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TEC Programs & Events
Startup City Scholars Virtual Meet Up | June 10 | 4pm

Join The Grainger College of Engineering for Startup City Scholars, a semester-long study and entrepreneurship program in partnership with the University of Chicago's Polsky Center. Meet and partner with students from University of Chicago, work on your student-led startup or join a startup team. As a Startup City Scholar you’ll participate in the College New Venture Challenge, a for-credit class taught jointly between the University of Chicago and University of Illinois. You’ll also take Grainger Engineering courses in person and online from Chicago. If you have questions about the program please RSVP to join the virtual meet up. Learn more

Illinois Deep Tech Accelerator | Application Deadline: August 10

Working on a breakthrough technology? Looking to commercialize that technology? Want to develop a desirable, viable, and feasible business model that leverages your technology? Explore our new academic accelerator! This 4 credit hour academic-based startup accelerator will mentor teams in the process of deep tech commercialization. This program will explore principles of building a valid business model. Funding will be made available for customer discovery and minimum viable product development. Learn more.

Try a TEC Course This Summer!

• TE 333: Creativity, Innovation, Vision – Learn how creativity works, and how to envision what others may not. 
• TE 565: Technology, Innovation, & Strategy – Learn how firms can create, commercialize, and capture value from technology-based products and services. 
• TE 566: Finance for Engineering Management – Cornerstone financial concepts for engineering management to enable analysis of engineering projects from a financial perspective.
• TE 567 Venture Funded Startups – Learn concepts and tools used by venture capitalists including financing and valuation, venture-scale opportunity assessment and articulation, and deal structure. All of these courses are online.

Fall 2020 Entrepreneurship Courses

Want to transform your idea into an enterprise? Learn the fundamentals of technology entrepreneurship and critical areas of the entrepreneurial process. Hear from experienced guest speakers about their entrepreneurial journey and lessons learned. Explore advanced concepts and frameworks for analyzing how firms can create, commercialize and capture value from technology-based products and services. Learn more about our entrepreneurship courses and enroll now!

ILEE Students Can Now Access Select Business Courses

The BS degree in ILEE is for Grainger Engineering students to better understand the innovative processes involved in identifying complex technical problems and creating, developing, and leading efforts to provide engineering solutions. At this time, ILEE is only available as a dual degree for engineering students, but individual courses and certificates are available to students from any college. Application for the ILEE dual degree program for Fall 2020 is now closed but you can continue to enroll for courses that count towards the degree. Questions? Contact Jed Taylor at Learn more.

Courses Exclusively Offered To ILEE And Gies Students 

ILEE dual degree students in Grainger Engineering now have access to these Gies Business courses! Learn more

Other Programs & Events
The James Dyson Award

The James Dyson Award is an international award that celebrates, encourages, and inspires the next generation of design engineers. The challenge is simple: design something that solves a problem. It is open to current university students of engineering, product design and industrial design – and those who have graduated in these subjects in the last four years. Students that enter have the opportunity to win $2,500 as a national winner and $35,000 as an international winner, along with a donation of $6,000 to the departments that supported them. Learn more

ThinkChicago Spring 2020 Resume Book | Deadline: May. 22

ThinkChicago has launched Spring 2020 Resume Book in partnership with Chicago and Illinois university partners. The progam aims to help university students explore career opportunities and directly connect with future employers about job opportunities and internships, especially for those students who want to work for a Chicago tech and innovation company. Application deadline is May 22, 2020. Learn more and apply. Stay tuned for more tech talks and other virtual events coming soon. 

Get Hired
SimBioSys Hiring Deep Learning Intern

SimBioSys, a computation oncology company is seeking an energetic, curious intern with acute attention to detail to join the organization for summer 2020. In this role, you will perform research and development of convolutional neural network (CNN) based methods for the analysis of medical imaging data. Fostering your analytical, biological, and programming skills, this internship will provide you real world experience solving problems, while allowing you to contribute to the fight against cancer. Learn more and apply

UChicago Student Startup Subli Hiring Full Stack Engineer

Subli, a peer-to-peer subletting marketplace for university communities and the winner of 2020 College New Venture Challenge, is seeking a talented Full Stack Engineer to join their small, tight-knit team for the Spring and/or Summer. You'll partner with the head of product to build something useful, efficient, and accesible. Preferred skills include production-ready coding in HTML, CSS, and basic Javascript, translating web-flow features into code, and creating design systems. Learn more. Email your resume to

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