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ATMOS Briefing - Summer 2020 Issue

For inquiries about the UIUC Atmospheric Sciences briefing, contact Rebekka Delaney. (rebekka2@illinois.edu) 

Notes from the Head

Despite all of the uncertainties during spring and summer about the fate of the Fall 2020 semester, we are now fully underway in this new–and admittedly strange–academic year. Social distancing, instructional modality, and Zoom meetings are now common terms in our vocabulary; twice-weekly saliva-based testing and “masking up” are routine practices. The virtual orientation for our 12 new graduate students felt surprisingly natural, and even allowed us to learn some fun facts about the ATMS faculty. As I witness the adjustment of our faculty to the use of face shields, lapel mics, and webcams in our face-to-face classrooms, and to the use of Zoom breakout rooms and polling in our virtual ones, I am struck by an overwhelming sense of pride in their ability to adapt and innovate.

Our students are likewise showing their versatility, creativity, and resilience. SCAMS participated in the virtual Quad Day and is entraining the 12 new undergraduate students into their activities. DASSO is holding a virtual coffee and cookie hour prior to the departmental seminars. The student-organized and student-run Midwest Student Conference on Atmospheric Research (MSCAR) in 2020 will feature an all-online format, complete with new workshops and virtual poster sessions.

In spite of the challenges of the ongoing pandemic, we continue to move forward with new and exciting initiatives. Proposals for an online graduate certificate and M.S. degree in Weather and Climate Risk and Data Analytics have been submitted to the university, and new Teaching Assistant Professor Alicia Klees is leading the development of the corresponding courses. Equipment for a new broadcast meteorology lab has been ordered and will soon be available for students to use during the Intro to Broadcast Meteorology class taught by Prof. Jessie Choate. An announcement of new observing facilities is forthcoming soon, and plans for a major investment in departmental computational facilities have been initiated. And finally, new efforts to better promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in the department have been launched with the help of guidance provided by the ATMS graduate students.

Have a great September, and be safe!

- Jeff Trapp, Head of the Department of Atmospheric Sciences


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Awards and Activities

Larry Di Girolamo, Bob Rauber, and Steve Nesbitt, along with a number of ATMS graduate students were awarded the NASA Group Achievement Award-CAMP2EX (2020).

Cristian Proistosescu organized a series of virtual Mini Symposiums on Climate Sensitivity and Cloud Feedbacks. https://sites.google.com/tamu.edu/ecs-symposium

Cristian Proistosescu was awarded a 1-year fellowship to study Climate Risk through the University of Illinois Gies College of Business, Office of Risk Management and Insurance Research Fellowship (ORMIR).

Cristian Proistosescu was awarded a grant for: Process-level metrics for evaluating the realism of CMIP6 models’ climate sensitivity based on multiple lines of observational evidence. NOAA Modeling, Analysis, Prediction, and Projections (MAPP) program. Co-PI

Cristian Proistosescu was awarded a grant for: Collaborative research: Quantifying the sea-surface temperature pattern effect for LGM and Pliocene constraints on climate sensitivity. NSF Paleo Perspectives on Climate Change (P2C2) program. Co-PI

Itinderjot Singh was awarded first prize in Student Posters at the 19th Conference on Mountain Meteorology Virtual Meeting on 13-17 July 2020.

Sonia Lasher-Trapp was the 2020 Recipient of the American Meteorological Society Edward N. Lorenz Teaching Excellence Award.

Zhou Wang was co-chair for the US CLIVAR Predictability, Predictions, and Applications Interface Panel annual meeting.

Zhou Wang was co-chair for the WMO Working Group on Tropical Meteorology (WGTMR) annual meeting.

Zhou Wang is planning of the Seventh WMO International Workshop on Monsoons (IWM-7).

Outreach Activities

Don Wuebbles was interviewed on WGN radio in Chicago on July 18, 2020.

Don Wuebbles was interviewed for a future PBS special on climate change on August 14, 2020.

Don Wuebbles was interviewed for many newspapers and magazines over this past summer.

Jeff Frame was interviewed for this CNN article about the slow Great Plains tornado season. One of our Atmospheric Sciences undergraduates, Max Claypool, was working as a CNN weather intern this summer and co-wrote it. https://www.cnn.com/2020/06/30/weather/tornado-alley-record-low/index.html

Jesse Loveridge received the NASA FINESST fellowship for his proposal "3D tomographic reconstruction of cloud properties from satellite multi-angle imaging systems."


Congratulations to the following ATMS teachers ranked as excellent by their students during the Spring 2020 semester: https://citl.illinois.edu/docs/default-source/teachers-ranked-as-excellent/tre-2020-spring.pdf

Jessie Choate: 201 

* Jeff Frame: 313,314,505 

Sonia Lasher-Trapp: 306 

Steve Nesbitt: 597 

Nicole Riemer: 304,591 

Puja Roy (TA): 304 

Ryan Sriver: 404

 * - The instructor ratings were outstanding.


Note from the 2020 MSCAR Committee: Co-Chairs David Lafferty, Max Grover, and Divyansh Chug.

"The 4th annual Midwest Student Conference on Atmospheric Research (MSCAR) will take place on September 26-27. This year’s conference will be held entirely virtually and is free to all participants. We received 35 abstract submissions and over 90 registrations from all over the country, including a large number of undergraduate students. Our keynote speakers this year will be Sandra Cauffman (NASA Earth Sciences Division) and Dr. Victor Gensini (Northern Illinois University). We are also grateful to faculty members Steve Nesbitt, Jeff Frame, and Ryan Sriver for agreeing to lead hands-on workshops that have proven very popular. Although the online format this year has brought new challenges, MSCAR is shaping up yet again to be another fantastic experience for students and faculty. We look forward to seeing you all in attendance on September 26-27."




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9/29 - Claire Pettersen, University of Wisconsin - Madison

10/6 - Alison Nugent, Unversity of Hawaii

10/13 - Javier Villegas Bravo, ATMS Student

10/20 - Logan Dawson, NOAA/NWS/NCEP/EMC

10/27 - Randy Chase, ATMS Student

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11/17 - Doug Miller, ATMS Student

12/1 - Rebecca Morss, NCAR

12/8 - Matt Parker, North Carolina State University

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