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Happy November and season’s greetings from UIC Technology Solutions (formerly known as ACCC). This month’s Tech Talk invites you to help reshape IT-related communications at UIC by participating in a survey, shares an important antivirus software update, and highlights the Blackboard App.

We also want to announce the reopening of the student laptop and hotspot loaner program and promote this month's LinkedIn Learning challenge. Read our November newsletter below!


Help Reshape IT Communications
As many of you may know, the university's central IT department, previously known as the Academic Computing and Communications Center (ACCC) has been restructured and rebranded as Technology Solutions.

With these changes, we are taking the opportunity to rethink the way we communicate IT-related news with the UIC Community.

Technology Solutions is conducting a short survey to gather feedback from you, our valued students, to understand your interests, needs, and help reshape the ways we communicate with you on matters related to technology.

With the survey results, we hope to launch an improved and unified UIC IT website, optimize communication channels, and share relevant technology updates and news efficiently with community members. We value your input and kindly invite you to participate in a 5 to 7-minute survey, closing on Wednesday, November 25. 

Take UIC IT Communications Survey



Symantec Antivirus & Safe Links Update
This year, licensing costs increased considerably for Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP), the antivirus software that has been available to the UIC community. The cost increased to the point where it was prohibitive for the university to renew licensing and therefore SEP is no longer available for use. However, you can protect your devices using alternative options, described at answers.uillinois.edu/uic/91274.

Additionally, on Sunday, November 8th, a new security solution called Safe Links was implemented to help protect the UIC community from malicious links in Exchange email (used primarily by faculty and staff) and in Microsoft Office applications (used by the entire community). Learn more about Safe Links here: answers.uillinois.edu/uic/105912. Please contact consult@uic.edu with any questions.

 Blackboard App Logo
 Blackboard App Logo

Blackboard App
Did you know there’s a Blackboard mobile app for smartphones? The Blackboard App is free to download and available on iOS and Android mobile devices. Using the Blackboard mobile app, you can access courses, join Collaborate sessions, send messages, and more all from your smartphone!

Once you download the app, select the University of Illinois at Chicago, and log in using your NetID and password. All your Blackboard courses will appear in the app! With the Blackboard App, you can also:

  • View course items & course announcements
  • Take assignments & tests
  • Participate in discussions
  • Interact with instructor & classmates in Blackboard Collaborate
  • Access both Original & Ultra view courses

Visit help.blackboard.com/Blackboard_App to learn more about the Student Blackboard App.


Laptop & Hotspot Loaner Program
Technology Solutions is happy to announce the reopening of the laptop and hotspot loaner program effective November 2nd. Initially launched in March 2020, this program has benefited over 1,000 students by giving them access to the technology resources they need to continue their pursuit of academic excellence at UIC.

Students struggling with access to reliable internet or a computer may submit a request at: accc.uic.edu/forms/laptop-request. Please email LTS@uic.edu with any questions.


Google Hangouts Update
In early November 2020, classic group video calls on Classic Hangouts will be moved to Meet. You will need to click on a Meet link to join a group call. Meet will also be an option for 1-to-1 calls.

After early-November, you will be able to share Google Meet links to start and join secure video meetings from classic Hangouts.

Those using the phone calling or SMS texting features in classic Hangouts will see an alert informing them that phone calling and texting functionality will be going away. As an alternative for video calls, please begin using our Google Meet service.

Find out more at go.uic.edu/google-meet. For messaging, take a look at Google Chat at go.uic.edu/google-chat.


We invite you to participate in the LinkedIn Learning November Challenge, kicking off November 9th. During this season of giving thanks, we encourage you to practice gratitude in your daily life. Download the November Challenge PDF and complete each daily activity designed to help you embrace an attitude of gratitude.

November Highlights:

Grammar Foundations (2 hrs)
Learn about the different parts of speech, possessive rules, and the difference between writing vs. spelling numbers. Then discover tricks for using words that look alike or sound alike (but have entirely different meanings), and enforcing parallel structure.

Managing Your Anxiety While Presenting (25 min)
Whether presenting, pitching, delivering a toast, or contributing to a meeting, most people experience some degree of anxiety when speaking in public. In this course, learn anxiety management techniques to help you become more comfortable and confident when speaking in front of others.

Excel: Introduction to Formatting (59 min)
Get a quick crash course in Excel formatting to make your spreadsheets more readable and compelling. This course has the basics of formatting in Excel, including how to emphasize data with fonts, borders, and colors, adjust the formatting of numbers, dates, and times, easily copy formatting across multiple cells, and more.

UIC LinkedIn Learning

December 18-20, 2020
Technology Solutions’ maintenance windows begin at 9:30 pm on Friday, December 18, and end at 11:59 pm on Sunday, December 20.

Maintenance windows are scheduled to have the least impact on operations, and service downtime is kept to a minimum. However, certain services may be unavailable for extended periods of time due to necessary updates.

For December 18-20 Maintenance Window updates visit: go.uic.edu/maintenance-window