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April 9, 2020

This week on the 'gram:

"Haley Melnick, BS ’19 ElEd, is a first-year fourth grade teacher at Ravinia Elementary School in Highland Park. She shared how the tech tools she utilized during her undergraduate program at #ILLINOIS prepared her for this new online teaching environment.
“The main application that has been really helpful in maintaining some sense of normalcy is Zoom, which our cohort used as undergrads during student teaching. With Zoom, I’ve been able to stay in touch with my students, colleagues, and even attend district trainings for other digital platforms.
It was so nice to have background knowledge of how to navigate Zoom from my time at #ILLINOIS, while learning to use it in additional ways under these new circumstances. We’re also using Padlet, tools on Google (e.g. slides, forms), and other online applications that I gained experience using while in the College of Education through our e-Learning plan. I am so grateful for my time at the College and for my District, which have been instrumental in my success as an educator, both in the classroom and the virtual classroom!”
#GreatMinds #ThinkEdILLINOIS"


Virtual Opportunities


Attend a Virtual Leadership Certificate Workshop
The Illinois Leadership Center is happy to share that the Leadership Certificate Workshops are now being offered online for students interested in enrolling or completing the program this semester. Once you have registered you will receive a link to join the Zoom meeting and any materials needed. Learn more and register here.

Attend an RIO Mindfulness Session with the Counseling Center
These times are not easy. Classes have switched online, we’ve been told to maintain social distance, and life is very different than it was a few weeks ago. Many people are having strong reactions to these changes. RIO, which is led by Counseling Center clinicians, provides an interactive experience that helps you: 1. Learn mindfulness skills to identify why you’re feeling the emotions you are and accept them; 2. Manage stress, anxiety, and other emotions productively; 3. Identify what’s most important to you and prioritize accordingly.

This series is open to all Illinois students—you do not need to be a current client of the Counseling Center. They do strongly encourage you to be available to attend both online sessions. Register here.

The Writers Workshop is Still Here for You
As the University makes the transition to online instruction, the Writers Workshop will continue to support your students. They have online consultations available to provide writing feedback, a number of useful resources on our website, and are available for virtual class presentations and collaborations by request through Zoom or other interfaces. Make an online appointment here.

Meet with the Career Center
Meet with a career coach, attend drop-in advising, or just check-in with the Career Center virtually or by phone. Visit careercenter@illinois.edu to learn more.

Attend a Fulbright Info Session
Application priority deadline: June 22
The Fulbright U.S. Student Program awards approximately 2,200 full scholarships annually to students for a year of study, research or English teaching in any of 140 countries worldwide.  

The National and International Scholarship Program will be hosting information sessions (starting April 7th) for undergraduate students and recent alumni to provide an overview of the Fulbright U.S. Student Program, including eligibility, grant types, and application advice. Learn about the various info sessions here.

Attend Global Education Symposium 2020
October 14 - 17
The Office of International Programs invites you to participate in the second annual Global Education Symposium this fall. The symposium includes a conference with poster sessions, panels, presentations, and more. Registration is now open! Learn more here.


Scholarships + Awards


Become a Golden Apple Scholar
Application Deadline: April 12
The Golden Apple Scholars of Illinois is a teacher preparation and tuition assistance program for freshmen and sophomores in teaching licensure majors who have the determination and drive to be excellent teachers in Illinois schools-of-need. They prepare you for immediate and lasting success in the most challenging teaching environments.

Scholars receive: up to $23,000 in financial assistance, paid residential scholar institutes, extensive classroom teaching experience, academic and social-emotional support, job placement assistance, and mentoring from award-winning teaching faculty. Learn more and apply here.

Attend an Online Writing Workshop for the Schwarzman Scholars Program
Workshop: April 17; 3 - 4 p.m.
Schwarzman Scholars is a program for the next generation of young leaders, anchored in a fully-funded 11-month Master’s Degree in Global Affairs at Beijing’s Tsinghua University. The experience encompasses unparalleled opportunities in and outside the classroom, including extensive leadership training, a network of senior mentors, optional internships, career development, and travel seminars around China. Schwarzman Scholars prepares young leaders for a world where China plays a vital role. Scholars learn from world-class faculty and guest speakers about the emergence of China as an economic and political force through a rigorous and dynamic core curriculum. More information is available here.

Access the online workshop here.


Career + Professional Development


Work with International Student and Scholar Services
International Student and Scholar Services is looking for students to join their team. Learn more and apply here.

Attend the Virtual Career Fair
April 14; 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.
The Hire Big 10 Plus Consortium is a collaborative group of career services representatives from the fourteen schools in the Big Ten Conference, the University of Chicago, University of Notre Dame and DePaul University.
Meet top employers in an online environment and discover new opportunities. Register here.


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