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students having a conversation outside wearing masks

Keep moving forward.

Feeling stuck? Join a Life + Career Design in the Pandemic small community to work on a shared interest or concern. Or the Life + Career Design Lab can help you move forward on your life or career development path. Meet with a Life + Career Design intern from noon to 2 p.m. (CT) each weekday via Zoom or contact us to set up an appointment outside of our virtual lab hours.

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Happening Across LAS graphic

Follow LAS on Instagram to find some free Illini merch
Monday, Nov. 16 through Friday, Nov. 20
Throughout this week, the College of LAS will be giving away some Illini goodies to students on Instagram. Each day, we’ll hide an Illini gift on campus and post a picture of where it’s located via an Instagram story. The first one to find it gets to keep it! So take a study break, get some fresh air on campus, and make sure you’re following LAS to get in on the action!

ATLAS internship info session
5 p.m (CT) Tuesday, Nov. 17 via Zoom
Join ATLAS internship coordinators and current interns for an Info/Q&A session about the internship program. Learn more about opportunities we have for College of LAS majors. Please register in advance for this meeting on Zoom. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

LAS International Programs virtual concert for first-year international students
8 a.m (CT) Wednesday, Nov. 18 via Zoom
The eclectic sounds of featured singer-songwriters Joy Ike and Jae Jin will meet you right where you are for a virtual concert for first-year international students. In addition to musical performances, Joy and Jae will engage in a live Q&A session with students. Students studying at the ZJU campus in China do not need to register. Spaces are limited; RSVP here.

Writing a literature review
3-4 p.m. (CT) Wednesday, Nov. 18 via Zoom
The Writers Workshop will discuss the literature review's purpose and provide tips for writing an effective one, either as a stand-alone piece or part of a larger project. This event will be held through Zoom; please visit our calendar to register by 11:59 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 17.

'Yes, We Are Struggling, Too' motivation forum
5 p.m. (CT) Wednesday, Nov. 18 via Zoom
You are not alone – everyone is struggling with motivation right now, even your professors and peers who look like they have it all together. We’ll share quick and easy tips to jump start your motivation before the end of the semester. You’ll get suggestions from professors, successful professionals, peer leaders, and academic advisors. Register here.

The Final Check: Proofreading and Editing Strategies
6-7 p.m. (CT) Wednesday, Nov. 18 via Zoom
Have upcoming paper deadlines? This workshop will help you develop and practice effective strategies for polishing those final drafts. We encourage you to have a paper to practice with. This Writers Workshop event will be held through Zoom. Please register here by 11:59 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 17.

Virtual international internships and research opportunities for the spring
LAS International Programs is offering virtual opportunities for students to engage in global learning this spring. These opportunities include internationally focused research projects, internships with international organizations, and online global courses. Visit the Virtual Global Experiences website and schedule an appointment with LAS International Programs advisors to learn more.

Join COVID-Corps during Spring 2021
Earn credit in LAS 199 (CRN49129) while you help address unique challenges posed by the virus, both locally and globally. You do not have to be on campus to participate in our course. Curious for more information? Hear from student participants and check out the COVID-Corps: Action for Solutions website for more information.

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Burning Stuff: Fossil Fuels, Consuming the Life of the Past to Power Life of the Present
Noon to 1 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 17 via Zoom
Fossil fuels power agriculture, transportation, communication, and computers. How did they come into existence, what technologies are used to extract them, and why has it proved so difficult for society to switch to other sources? This event is part of iSEE's fall lecture series: "Where Stuff Comes From: Earth's Resources & Sustainability" presented by Prof. Emeritus Stephen Marshak.

Study spaces available
Beginning Monday, Nov. 30
Classrooms are available for students who need a location to participate in an online class or to study. These campus classrooms will be open for study space 7:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Friday and 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Saturday and Sunday:

  • Bevier Hall – Rooms 108, 132, 166, 180
  • Everitt Lab – Rooms 1302, 1306, 2101, 2233, 2310, 3217
  • Lincoln Hall – Rooms 1000, 1002, 1022, 1027, 1028, 1060, 1090, 1092
  • Noyes Lab – Rooms 100, 157, 217
  • Engineering Hall – Rooms 106B1, 106B3 *closed weekends

Reserve a seat for finals
Staying on campus for finals? Want a quiet setting with good wifi to take your online exam? The Office of the Registrar is reserving seats for students to take their finals in Lincoln Hall Theater for all exam timeslots. Make your reservation here.

Spring 2021 GLOBE: Global Leaders Orange and Blue Engagement
GLOBE connects domestic and international students and provides them opportunities to enhance intercultural communication skills, leadership skills, and build lifelong friendships. Apply for the Spring 2021 cohort here to become a Blue member (students in at least their second year for undergraduate or second semester for grad) or Orange member (new incoming students or just started Fall 2020.)

2021 Orientation Leader applications available
Applications accepted through Monday, Nov. 23
New Student Programs' application for the 2021 Orientation Leader position is now live. Join a team of dynamic leaders dedicated to giving our incoming Illini a warm welcome. The application and more information can be found here.

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Priority registration time tickets for Winter and Spring 2021 available
Monday, Nov. 16

Fall Break
Saturday, Nov. 21 through Sunday, Nov. 29

Priority registration for Spring 2021 begins
(Updated) Monday, Nov. 30

Instruction ends
Wednesday, Dec. 9

Open registration for Spring 2021 begins
Thursday, Dec. 10



To contact a college-level advisoruse the online chat, online advising appointment calendar and queue, and online forms for program change requests.

Find a list of unit and college advisors along with hours and contact information on the college website.


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