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Academic Advising Newsletter

January 20, 2021

Welcome Back Message from the Department Head

Dear CPSC Students,

Welcome back for the Spring 2021 semester at the University of Illinois! I hope you all had a restful and restorative winter break, and that you’re looking forward to your new courses. One thing that I noticed after some relaxed family time is how spacious my mind felt. As I’ve resumed departmental activities, I’m trying to carry this feeling of perspective and calm with me. Making time for self-care (exercise, quiet time, listening to music, cooking, socially distanced walks with friends, etc.) is always a good idea, and has been especially important during the pandemic. As you make your transition back to your studies, I encourage you to consider how you will make time each day for some form of self-care, and extend this caring to others around you. Although we begin this semester with continuing public health measures in place, the growing availability of vaccines is creating light at the end of the tunnel. As the days grow longer, we will make measurable, accelerating progress towards ending the pandemic. In the meantime, I want to thank you for your dedicated participation in testing and social distancing that have helped make the University of Illinois’ public health response exemplary. Wishing you a productive, pleasant semester!


Warm regards,


Adam Davis

Professor & Department Head

Seeking CPSC Students for Social Media Spotlight!

We're looking to highlight Crop Sciences students on our social media pages! Have you participated in a student internship, or are you currently working in a faculty research lab, and are you willing to share a picture and a short blurb about your experience? If so, please contact our Undergraduate Recruiter, Erika Olivares, at emoliva@illinois.edu.

Class Schedule & Academic Calendar

Spring 2021 Return to Campus for Students (COVID-19 Information)

Classes begin on January 25, 2021!

Spring 2021 Class Schedule

Spring 2021 Academic Calendar

Spring 2021 Undergraduate Fees by Credit Range

Academic Advising

Due to COVID-19, all academic advising appointments will continue to be held via Zoom or by phone until further notice.  See Scott Bartlett for general academic advising (requirements/degree audits, class scheduling, academic policies, petitions, forms, study abroad, etc.).  To schedule an advising appointment with Scott, please go to this link (select “Crop Sciences Advising” from the drop-down menu and select an available time slot).  Please be sure to indicate whether you prefer an appointment via Zoom or by phone.  If you select Zoom, Scott will send you the Zoom link via a calendar invite.  If you select phone, please provide your phone number. 



Major/Concentration Checklists

Minor Checklists

Faculty Mentors

Faculty Mentors are an excellent resource for research, internship, graduate school, and career advising.  Crop Sciences majors may choose their Faculty Mentor from the list located at the bottomof the Undergraduate Academic Adivsing Webpage.  Students without a Faculty Mentor by the Fall term of their Junior year will automatically be assigned one.  Majors wishing to choose their Faculty Mentor or desiring to change their mentor preference must email that information to their Academic Advisor, Scott Bartlett.

  • Please Note:  The number of mentees per Faculty Mentor is capped, so it may not be possible to get your first choice.
  • To schedule an appointment with a Faculty Mentor, please contact them directly via email.
CPSC 212: Introduction to Plant Protection

CPSC 212:  Introduction to Plant Protection is a new course that is replacing CPSC 226:  Introduction to Weed Science and PLPA 204:  Introductory Plant Pathology.  This new course will be offered every Spring semester.

  • If your major/concentration/minor requires you to take CPSC 226 or PLPA 204, you will want to take CPSC 212. 
  • If your major/concentration/minor requires you to take both CPSC 226 and PLPA 204 and you have only taken one of those, you should take CPSC 212 (there will be some overlap in content).
  • If your major/concentration/minor requires that you take both CPSC 226 and PLPA 204 and you have not taken either of those yet, you should take CPSC 212 and an additional plant protection course.  A course substitution petition will be required for the additional course.  Please contact Scott Bartlett for assistance with this.
  • If your major/concentration/minor requires that you take CPSC 226 and/or PLPA 204 and you have already done so, you do not need to take CPSC 212.

CPSC 212 has been added to the degree audits and should automatically populate in the requirements area when you take the course.

If you have any questions, please contact Scott Bartlett.

Introducing the NEW Plant Biotechnology Major!


The Department of Crop Sciences is excited to introduce the NEW Plant Biotechnology major!  This new major goes into effect this semester (Spring 2021).  


With a Plant Biotechnology degree, you can help feed billions sustainably, improve our planet’s health, and make a direct impact on agriculture and the world. Advance plant breeding and plant improvement by learning critical skills in molecular biology, genetics, and genomics.

Plant Biotechnology is a part of our daily lives in applications such as developing nutritionally enhanced foods, enabling sustainable agricultural production, and engineering plants for industrial and medical purposes.

The Plant Biotechnology major provides an interdisciplinary curriculum integrating the science and practice of crop production through courses in molecular biology, genetics and genomics, biochemistry, plant protection, data analysis, and more.

Endless Opportunities
From hands-on research with world-renowned faculty to internships at exciting startup companies, Plant Biotechnology students build skills inside and outside the classroom. You’ll be at the forefront of research and innovation, revolutionizing agriculture every step of the way.

If you are interested in transferring into this new major, please schedule an advising appointment or email Scott Bartlett.

Intercollegiate Transfer (ICT)
  • If you wish to change your concentration within the Crop Sciences major, please schedule an advising appointment or email Scott Bartlett.
  • If you wish to change your major, you must meet the declaration criteria for the major found here.  You will also want to schedule an appointment with the academic advisor in that department to discuss the major requirements.
    • Please Note:  Freshmen must remain in the college (ACES) to which they were admitted to for one academic year.
  • ACES ICT Webpage
    • ICT Periods in Spring 2021:
      • January 11, 2021 - February 5, 2021 (Major Change Effective Spring 2021)
      • March 15, 2021 - April 2, 2021 (Major Change Effective Fall 2021)
Research & Internships

For those of you wishing to earn credit for a Research project (CPSC/HORT/PLPA 395) during the Spring semester, please fill out this form.  Forms must be filled out PRIOR to your research experience.

For those of you wishing to earn credit for an Internship (CPSC/HORT 393) during the Spring semester, please fill out this form.  Forms must be filled out PRIOR to your internship experience.

  • Students are allowed to get both paid and earn credit for resarch and internships.
  • Independent Study courses (research, internships) are limited to 12 hours total applying to a degree in ACES.
  • Please refer to the Research & Internships Webpage for more detailed information and requirements.
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Attention Seniors - Graduation Information

For Seniors planning to graduate in May 2021, you will need to add yourself to the pending degree list by the 10th day of classes (February 5, 2021).  Please follow the steps below:

  • Log into the Student Self-Service, click on the Graduation tab, click on Apply to Graduate, select the term (Spring 2021), click submit and it should display your major/degree.  Please proof that everything is correct.  If there are any errors with your major/degree listing, please contact Scott Bartlett.  If there are any errors with your personal information (name on diploma, etc.), please contact the Office of the Registrar.

Graduation Information

Undergraduate Programs Team


Dr. A. Lane RayburnProfessor & Director of Undergraduate Programs



Scott BartlettAcademic Advisor & Program Manager



Erika Olivares, Undergraduate Recruiter