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4-H Newsletter February 2021 💚

It may be the shortest month of the year but February tackles some big topics. Here's how you can explore some of these holidays with a 4-H twist.

  • African-American History Month - Visit the official site, learn about the 1619 Project in a kid-friendly format or register for 4-H's Just In Time dialogue session for teens.
  • American Heart Month - Our Cloverbud activity for the month is health themed!
  • National Bird Feeding Month - the Barred Owl Nest Box Challenge resumes soon! Prepare to monitor nest boxes weekly or bi-weekly in March and April!  For more information or to send NestWatch data sheets, email Curt from the State 4-H office at
  • Other holidays include Groundhog Day (2/2), Lunar New Year (2/12), Valentine's Day (2/14), Presidents' Day (2/15), Purim (2/25), and International Polar Bear Day (2/27).
red haired woman in purple summer dress 

Welcome to our new Champaign EPC!

Magdalena Casper-Shipp joined Extension last fall and quickly became part of the 4-H team, and is now officially part of it. She attended the University of Illinois at Chicago for undergrad and has a Masters degree  in Information Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. In her free time, she enjoys long distance trail running and vegetable gardening.

what is bias?

The Illinois 4-H Youth Leadership Team will be offering the Just in Time Equity Dialogues for Youth. These equity guided dialogues are designed to bring youth ages 12-18 together to deliberate, reflect, and take action on social justice issues.

This session will dig into the topic, 'What is bias?'. It will focus on issues that investigate systematic and structural injustices using multiple perspectives that lead to critical awareness, deep reflection, and personal growth.

Join us at 6:30 PM on Tuesday, March 2, 2021, for this discussion via Zoom.

This dialogue is limited to 30 youth participants.

Register here.
Cloverbuds Fitness Fun activity

Join us for this virtual (Zoom) program for Cloverbud 4-H members ages 5-7. The session will be Thursday, February 18 at 6:30pm.  Youth will learn about the importance of exercise for good health. There is a $3 participation fee.  Activity supplies and a Zoom link will be shared the week of the activity.

Space is limited and you must register by February 10.

Register here!
2021 livestock dates

 As in past years, you will need to be enrolled in any animal project (except Beef, which had a January 15 deadline) by  April 15, 2021. Weigh-in dates and locations, and animal care class requirements will be sent to those who are enrolled. Animal care classes must be completed by June 1 to show at your county 4-H show.

healthy living and agri-science summits

Registration is now open for the National 4-H Summit for Healthy Living. This is a great opportunity for youth who are interested in health to attend a national event, meet youth from across the country, and come together to answer the question “How healthy is my community?”   Youth from Illinois who attend will have the opportunity to meet virtually together for some brief sharing and discussions to see how they can put what they are learning into action! This is a virtual event scheduled for February 12-15 for high school students and adults and includes the following tracts: Health Equity, Physical Fitness, Substance Abuse, Nutrition, Mental Health and an Adult Track for professional development. Registration closes January 29, 2021 and the cost is $75 per person, youth or adult.   

Healthy Living Summit


At the National 4-H Youth Summit on Agri-Science, high school students develop the skills and knowledge needed for the challenges facing agriculture, food security, and sustainability. Students will work with each other and experts in the agricultural community in this collaborative, hands-on educational setting. The summit will be an opportunity to meet like-minded peers from across the country, learn more about career opportunities, and network with professionals in the field of Agri-science. As a cornerstone of the experience, participants are challenged to identify and develop action plans that address issues related to agriculture in their community. For more information, contact Mark Becker,

Agri-Science Summit
Enroll now for the 2020-2021 year. Head to and get started!

4honline has been upgraded and you can re-enroll for the year!

Some reasons why you should register for the 2020-2021 4-H year now:

  1. Update your contact information (and even add kids' emails so that everyone gets the same emails!).
  2. Pick projects and make sure you find out about events and workshops that are project specific!
  3. Help your leader plan - do you need accomodations during a virtual meeting? Have allergies?

You can watch another video on how to enroll,  or use these written directions. These were both created by 4honline so are not Illinois specific. If you have problems, please ask - this is new to us too, so we will find out the answer for you!

Enroll now!
save the date for Illini Summer Academies

If you are curious as to what college or career is right for you, plan now to join us and discover new possibilities at the Illini Summer Academies (ISA)! At ISA you can expect a fun and exploratory experience featuring a virtual academy session and a variety of new workshops and fun virtual activities. For questions, contact us at

Staff Contact Information

4-H staff are still working from home most days. We have been working from home since March 18. This means we are not in the office to answer the phone. If you need us, the best way to reach us is via email, or by calling the Champaign Extension office at 217-333-7672 (this is the only one of the three office phones that can be answered remotely), or our direct Skype numbers. If you need to come to an office, you must contact us in advance for an appointment so we can make sure that we do not exceed the limit of people allowed at one time.

You can follow our unit on Facebook here.


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