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Within just a few days we will end the semester with the biggest celebration of the year – Commencement.  It is the moment all of us work towards, regardless if we are the student, instructor or staff member.  Each of us does something that is associated with this event.  And doesn’t it seem as if it were only last week when we were welcoming the new freshman class? How did the months fly by so quickly?

Last month’s luncheon was a special event for The Secretariat and its members. Thirteen wonderful people were nominated by their supervisors for the prestigious Office Professional of the Year award.  Their names are listed below in the Office Professional of the Year section. Each of the nominees are quite deserving of the recognition as they are excellent members who help keep our campus community running smoothly. Rebecca Nash was selected as this year’s Office Professional of the Year – Congratulations!

I would also like to once again thank the Office Professional of the Year committee. Each of them went above and beyond to turn the luncheon into a grand event to recognize the nominees. A special note of gratitude also goes out to the Office of the Chancellor, Office of the Provost and Staff Human Resources for their sponsorships. Their support helped the committee go the extra mile to honor all the deserving nominees.  

We also had the opportunity to hear from guest speaker Helen Coleman, Director of Capital Programs.  She shared her insights about leadership and the excellence we each should strive towards in our personal and professional lives. It was a great message that ended the event on a positive note. 

The month of May is an important month for the Secretariat Board as our members elect the next year’s officers.  The election will be held during this month’s luncheon and a list of the nominees for each role is provided below. Sign up now for the luncheon so you can be a part of this important event.  We will also begin looking for volunteers to sign up as members of next year’s committees and information about these groups will be available during the luncheon. As we all know, teamwork is crucial to making our organization successful.  Serving on a committee can expand your professional network, provide you with insight on how a specific task is successfully handled, and give you an opportunity to collaborate with other Secretariat members.

The May luncheon will also feature guest speaker Tim Parrish, Financial Accounting and Reporting Analyst with University Accounting and Financial Reporting.  He will share the latest information about the new account code search system that has been developed to make searching for a specific account code quicker and easier. 

I hope to see you at this month’s luncheon.  Enjoy the rest of this month of celebrations!

Andrea Fain 




Facebook page:


Leta Summers 

Leta Summers, Chair of the Office Professional of the Year Committee.

Rebecca Nash and Kathleen Harleman 

Rebecca Nash, Administrative Assistant in the College of Fine and Applied Arts who received the 2016 Office Professional of the Year Award, and her nominator Kathleen Harleman, interim Dean.

Helen Coleman 

Guest Speaker, Helen Coleman, Director, Facilities and Services Captial Programs




11:45 AM – 1:00 PM

Wednesday, May 18th 

Annual Secretariat Business Meeting

114 Huff Hall

1206 South Fourth Street, Champaign, IL

Guest Speaker

Tim Parrish, Financial Accounting and Report Analyst,

University Accounting & Reporting, Office of Business & Finance

Presentation:  OBFS Account Coide Search System


Catered by Michael's Catering

Please select the box lunch of your choice.

Turkey, roast beef, or hummus with roasted vegetables

Each box lunch includes:

Freshly sliced meats on daily fresh bread and accompanied by mayonnaise packet, Dijon mustard packet, a gourmet cookie, homemade salad of the day, crispy breadsticks, spread of the day, fresh fruit, mini candy bar, Michael’s mint and napkin/fork set. Water is provided.

Cost is $12.00

RSVP is required.


RESERVATIONS (Deadline:  5 p.m., Monday, May 16, 2016). Reservations will NOT be accepted past the deadline date of, May 16th, so please RSVP today!

Please RSVP for you and your guest by clicking the following link:

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Deb Flessner,, or Anne Price,               

Please remember that reservations and cancellations must be received 48 hours before the above date and payment must be made if the cancellation is not made by the reservation deadline.

PLEASE NOTEIf you plan to attend ONLY to hear the speaker’s presentation and you prefer other lunch options, (ex., bring your own lunch, not eating, etc.), please indicate this information on the registration form.  If not indicated, a lunch will be ordered for you.



The Career Connections Committee would like to thank all who participated in the Brown Bag Sessions this year.  We were pleased to have such a diverse group of guest speakers willing to commit their time. This past year’s sessions included:
Exercising Leadership in the Workplace:  How we all play a leadership role.
 - Panelists - Lisa Burgoon, Tracy Thieman, and Jeff Yacup
Navigating the Civil Service System
 - Guest Speakers - Alicia Lowery, Charlotte Westle, and Robbie Witt
How to Manage Work/Life Stress
 - Guest Speaker - Michele Guerra
Career Coaching
 - Guest Speaker - Elizabeth Chominski
Successful Career Path Panel Discussion
 - Panelists - Debbie Kemphues, Debbie McCall, and Terri Palumbo
Informational Interviewing Tips
 - Guest Speaker - Tiy Goddard
Professional Writing in Electronic Communications
 - Guest Speaker - Alaina Pincus
Once the semester is over [which is in just a few weeks] we will be sending out a survey.  Please start to think about topics or speakers you think would be a good fit for the Brown Bags.  Also, in spite of really great speakers and topics attendance was light at all the sessions.  We will be asking about timing of the sessions, perhaps changing the day of the week would enable more people to participate. 
As always we are open to suggestions – this is YOUR SECRETARIAT! 

Rebecca Nash         Karen Myers                Angie Wisehart

Interim Chair         Committee Member     Committee Member



Update your membership or join Secretariat today for fiscal year 2016-2017.  We offer so many great opportunities to improve your leadership skills, advance your career, and connect with other office professionals across campus.  

Remind your friends and colleagues to join and please invite any NEW staff in your office to be a guest at an upcoming luncheon so they can see for themselves what we have to offer.

Check out the membership page of our website for more information on joining!

Michael Foellmer and Cindy Curtiss



The Scholarship Committee has selected a winner for the 2016-2017 Kathryn G. Hansen Scholarship.  We look forward to sharing this information with you at the May Secretariat luncheon.

Committee members include, Peggy Buchner, Rob Chappell, Betsy Lancaster, Anne Price and Jane Baumgartner.

Jane Baumgartner



The Secretariat Facebook Group membership is up to 60 - thank you!  Let's keep going and growing, in both that group and our LinkedIn group, which now has 38 members.  Please suggest content that you would be interested in seeing in either space and the Social Media Committee will continue to share our items of interest with you.

Wishing everyone an enjoyable Commencement season and a successful academic year conclusion!

Respectfully submitted,

Lezli Cline



The Nomination/Elections Committee wants to thank all of our members for the good response in submitting quality nominations for Officers for The Secretariat election ballot. We appreciate all the nominees that took the time to consider running for a position and a big thanks to the nominated members that accepted the nominations. The dedication of the members has made this organization strong and well respected for 67 years on this campus.

The list of candidates was announced at the April General Meeting/Luncheon. Elections take place during the May General Meeting/Luncheon. Voting is conducted by paper ballot if there is more than one candidate for an elected position.  Voting is conducted by voice vote when there is only one candidate per elected position.

The slate of nominees may be accessed at this link:

Nomination/Election Committee members:  Jane Baumgartner and Lezli Cline. 

Jim McGraw



Congratulations to Rebecca Nash who received the 2016 Office Professional of the Year Award.  She is an Administrative Assistant in the College of Fine and Applied Arts and was nominated by Kathleen Harleman, Interim Dean.

Other nominees:

Michael Foellmer
Department of Urban & Regional Planning
Nominated by Robert Olshansky 

Elizabeth ‘Betsy’ Lancaster
College of ACES Academic Programs
Nominated by Cory Ohms 

Elizabeth Leamon
College of Business
Nominated by John Quarton

Kari Mahannah
College of Education
Nominated by Lori Fuller

Debora McCall
College of Medicine
Nominated by M. Michele Mariscalo

Karen Myers
College of Business MBA
Nominated by Abdul Mahdi

Sara Simmons
F&S Capital Programs
Nominated by Ted Christy

Lori Stalter
DIA Sports Medicine
Nominated by Randy Ballard

Barb Vandeventer
Food Science & Human Nutrition
Nominated by Terri Cummings

Susan Vinson
Nominated by William Kramer

April Wellman
Animal Sciences
Nominated by Carolyn Thomas & Myra Sully

Angie Wisehart
Prairie Research Institute
Nominated by Dr. Mark Ryan

I would like to thank the OPTY Committee members who did an exceptional job!  Jane Baumgartner, Megan Bright, Sonya Gridley, and Teresa Harvey - thank you so very much for accepting and accomplishing the challenge.  You are extraordinary!

Leta Summers





Spring is in the air and blooming. THANK YOU to everyone who purchased flowers to support the Philanthropy Committee  THANK YOU to Jim McGraw and Penny Nigh for helping with the plants.

Sonja Bean

" When we plant a tree, we don't plant it for ourselves, but for our children."  The Reverend Mae "Mother" Wyatt



Photos from past and present luncheons are now available for your viewing on The Secretariat Flicker album. 

Selena Douglass



Boss of the Year, Parliamentarian, Legacy of Leadership, Marketing.

Lori Stalter
Newsletter Chair


Please forward any pertinent newsletter information to Lori Stalter at