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For the week of February 8, 2016

students celebrating
Students in the UIC Chinese program celebrate the Year of the Monkey
Dear Faculty, Lecturers and TAs,
How do you use technology in your language courses?  Submit a proposal to the Chicago Language Symposium, hosted by the LCLC. Deadline extended to February 15 Read the CFP and submit a proposal here:  LCSL faculty and graduate students attend free, mark your calendar for April 15-16, 2016. Registration information available soon.
All LCSL instructors are invited to attend this week's LCSL 505 session. We'll be discussing creating online blended materials and quizzes on Blackboard. LCSL 505 meets from 3-4:45 this Friday, February 12 in GH 304.
Please help promote the Shout Out for the Humanities in your classes. These contests ask students to help promote the humanities by creating digital projects in answer to the question "Why are the humanities important to you and to society?" Deadlines are February 15 (UIC) and March 1 (national): Questions: or Colleen McQuillen at
LCLC offers help with the technical aspect of Shout Out to students during our drop-in hours. This week, drop-in hours areThursday 11-12 and Friday 12-1 in UH 1750.
Did you travel over Winter Break? Are you an amateur photographer? The LCLC is always looking for new photos to add to the LCLC newsletter, Grant Hall slideshow, and LCLC website. If you have pictures of any country or region whose language / culture we teach in the LSCL that you'd like to share, please send them to
Weekly Workshop:
Using Blackboard for Homework. Have you ever wished your students' homework exercises could grade themselves? Or maybe hoped for an easy way to collect and grade weekly response papers? These things exist and they're at your fingertips - in Blackboard! Using Blackboard tests - which don't have to be tests at all! - you can recreate worksheets that self-grade, give students immediate feedback, allow students to repeat activities to improve and learn, and more. And Blackboard's Assignment feature lets students submit documents to you online without you having to search your inbox to find emails. Assigments collect all submissions in one place, keep track of what was submitted when, and can even check for plagiarism. Plus, Assigments can be graded directly in Blackboard saving time and paper. In this week's workshop, we'll show you all that these feature can do and help you figure out how to integrate them into your class. Bring your syllabus and your questions! Workshops this week areTuesday 11-12 and Wednesday 1-2 in GH 304.

LCLC Weekly Workshop: Using Blackboard for Homework
Week of February 8th - February 12th

GH 304

GH 304

Drop-in hours
Questions about using Blackboard, Facebook, Google Docs, etc.?
Week of February 8th - February 12th

UH 1750


UH 1750

A teaching with technology tip of the week:   

Emoji can be a great way to get students to express things they may not immediately have the words for. For example, you could ask students to read a news article in German on the Syrian refugee situation and summarize their reaction. When their response is this emoji, you would then ask them to explain out loud or to a partner why they chose these symbols - for example, I'm frustrated by the situation; I am sad/heartbroken for the refugees; I want peace. Or, as an introduction to a vocabulary lesson on adjectives, you could show students an image of a couple sitting in a cafe and ask them to pick two emoji to represent how each person feels, then draw these emoji on the board. Using student emoji you can present vocabulary like "sad," "in love," "angry," "tired," etc.
Students can find emoji in their phone's note taking app, email program, or text messaging app. Or if you'd prefer students not use their phones, you can pick and project a small list of emoji from websites like or

UIC LCLC Facebook and Twitter! Encourage your students and colleagues to check out the UIC Language and Culture Learning Center Facebook page and Twitter feed. Stay up-to-date with LCLC happenings--promoting our pages is a good way to ensure your students know about your conversation hour or film series.

We also encourage you and your students to participate in our weekly events in 308 Grant Hall, listed below and on our calendar: All events at the LCLC are free and open to students of all levels. To request 308 for your cultural event, click here.


All UIC students, staff, and faculty are welcome to attend and practice their language skills.

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Russian, 12-1
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ASL, *next week*
flag of Japan
Japanese, 11-12
  flag of Ukraine
Ukrainian, 11-12
Yiddish in Yiddish
Yiddish, *this week*
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Polish, 1-2
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German, 12-1
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French, 12-1
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Spanish, 2-3
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Greek, 1-2
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Japanese, 4-5 
  flag of Italy
Italian, 2-3

Scroll down to see our featured Cultural Events in the Chicago area, and if you know of an event you think would fit, please send it to us by 9AM on Friday mornings and we'll include it in our Monday newsletter.

Visit us online:

To set up an individual appointment or suggest a workshop topic, contact us at 

International Films in 308 Grant Hall: Week of February 8th

All films are sub-titled in English.

All UIC students, staff, and faculty are welcome to attend all films! Here's the complete calendar for films and conversation hours.

If you'd like to host an event, please use these forms. Note the different links at that page for different types of events.

flag of GermanyTUESDAY, February 9th, 3:00-5:00 PM

Victoria (2015)

A young Spanish woman who has newly moved to Berlin finds her flirtation with a local guy turn potentially deadly as their night out with his friends reveals a dangerous secret.

flag of FranceWEDNESDAY, February 10th, 3:00-5:00 PM

 Les plages d'Agnès (2008) The Beaches of Agnes

Agnès Varda explores her memories, mostly chronologically, with photographs, film clips, interviews, reenactments, and droll, playful contemporary scenes of her narrating her story.

flag of PolandTHURSDAY, February 11th, 3:20-5:20 PM

Kamienie na szaniec (2014) Stones for the Rampart

Based on a well-known Polish novel with the same title. The movie re-tells a true life story of a group of scouts called ''Szare Szeregi'' (Gray Ranks) during the Nazi occupation of Warsaw.

Polish flag image, smallFRIDAY, February 12th, 3:00-5:00 PM

Sobache serdtse (1988) Heart of a Dog

Professor Preobrazhensky and his colleague place some human parts into a dog named Sharik. Soon the dog transforms into a human. 

Next week's International Films: Week of February 15th

 flag of FranceWEDNESDAY, February 17th, 3:00-5:00 PM

Bande à part (1964) Band of Outsiders

Two crooks with a fondness for old Hollywood B-movies convince a languages student to help them commit a robbery.

flag of PolandTHURSDAY, February 18th, 3:20-5:20 PM

Wrony (1994) Crows

A thin child of about 10, nicknamed "Crow" because she mimics the bird, has no friends and rejects a teacher's hug. At home, she is left on her own, her mom locks her out while entertaining a lover or is asleep.

flag of RussianFRIDAY, February 19th, 3:00-5:00 PM

Dyadya Vanya (1970) Uncle Vanya 

A retired professor has returned to his estate to live with his beautiful young wife, Yelena. The presence of Yelena introduces a bit of sexual tension into the household.

Cultural Events in the City

flag of ItalyMONDAY, February 8th, 12:00-1:00 PM

Chinese New Year Kick Off

Kick off the Year of the Monkey with our annual Chinese New Year Day celebration. Featuring a colorful and entertaining array of artists and entertainers that will start your New Year off with a bang!
Fee: Free
Location: Chicago Cultural Center, 78 E Washington St., Chicago, IL 60602
Click here for more information.

 flag of ItalySATURDAY, February 13th, 1:00 PM

Argyle Street Lunar New Year Parade

The parade starts with a bang at the Argyle Red Line stop, as firecrackers explode to ring in the New Year. Parade floats, marchers, and dragon dancers will head down Argyle, from Broadway to Winthrop Avenue.
Fee: Free
Location: 1211 W Argyle St., Chicago, IL 60640
Click here for more information.

flag of ItalySUNDAY, February 14th, 1:00-2:30 PM

Chinese Lunar New Year Parade

Hosting more than 30,000 attendees annually, the parade will be in the heart of Chinatown, celebrating the Year of the Monkey featuring marching bands, colorful floats, traditional dragon and lion dance performances, a 100-ft paper dragon and more.
Fee: Free
Location: Archer & Wentworth Ave., Chicago, IL 60616
Click here for more information.

Next week's Cultural Events 

flag of GreeceTHURSDAY, February 18th, 6:30-8:30 PM

Antiquities In Peril – Heritage At Risk

A panel of heritage protection experts will discuss the causes and consequences of iconoclasm and archaeological looting, and consider what can be done to address these problems.
Fee: Admission: $15, Members: $10, Students: $5
Location: National Hellenic Museum, 333 S Halsted St., Chicago IL 60661
Click here for more information.

Spanish nTHURSDAY, February 18th, 7:30-10:30 PM

Noches de Guaracha con Papo Santiago

Papo Santiago’s Orchestra joins us for the second installment of our series dedicated to traditional dance music from Puerto Rico and Cuba. 100% vinyl DJ set by Agúzate DJ Crew. Bring your dancing shoes!
Fee: $10
Location: Segundo Ruiz Belvis Cultural, 4048 West Armitage Avenue, Chicago, IL 60639
Click here for more information.

flag of JapanSUNDAY, February 21st, 2:00-4:00 PM

Day of Rememberance 2016

This year’s Day of Remembrance program features Mitchell T. Maki, co-author of the book Achieving the Impossible Dream: How Japanese Americans Obtained Redress with an in-depth discussion of this struggle for justice.
Location:Chicago History Museum,  1601 North Clark Street, Chicago IL 60614
Click here for more information.