Professor Adrienne Dixson

Scholar Adrienne Dixson weighs in on school reform in New Orleans

Ten years after Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans continues to debate the merits of Louisiana's overhaul of public schools. Some have applauded the efforts, but a study led by Dr. Adrienne Dixson indicates minorities have had a nonexistent voice, exacerbating inequities. Read more...


2015 Chancellor's Academy and Executive Leadership Academy workshops

Motivated educators gain valuable insights into teaching, leadership at College events

Local educators and administrators who attended the annual Chancellor's Academy and inaugural Executive Leadership Academy workshops learned about effective teaching practices and received leadership guidance. Read more…

Bachelor of Science Learning and Education Studies major

Innovative options for 21st-century educators

The College welcomes its first cohort of more than 40 students who will study in the new and cutting-edge Bachelor of Science Learning and Education major. This line of study has all the components of a well-rounded education for 21st-century learners. Read more...


2015 Chinese Culture and Language Camp

College's Chinese summer camp fosters international awareness

With one in five people now speaking Chinese, the Chinese Culture and Language Camp, which took place in the College in July, gave local grade school children an opportunity to discover important and fun cultural experiences. Read more…

Australian Fulbright recipient Peter Kell

College hosts Fulbright recipient, online innovator Peter Kell

Australian Fulbright recipient Peter Kell, who came to the College of Education because of its synergistic online qualities, was instrumental in helping plan the College's summer study abroad trip. Read more...





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