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A monthly PCH Resident Newsletter brought to you by the Housing Information Office


Interested in becoming a Resident Advisor or Resident Director?  Many Private Certified Housing facilities, including Bromley Hall and Illini Tower, are currently accepting applications for RAs and RDs, check with your PCH to learn more about their hiring process.  Also make sure to check the PCH website job board for listings year round.

Want to develop your leadership skills?  The Illinois Leadership Center provides skill development opportunities, including Leadership Certificates and even a Minor in Leadership Studies.  From workshops, to the I-Program series, their programs are open to all students, and are designed to help students develop the leadership skills necessary for success both as an Illinois student and beyond. 
Coming up on NOVEMBER 7th, the Intersect I-Program is designed to help students focus on the interpersonal knowledge required for effective leadership in the 21st Century.  This highly experiential daylong program helps students learn skills in relationship-building and team development.  Students who participate will learn their preferred listening style through completion of a personal assessment and work with a team of fellow students to accomplish team challenge goals.  Sign up for Intersect at
View the complete Leadership Center CALENDAR to learn more about all of the upcoming programs.

DADS WEEKEND Nov 13-15th

Looking for something fun to do on Dads Weekend?  Check out the complete Dads Weekend Schedule, or visit the Dads Association website- for information on events throughout the weekend.  From sports events to musicals, to rock concerts, there is something for everyone!
Your PCH Residence Halls also offer a number of activities throughout the weekend as well!  Visit their websites, or check our PCH Facebook page for information about events going on throughout the PCH community.


Students, the Dads Association at the University of Illinois will award 6 SCHOLARSHIPS for $2,000 To be eligible, students must have an application for financial assistance on file with the Office of Financial Aid and submit an online scholarship application, due by Friday, November 6, 2015 by 5:00 p.m.  


Learn something new and grab a FREE Lunch!  The OIIR Lunch On Us series features speakers, panels, and resources at the University of Illinois, and provides introductions to the cultures, histories, and societal issues that the diverse communities of our campus face.

Lunches are open to ALL students, and held EVERY weekday @ 12pm, at cultural centers across campus. 



Mark your calendars!! The Annual PCH Winter-Fest celebration will be on DECEMBER 6th at 6pm @ Illini TowerALL PCH residents are invited for a night of food, fun, and PRIZES!
More information coming soon to your Residence Hall and on our PCH Facebook page.

 Fall Break Housing Application

Will you be around for Fall Break?  If you are looking for housing on campus over break, many of our PCH facilities are open for Fall Break Housing.  If housing is not available at your facility, visit Illini Tower, or email them to learn more about their Fall Break Housing Options. 

Looking for MEAL options?  Presby Hall will be offering food service over break.  There is also a modified meal schedule available at Illinois Street Residence Hall- remember PCH residents can BUY EXTRA CREDITS and dine at University Halls at any time.


Fall Break is fast approaching! Whether you are traveling home or staying on campus, be mindful before you eat so you won’t regret the bellyache later.  Instead of skipping your usual meals and snacks, balance heavy foods like casseroles and meat with lighter sides like green vegetables and fruit desserts. For more information on balanced meals and food safety for the holiday season, visit USDA’s and  You will also find great information on healthy ideas for groceries and COOKING ON A BUDGET, as well as VEGETARIAN OPTIONS!

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