Meet Alexandrine and Andrew!
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Weekly Grad Newsletter

Welcome to your weekly UIC English grad student news digest.
Vicki Bolf, Graduate Studies Program Coordinator

Meet the 2021 Cohort!

For the rest of the summer, we'll be introducing a few of the Fall 2021 cohort every week.

Andrew Gordon Middleton: I write fiction, poetry, and song. Each informs the other. I’ve also worked for some years as a freelance editor and translator, mostly working with academic and creative texts and translating from French and Spanish into English. My German is conversational and I can read slowly; I’ve been learning Russian, slowly. 

I was born in Montreal, grew up in Western Canada (Edmonton, then Vancouver), and returned to Montreal to complete my MA in Linguistics and then did a year of graduate work in neurophysiology. I’ve lived in London and Spain, travelled in the Caribbean and Central America, and through Europe and Asia.

For the last few years in Montreal, I have led weekly writing and songwriting workshops, as well as a running group. Each informs the other. In some shape or form, I hope to continue these from or in Chicago.

Alexandrine Ogundimu is a Nigerian-American, transgender writer from Indiana. She received her MFA in Fiction at New York University. Her literary work involves queer narratives, speculative elements, non-linear structures, the Midwest, and unreliable narrators. Her academic interests lie primarily in transgressive queer writing.

She is currently looking for a home for her literary novel Blue Disaster and is at work on a collection of stories and a second novel. She is the author of the novella Desperate, published by Amphetamine Sulphate in 2021, and her fiction can be found at Five:2:One, Flapperhouse, Exposition Review, Expat Press, Maudlin House, and elsewhere.  She runs the online magazine FILTH at



PhD candidate Angelica Davila has three poems in the latest issue of Wolf Jaw Magazine: "¿Which Country?" "earth looks like a skull from above," and "Do I Tweet at this celebrity? Does he even have a Twitter?"

PhD candidate Corbin Hiday defended his dissertation on Monday.

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ASAP: Program Coordinator at Emory University: This position supports the Robert T. Jones Program, a University program celebrating the legacy of world-renowned golfer Robert “Bobby” T. Jones, Jr. (29L). Mr. Jones was an extraordinary man of compassion and integrity who valued education as much as he loved golf. An alumnus of Emory University School of Law, Georgia Institute of Technology, and Harvard University, he created a legacy of academic excellence and leadership. The Emory Libraries house Jones’ papers—making Emory the center of Jones scholarship and research—and Emory is home to three signature initiatives honoring his legacy: The Jones Program in Ethics, the Jones Biomedical Engineering Fellows, and the Bobby Jones Scholars and Fellows. The Program Coordinator will report to the Associate Director of the Emory College Scholars and work with staff in the Laney Graduate School to support the Bobby Jones Scholars and Fellows. 
June 17: Associate Executive Secretariat (Washington, DC): This position is located in the Office of the Director, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). As an Associate Executive Secretariat, you will assist the Executive Secretary with a variety of assignments associated with administrative efficiency and operations of the office.
June 20: 50% GAship in the Office of Black Studies for AY 2021-2022. This administrative position will provide support to the Black Studies assistant director, business manager, and department head. Responsibilities include: Assistance with department webpage and social media page maintenance and content creation/curation; Departmental file/record maintenance and organization; Programming and event assistance and support; General office support to department faculty and staff; Assistance with special projects assistance as needed. Ideal candidates will have prior experience in: an office setting and/or interdisciplinary academic unit; event programming and outreach; content creation and curation, social media site management; website editing and modification (WordPress or WordPress RED preferred); email communication management.
June 22: Writer Editor at the National Endowment for the Humanities (Washington, DC): NEH is an independent grant-making agency of the government dedicated to supporting research, education, preservation, and public programs in the humanities. This position is that of a Writer Editor (Articles Editor) located in the Office of the Chairman, Office of Publications, at the National Endowment for the Humanities. The Office of Publications provides a wide range of writing, editing, and production of Endowment publications necessary for the accomplishment of the agency's mission.
At the GS- 12 level Qualified candidates must possess: 1 year of specialized experience equivalent to at least the GS- level or equivalent experience. Specialized experience is experience which is directly related to the line of work of the position to be filled and which has equipped the applicant with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to successfully perform the duties of the position, for example: Experience in conducting research, develop story ideas, conduct journalistic and academic-style research to produce articles, features, and act as a copyeditor and production editor for the magazine and other projects. Proofreading on a variety of paper and digital projects representing the agency. Work with outside writers, carrying out a share of all the editorial and production tasks required for the making of magazines, pamphlets, reports, and other publications.
June 22: Writer Editor (different job, also at NEH in Washington, DC): At the GS- 13 level Qualified candidates must possess: 1 year of specialized experience equivalent to at least the GS- 12 level or equivalent experience. Specialized experience is experience which is directly related to the line of work of the position to be filled and which has equipped the applicant with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to successfully perform the duties of the position, for example: Experience in writing and editing content for publication in an effort to promote organization; generate ideas for articles and publications; skills of journalistic and academic-style research; experience overseeing digital and paper-based publication projects.
Sep 9: Radcliffe Fellowships: Radcliffe fellows are exceptional scientists, writers, scholars, public intellectuals, practitioners, and artists whose work is making a difference in their professional fields and in the larger world. Prospective applicants are invited to join a Zoom session that will provide information on what makes a strong application to the Radcliffe Fellowship Program. The session will be held on June 30 at 4 PM ET. Applicants in the humanities and social sciences must: 1. Have received their doctorate (or appropriate terminal degree) in the area of their proposed project at least two years prior to their appointment as a fellow (December 2020 for the 2022-23 fellowship year). 2. Have published a monograph or at least two articles in refereed journals or edited collections. We welcome proposals relevant to the Institute’s focus areas, which include: Law, education, and justice; Youth leadership and civic engagement; Legacies of slavery; Reflecting Radcliffe’s unique history and institutional legacy, we welcome proposals that focus on women, gender, and society or draw on the Schlesinger Library’s rich collections. 

Events & Deadlines

Reminder for PhD candidates: Committee Recommendation Forms must be submitted to the DGS Office (Vicki) a minimum of three weeks before the defense.

June 18: Summer II (8-week term) add/drop deadline.
June 14: Deadline to submit an application for the 2021 Summer Institute in Rhetoric and Public Culture: Media Aesthetics III at Northwestern University in Evanston (in person July 12-16). 
July 23: Last day to submit dissertation to Graduate College for graduation this term (PhD only).
Aug 4MA Project Certificate of Approval & completed MA project due to DGS Office for Summer graduation.
Aug 18: Comp Camp (details TBA).
Aug 19: Department Orientation for new students, 12:30-2:30 via Zoom. 


Check the UPenn CFP website for current and future conferences in your fields and subfields, including conferences especially for graduate students.

Funding & Grants

The Graduate College curates a weekly list of funding opportunities. Our colleagues in Urbana also maintain a database of external funding opportunities: UIUC Fellowship Finder.


The Newberry Library's Center for Renaissance Studies is pleased to announce that the 2020-2021 sessions of Race in Dialogue, a new series of virtual conversations on premodern critical race studies and Indigenous studies, are now available as a playlist on the CRS YouTube channel.

Vicki will be out of the office for the following dates: June 24-28, July 15-27. 

DGS Office Contact Info & Office Hours

Vicki: Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm.
Office Hours with the DGS by appointment.
Phone: (312) 413-2239 (voicemail)


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