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Although this semester has come with unprecedented challenges, you have persevered and made the most out of it.
Finish strong and find helpful tips to prepare for online finals and ways to make the most of your summer in this week's Lineup blog.
Happening Across LAS

Spring 2020 academic deadlines extended 
For Spring 2020 full-semester and second eight-week courses, all students now have until 11:59 p.m. CDT Wednesday, May 6 to drop a course, elect a course for CR/NC, or grade replacement. Students can drop a course via Student Self-Service and find CR/NC and grade replacement forms here. Contact an LAS advisor with questions. 

LAS summer advising hours
1-5 p.m. Monday through Friday
Academic advisors are here during the summer and ready to meet with you. You can add your name to the LAS Virtual Advising Queue and speak with someone in just a few minutes via Zoom or phone. If you would like to speak with a specific college-level advisor, please make an appointment here and select LAS Student Academic Affairs Advising, LAS AAP Advising, LAS Career Development, LAS International Programs, or LAS Honors. You can also email las-studentoffice@illinois.edu.

Gaining skills and experience during the summer
2:30 p.m. Monday, May 4
This online workshop will explore experiential learning opportunities to help you identify ways to develop your career readiness skills during the summer. Even at home there are ways to build skills using resources like RosettaStone and Linkedin Learning. We will also discuss how some internships are still available but may now look different as virtual opportunities. Click the link above for Zoom information. Brian Neighbors

The Final Check: proofreading and editing strategies
4-5 p.m. Monday, May 4
Want to improve your editing and proofreading skills? In this workshop, we will help writers develop and practice effective strategies for both. Bring a paper to practice with or use the exercises provided. This event will be held through Zoom. Please register here. The Writers Workshop

LAS scholarship application
Are you an LAS student? Do you need a scholarship for next academic year? Apply now! All full-time LAS students are encouraged to apply for LAS specific scholarships using this one application. Last year, students received more than $125,000, and in less than 30 minutes you can apply to be considered for 25 different scholarship awards. For more information click here. Please note that the deadline for the Life + Career Design Scholarship to support professional development experience is Sunday, May 31.

Share what's next for you
We want to celebrate the amazing accomplishments of our students in LAS! You have put in countless hours this year and we want to recognize your achievements, whether it be landing a summer internship or experience, or securing a full-time job or acceptance into graduate school. Share your successes here

'Sing a Song' with The Other Guys
Many miles apart, music and Illini pride unite us all. The Other Guys joined the College of LAS last Friday for a virtual concert, including their famous “Morrow Plots” and a new rendition of “Sing a Song.”

Weekly Tech Tidbit
Find yourself in need of uploading documents while working remotely and don't have a scanner at home? Check out the CamScanner app! This app allows you to take pictures of your documents and turns them into PDF files that you can upload to your computer. It's available for both iOS and Android. All premium features are currently free for educators and students.

Happening Across Campus

Counseling Center workshops and services are still available
The Counseling Center is offering live workshops via Zoom. The links below will lead you to the signup process. Students do not need to be current clients at the Counseling Center to partake in these offerings. Click here for information about the mindfulness workshops and here for the recognition insight and openness series.

Fall internships at the Women's Resources Center
Applications for the Fall 2020 semester will remain open until all positions
are filled. The three positions are programming intern, graphic design intern, and marketing and communications intern. Position descriptions can be found at the link provided. Applicants will be contacted to schedule an interview during finals week or as applications are received. Clare Conway

Verdell Frazier Young Scholarship
We are pleased to announce that applications for the Verdell Frazier Young Award are being accepted. The Verdell Frazier Young Award was established to assist women who have had an interruption in pursuing a college degree (undergraduate or graduate). The application is open and accepting rolling applications. Priority consideration will be given to applications submitted by midnight Sunday, May 10. For more information or to apply, please visit the link above.

GLOBE Fall 2020
Apply today to become a GLOBE member! We are accepting blue applications now with a priority date of Wednesday, July 1. Details and application links are above. Global Leaders Orange and Blue Engagement (GLOBE) offers you an opportunity to make connections with orange members (incoming students), build intercultural communication skills, leadership experience, and lifelong friendships. Yun Shin

Dates and Deadlines


Last day to drop or C/NC full semester or second eight-week course
Wednesday, May 6

Last day of class
Wednesday, May 6 

Reading Day (no classes, no final exams)
Thursday, May 7

Final exams
Friday, May 8 to Friday, May 15

Open enrollment begins for eligible students
Monday, May 11


Find a list of unit and college advisors along with hours and contact information on the college website.


The LAS Lineup provides information about events, opportunities, and deadlines to help you plan your week.
It is published by the LAS Student Academic Affairs Office every Monday morning during the fall and
spring semesters and is sent to all LAS undergraduates. Faculty and staff can subscribe here.