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On September 10, 2015, the Board of Trustees approved the University Policy on Background Checks. The new policy will go into effect on October 5, 2015. The new policy requires background checks for new hires and current employees transitioning into security sensitive or critical positions.

This policy applies to the following employee groups:

    • Faculty Members (tenured or tenure track, non-tenure track, other academic or specialized faculty including postdoctoral research associates)
    • Staff Members (academic professional, civil service, extra-help, retiree, academic hourly)
    • Medical and Veterinary Medical Residents

Generally, the following groups will not be checked unless they are placed into security sensitive positions or fall under the Protection of Minors policy:

    • Graduate Assistants (including Teaching and Research Assistants)
    • Undergraduate student employees
    • Fellows
    • Volunteers and individuals appointed to non-paid positions
    • Contractors

More information can be obtained by reviewing the policy in its entirety or contacting your campus/central Human Resources Office. The policy can be viewed in NESSIE at

Conversations regarding the new policy among employees across the campuses may lead to further refinements and recommendations for revisions for the Board of Trustees to consider.


Campus/Central Human Resources contact information is below:


  • Academic Human Resources (Faculty, Academic Professional, or Academic Hourly Appointments): Yulee Kim,, (217) 333-0033
  • Staff Human Resources (Civil Service or Extra Help Appointments): Chris Carr,, (217) 333-2137


  • UIC Human Resources: Odell Richmond,, (312) 996-6356
  • U of I Hospital Human Resources: Nick Haubach,, (312) 413-8397


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