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March 28
12:00 pm
1000 Lincoln Hall
While the rest of the world is enthusiastically implementing the nuclear deal with Iran, the July 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action remains intensely controversial in the United States. About the only point on which supporters and critics agree on is that the special restrictions on Iran’s nuclear program will not last forever. They disagree about when those restrictions will end, why they will end, and whether the U.S., its regional allies, and the rest of the world will face a lower risk of a nuclear-armed Iran after the restrictions have been in place for some time than if the agreement to lift sanctions in return for those limits had never been made in the first place. What should the United States and other members of the international community be doing now to improve the position they will be in when the nuclear deal with Iran ends—however that occurs— knowing that the eventual outcome depends not only on choices that the United States and Iran make over time, but also on how their past interactions influence their future calculations and the context in which choices are made? This talk will explore different ways of thinking about that policy question. The United States has a major opportunity to be in a much more secure situation when the deal with Iran ends than it has been for decades. But to achieve that objective, policymakers should change both the logic and the political strategies they are currently using to reduce nuclear risks.
EUC Lecture series: "Syrian Refugees in Turkey" 
March 29
12:00 pm
Lucy Ellis, Foreign Language Building
707 S. Matthews Ave. Urbana IL
Speaker, Canan Balkir, Jean Monnet Professor of European Economic Integration, Dokuz Eylul University, Turkey; Visiting Scholar at the European Union Center (Spring 2016)
Knight Auditorium, Spurlock Museum
600 S. Gregory St., Urbana, IL

In this lecture, Adam Doskey, Visiting Curator of Rare Books and Manuscripts will present "Frederick Schwatka: Illinois's First Arctic Explorer."

In 1913, the University of Illinois co-sponsored a scientific expedition to Northern Greenland. Presented a century later, archival photographs and ethnographic artifacts document the intersection of the lives of the Polar Inuit and the American scientists. The Museum invites visitors to consider how aspects of this encounter fit into our current understanding of the study and representation of indigenous peoples.

106 Main Library
1408 W. Gregory Drive, Urbana
Did you know that several members of Illinois's faculty and staff began their careers with Peace Corps service in various foreign countries? Come hear about how being a Peace Corps Volunteer led them to their roles today as global-minded educators, administrators, and more here at Illinois.

March 31

4:00 pm

Lincoln Hall 1002


How can a nation under authoritarian rule successfully make a transition to sustainable democracy?  What lessons can today's reformers learn from those who have succeeded in making such transitions in recent decades: in Brazil, Chile and Mexico; in Spain and Poland; in South Africa and Ghana; in Indonesia and the Philippines?  Drawing upon extended personal interviews with 13 former presidents from these nine countires, Abraham Lowenthal and Sergio BItar discuss the recurrent challenges that democractic transitions from diverse authoritarian regimes pose, and what can be learned that might be relevenat today in Venezuela, Cuba, Tunisia, Myanmar, or several Middle Eastern of African nations. Their book, Democractic Transitions: Conversations with World Leaders, was recently published by John Hopkins University Press and International IDEA.



Sponsor: The Center for Global Studies, Department of Political Science


On Terroism: Thinking about the Unthinkable

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April 4-10

International Week at the University of Illinois
Do you want to host an event during international week with your RSO or campus unit? Submit an event to the official International Week calendar. 
If you are interested in volunteering with an event already happening on campus, get in touch with the contact person for that event via the International Week calendar. 

Bevier Hall Room 180
905 S. Goodwin Ave., Urbana, IL

Sponsor: Center for Global Studies
Knight Auditorium, Spurlock Museum
600 S. Gregory St., Urbana, IL

Sponsor: International and Area Studies Library
April 6
FLB 1080 Lucy Ellis Lounge
707 S. Matthews Ave., Urbana, IL
Arabic Langugage Program, LCTL
April 7
The Career Center Interview Suite: Room 213
715 S. Wright St., Champaign, IL
The Career Center
April 7
April 12
Noontime Scholars Lecture--Katerina Capkova, "The Construction of Jewish Identities in Stalinist Poland and Czechoslovakia"
101 International Studies Building
910 S. Fifth Street, Champaign
Sponsor: The Russian, East European, and Eurasian Center (REEEC)
April 12
Knight Auditorium, Spurlock Museum
600 S. Gregory St., Urbana, IL
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April 18

April 21

Miller/Comm Lecture: "Putin’s Russia: The Past and Future of Kleptocracy"

4:00 pm