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IHR Faculty/Staff Assistance Program
Faculty and Staff Emergency Fund Spring Fundraising Drive
The Emergency Fund Needs Your Help!


The Emergency Fund has been there for your fellow employees in their time of urgent need. With your help it will continue to be a resource for you and your colleagues when crises arise.

Since 1992, the Faculty and Staff Emergency Fund (FSEF) has helped over 1000 employees with emergency assistance during financial crises. Due to your generosity, approximately $30,000 in grants was awarded to your fellow employees over the past year.

Employees are eligible to apply for assistance if they are experiencing a temporary financial hardship due to an emergency situation. This includes staff, academic professionals, and faculty members who have had a permanent, 50%+ position with the University of Illinois for the previous six months.

One hundred percent of your donation goes directly to the University of Illinois Foundation for the Faculty and Staff Emergency fund, and is administered by the Faculty/Staff Assistance Program (FSAP). Your gift, regardless of size, will provide much needed financial assistance to your fellow employees in times of crisis. Contributions can be made at any time of the year. Your gifts are tax deductible to the extent allowed by the law.

“An emergency led to an employee suddenly becoming guardian to young relatives. The grant they received from the Faculty/Staff Emergency Fund (FSEF) allowed them to provide basic necessities for the children and move forward with creating their nurturing new family.”

“After an emergency surgery, an employee didn’t have enough benefit time to cover the four-week absence from work. Unable to pay his rent, an FSEF grant came through to the landlord.”

“The emergency fund provides more safety options to people in dangerous family situations and has assisted them in securing independent housing and seeking specialized assistance.”

The Faculty and Staff Emergency fund has an annual goal to raise $50,000. For as little as $5.00 per month you can help, AND let your fellow employees know that they are not alone. Read further to find out how you can donate.



Employees Helping Employees
Please select one of the following methods of giving:

Rather than write a check or go online to submit a credit card payment annually, complete the online payroll deduction form for an easy way to contribute on an ongoing basis.

1. Payroll Deduction:

  • A payroll deduction form is attached for your convenience.
  • Complete the form, print, and mail to the address on the form.

Note: If you have previously made a payroll deduction contribution, you may want to increase/renew your pledge. You may opt to mark your pledge “until I request termination.”

2. Online credit card payments accepted at

  • Go to drop down menu listed under “Annual Funds.”
  • Click on "Select the college, school or unit you want to support.”
  • Select "Faculty and Staff Emergency Fund."
  • Fill in dollar amount you wish to pledge, click add, and click continue.
  • Complete personal information.
  • Click on “Process Gift” at the bottom of the page.

3. Personal checks:

For questions and to receive additional information, contact Debbie McCall, Chair, FSEF at 265-6420 or FSAP at 244-5312.

Below is a list of FSEF Committee members who are also available for questions.

FSEF Emergency Fund Committee:

Debbie McCall, Chair, College of Medicine,
Joe Bohn, College of ACES,
Susan Conrad, College of ACES,
Marianne Downey, UI Laboratory High School,
Susan Fowler, Professor, Special Education,
Nichole Hemming, Staff Human Resources,
Jean Seibold, Department of Accountancy,
Leta Summers, Planning Division, Facilities and Services,
Karie Wolfson,ex officio, Faculty/Staff Assistance Program,