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Illinois Human Resources

To:                   Represented Specialized Faculty

From:               Elyne Cole, Associate Provost for Human Resources

Date:                April 20, 2016 

Subject:           Information about Pay Adjustments for Missed Work
                        by Striking Employees

As you know, the Non-Tenure Faculty Coalition (NTFC) Local #6546 IFT/AFT/AAUP engaged in a strike by represented specialized faculty on Tuesday, April 19th and Wednesday, April 20th. Some of you chose to participate on one or both of those days. 

The University is required to pay employees who work and to withhold pay from employees who chose not to work during the strike. If you elected to participate in the strike, it is required that you complete the Time and Attendance Form, which can be found at Please submit the completed document to your unit administrator who handles HR matters. 

The University is not interested in learning whether you do or do not support a labor organization or whether you have or have not engaged in protected concerted activities. The purpose of this form is purely to determine whether you did or did not work on April 19th and/or April 20th, in order to accurately account for your time and to make any necessary pay adjustments for one or both days. This form will not be used for action other than to determine any appropriate pay adjustment. 

Please complete the form by Friday, April 22nd, 2016. Please direct any questions or report any problems to