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A monthly PCH Resident Newsletter brought to you by the Housing Information Office

January 2016
CAMPUS SAFETY: Alerts & Updates
Campus Ban on Hoverboards

Don't bring them to campus! Due to fire risk concerns, hoverboards (battery-operated self-balancing scooters) are not permitted in Private Certified Housing facilities. Please do not bring one with you when you return to campus. If you already have one in your room, please make arrangements to remove it as soon as you return to campus.  Please check with your individual PCH facility for more details about their policies.

Additionally, the devices will not be allowed in any campus facilities beginning January 18.  Both the Consumer Protection Safety Commission (CPSC) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) have issued alerts about the potential fire hazard so-called “hoverboards” can present, so please help us in keeping our Residence Halls and the Campus Community safe!

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Campus Safety

TRUE or FALSE.  When you step into a crosswalk, you automatically have the right of way.
FALSE.  Find out why below...

We are so excited to welcome you to campus, and are looking forward to a fantastic Spring Semester!   As you get unpacked and settled in, we want to remind you of a few simple things you can do to keep you, and your belongings, safe.  Whether you have lived on campus for a while, or are just arriving for the first time, please remember to: 

  • Keep your Doors Locked, even when you are in your rooms
  • Check with your Residence Halls on their Guest and Security Procedures
  • Avoid walking or running alone at night
  • Utilize SafeWalks and SafeRides (the numbers are on the back of your iCard)
  • When walking on campus, the law states: as a pedestrian you do NOT have the right of way in a crosswalk unless you have given oncoming traffic the opportunity to slow down and react to your presence. You do not automatically have the right of way.  Remember to look before you walk!

For more information, check out some more tips from the University of Illinois Police Department.


Join us on Saturday, January 30th from 9:30am - 11:30am @ the Ice Arena The PCH Community is hosting a FREE Skate for all PCH residents.  There will be music, fun, hot chocolate, and cookies!  We hope to see you there!


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