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Teachers, Counselors, and Administrators,

I appreciate your help informing students about the opportunity to participate in pre-college global studies summer workshops at the University of Illinois.  The Center for Global Studies is a grant-funded and non-profit Department of Education National Resource Center.  We believe these programs are a great “bridge experience” for high schools students preparing for college.  Additionally, these courses provide an opportunity for students to dive deeply into subject areas related to global studies.  

Please encourage interested students to apply and make sure they understand there is considerable financial aid available for students that qualify.

The Center for Global Studies is sponsoring three Pre-College programs that will take place during the Summer of 2016.

Sustainable Futures - June 5-10

Global Health - June 12-17

Intensive Arabic Language Program - June 12-June 25

Each of these programs provides students an opportunity to have an immersive learning experience on the University of Illinois campus prior to graduating from high school and beginning their college careers.  These courses are each taught by University of Illinois Faculty that are experts in their respective fields.

Center for Global Studies pre-college programs are designed to give students a short sampling of the experience of being a University student.  In addition to rigorous academic content, students will participate in field trips that will reveal real-world connections to concepts explored in the classroom. Students will also spend their time on campus living in a University of Illinois Residence Hall, making use of campus facilities, and meeting with advisors from the academic departments that interest them.

Please let me know if you have any questions and thank you for helping us connect with students interested in gaining expertise and knowledge in global studies!


Jeremie Smith 
Interim Associate Director
Outreach & FLAS Fellowship Coordinator
Center for Global Studies 
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Tel: 217-244-9352